[event] new Amerish real scale trial

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Santondouah, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Santondouah

    Hi guys,

    I guess most of you are at least as enthusiastic as me regarding the new Amerish !

    Getting into bases and visit them is nice but I'd personnaly like to try it in actual combat situations. I guess such initiative was not already taken so I'd like to give you all a rendez-vous this saturday the 25th of january from 21:00 CET.

    I hope to see you numerous !
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  2. Alarox

    I'll join.
  3. Tiedemann

    Maybe you should post in "gameplay" too and add the link to the test client.
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  4. Psychophonic-RNX

    My Outfit had the same idea and we will try to contact as many outfits as possible to get some 48+ fight going on.
    Only Problem is that some spawnrooms doesn´t work atm and there are some glitches in different bases.

    Bases i would like to test most are:

    - Ascent (and the surrounding bases)
    - Kwathee south pass
    - Crux Mining Operation
    - The NC Arsenal
    - Amerish SO 30

    See you on saturday ;)
  5. Psychophonic-RNX

  6. Crashsplash

    Hi Psycho :)

    Kwathee South Pass looks like a good one, in as much as it seems easy to win because the cap point and teleporter are close together and close to entrances, so if you can get in at all you can win. However, as much as that is how I see it it may play out differently in practise, so it should be tested. - The problem is that this is not one of the bases that SOE Luke has said is complete so I may have changes still to be done.

    I like Amerish SO30 and Crux Mining Operation - I like to see how they play out. (Neither are on the finished list)

    Ascent to me looks too big and why have a tower if the cap point isn't in there?

    Yea, the NC Arsenal looks like another good one (but not on the finished list)
  7. Tycoh

    Sounds like a good idea. I'll join
  8. NoctD

    I don't think its quite ready yet for a proper combat trial. Missing lattice links, can't turn bases, etc, it looks to be a bit too raw for that.

    But very interesting indeed and looks promising.
  9. Santondouah

    I'm glad you guys are enthusiastic too ! I'll try to keep the post up sp that lots of people see the information
  10. Santondouah

  11. Psychophonic-RNX

  12. Puredeathnight

    I would gladly join in on some combat, would like to know where tho
  13. Crashsplash

    It would be nice to create a schedule of battles.

    e.g. first battle will be NC hold Rockslide and TR hold Ascent or vice versa and keep the no. of empires to two for simplicity.
  14. Santondouah

    This is an interesting idea but might be really complicated to set up. I guess regular playing for 2 or 3 hours will already give a representative enough overview of the experience the new Amerish will offer us ;)

    Anyway people, don't forget about tomorrow !
  15. Crashsplash

    I happened to be on PTS yesterday evening for a fight around Kwatee South Pass (which was fun but I'm not sure how realistic it was) and I saw .... an infiltrator drone!

    Actually I saw it registered that I had seen it but then forgot about it, I didn't even think about trying to shoot it.

    I've just been online to check and it seems drones are not available at present so I wonder if it was a dev checking things out.

    The fight at kwatee was fun but and better than I thought it would be previously from just looking at it. I would still say that an internal map of the corridors is needed though.
  16. Tycoh

    When can we do this again?
  17. daniel696

    I couldn't play because the lag was horrible FU