Event was stupid.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ether3, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. ether3

    Ok, the knife was a well designed cosmetic, then they ruined the "empowered mode" they made, which made me hesitate on bothering to finish the directive, I didn't read the fine print stating that the dagger would disappear entirely. And when I was finished with the 100 knife, i was in esamir, I couldn't do the last part. After finishing everything but stabbing a stupid tree, the daggers gone. All in all, 0/10 would never, EVER do an event like this again. This was by far one of my worst experiences on planetside 2. (second of which was the knifing system animations kinda being crap now, the swipe is easier to read and gain a rhythm for)
  2. Lee Weldon

    I feel you man, I did just the first 3 parts, the 50 explosives was hard enough, my server has hardly any people on it so you have to be lucky for anyone to run into your proxy mines and landing 50 c4s/nades is a tough challenge overall. I think the devs should bring the event back for another month in all fairness or give a bonus for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tiers of the event because it overall was not worth it and the 4th tier, arguably the throwing knife is a junk weapon and non competitive, just lights you up shiny green but the fatestealer looked fine in terms of visibility and has the same damage portfolio as the default knife so I felt like post event everybody would just be running around with the fatestealer but I was very wrong since it's removed.
  3. ether3

    If they kept fatestealer in the game for those who had it, I wouldn't have any complaints despite not being able to complete the awakening part.
  4. PorkSocks

    Yep. Wasted a lot of time and KDR completing these directives with basically nothing to show for it since I couldn't get Nightshade completed. Not only that, but this is (as far as I can tell) the first time they've added something with a completely unique function via a limited time directive... and a potentially powerful function. Everything else has an equivalent with different cosmetics or is not available for a limited time. It is the first time I've felt like this game created a haves/have nots scenario.
  5. Wolfborne

    You do realize that KDR is a meaningless stat? It is not a testament to skill. You can pad it by playing sniper in the hills, or, playing a heavy assault with the overshield crutch.
  6. Wolfborne

    Which is why most people played a medic for that part and went to a large fight. It takes minutes. I got the knife on all 3 factions.
  7. Wolfborne

    You had several DAYS to get it done. Don't wait until the last minute. That's your fault.
  8. ether3

    Some of us have lives outside of the game.
  9. Wolfborne

    Yes, including me. Work upwards of 50 hours per week, married, two kids, etc. I did levels 1-3 in under a couple of hours. The final leg was two hours by itself (the 100 kills). Infil with Stalker Cloak, Deep Op, Sensor Shield, and camping spawns/vehicle/air pads.
  10. ether3

    Then note not everybody has the same time/strategies. I am simply stating why I felt the event was stupid. And it really was. Secondly, it comes off as arrogant/dismissive when you say "well I can do it, why can't you?" So rather than get into a heated debate with someone I disagree with, I will state, I'm sticking by my opinion, and that is the event was stupid. And that's literally the point of this post.
  11. Cymoril

    Nah I went on vacation for a week to Gatlinburg. Before we had Wrel designing our directives for holiday events they were actually more relaxed and doable. He brought in the whole infil-****terside aspect to the directives for holiday events. (I associate that with knife kills and the atv stuff which just drives terribly)
    I realised how unfun they have made holiday directives and the constant nerfing of the land vehicles (all the while beefing up infantry so everyone can do damage to a vehicle) but they never seem to nail the air too much. Its like they are afraid of running off the air cav. I canceled my sub years back for this rotten "balance" (not wrels fault- he wasn't hired back then) but fast forward to now and they still won't allow a walker, ranger or max/ skyguard to get the best of a A2G ****ter like they can vehicles on land.
    1 to 1.5 clips of ranger/walker burster max won't kill air. The exception is if someone else is doing damage to them on the other end and you don't know it and you get the kill. They can do wire guided, angle just right and whittle down health and kill land, daltons, and tank busters and the M202 Wyrm.
    They are still afraid to give the ranger a better damage boost for its crap spread, or a more unique gun for killing lib/galaxies. I can run off air - no reward- they can destroy my tank all day. Makes sense in a DB kind of way.

    This is the reason I barely buy anything in this game and support it anymore.

    Hossin is still garbage for vehicles. There are only so many place u can do vehicles on Amerish and odds are theres 4-10 air2G ****ters circling waiting on the pulls. Someone at DB decided to give Scythe,Reaver, and Mossys a new gun that will melt armor as long as they can stay out of the gun angle of tanks. DID AIR REALLY need 1 more BS weapon for this ? They did fine using the old weapons killing tanks.

    The wyrm needs its damage type shifted to Flak so it won't harm vehicles similar to the max shooting tanks and sunders with flak.

    The business decisions in the name of "balance" for the game is atrocious. Once vehicles are nerfed where no one will pull them you won't need to spend the money designing Arena cause it'll all be infantry. Call it a cost savings ! However if I wanted just infantry I would have stayed with lobby shooters.
  12. hercamo

    I wholeheartedly concur with the subject of your thread. I did not see stated the fact that this would go away after the "event" was over, what a waste of time.
  13. Zladder

    I just finished 3rd stage of the event and got the Fatestealer, but now it is gone?
    Does anyone know WHY they removed the Fatestealer?
    I would love an answer on that question.
    It sucks that we get a nice knife but now it is removed :(
  14. ether3

    So, basically, the long and short was.... and apparently addressed in whatever development post they had for it... if you don't get fatestealer -> nightshade, it goes away. Nightshade is a permanent underpowered knife that can do a little bit of damage to armor. And I didn't want it, I wanted fatestealer too. They had it as a time-limited event to the 31st of march at 11:59pm (pacific?). But anyways, it means that if you didn't finish the directive 100%, the item wasn't yours.
  15. ether3

    Oh, and I still stand by "I like the old knife animations way better"
  16. Wolfborne

    Not my fault they did not think of that, or, do not know how to play Infiltrator. That's what happens when people are only focused on some stupid stat like k/d, and always play HA (not accusing you, just saying).

    It's not arrogance, just a fact. I actually completed it for all three factions, just in case I was in the mood to play my Infil on whatever that day / hour. It was not a hard directive to complete. Some people did it in a single day.
  17. ether3

    Wolf, you're trying to rationalize condescending behavior. It isn't doing you any favors. So while I guess I should say "congratulations on your success"(?), I can't agree with you using your own stats as reasoning for why it wasn't a problem. The phrase "good for you" comes to mind. "Some people did it in a single day", good for them. That doesn't change my mind. Also... "not my fault they didn't think of that", your success or failure isn't linked to anyone else.

    So what I'm trying to say ultimately... yes... "put a cork in it." You are entitled to your opinions, but do understand other people aren't you. Other people, including myself, will have different opinions. The reason you are irritating to me, is not because you are expressing your opinion, but because you are using your own stats as factual evidence to undermine other people's opinions. That is the very definition of condescending. So yes, it is a form of arrogance.
  18. Lee Weldon

    Your just being cynical for the sake of it really. Theres no reason for that. I personally had computer issues up until 5 days before the event end, so I had 5 days. But my server also is sleepy for 20 hours of the day. I was even going to do the objectives overnight but I couldn't find anyone to kill. But 50 explosive kills and 100 knife kills is pretty hardcore, I'm sure you wouldn't have gotten that if you didn't play atleast every second day like 15 days of the month.
  19. FredM

    After you killed 100 peeps and walk to the tree you will lose the Fatestealer in exchange for the Nightshade. I got the Nightshade but as for the DMG of 450 it is worse as the standard knife. Not realy a point to get one and as I wrote somewhere else the knife is green and does not realy fit any faction color/ outfit. So event is over, you got the knife or not but you dont need one. Stick with the standart or NS
  20. Cyropaedia

    I think losing the Fatestealer is a bug. All previous lower tier Event Directive rewards have never been removed. Has anyone seen anything about the Fatestealer on Reddit? I hope Roxxlyy can respond and forward concerns to Wrel and others.

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