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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Leidz, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Leidz

    Hi, i get some idea after being in a locked continent.
    What if you dev add a event during the time you are on locked continent?

    We must call him "resistance" and the goal is :
    To reduce enemy population (and use the way you cant respawn on locked continent)
    And to win by exterminate all enemy faction members in given time (or not) or win with the highest faction pop

    It can give more "after life" gameplay to a continent and a other way to force player to use their brain, strategy, tactic for this new survival gameplay. What do you think guys ? Share some idea too if you are interested !
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  2. TRspy007

    I think the continents are way too big for this to be fun. Would probably get boring very quickly trying to hunt down a dude on such a big map.

    What I think should happen is a fun event on the new continent. Instead of the same boring latices getting opened, randomly give each faction a base on the map. The goal would be for a faction to hold the most bases by the end of the open continent alert.

    This would help provide some more aggressive vehicle play, tactics and all, rather than just fighting over T.I. Alloys or Eisa tech for 30 minutes. After every continent unlock.
  3. Demigan

    What prevents the winning team from hiding in spawnrooms and the 3 owned warpgates?

    How do you make sure the team with a bunch of AFK stalkers in the middle of nowhere dont win?
    Or if you solve that, that the team with the most vehicles at the time almost wins by default?

    You would basically need to make it a Battle Royale ending with a constantly smaller area. Alternatively you have to introduce an arrow or other system that constantly points to the nearest enemy, allowing players to hunt eachother down.
  4. Leidz

    Ah damn yeah i forgot the way some dudes can just hide somewhere with tracker and just wait till the end for being the last guy on map.

    Yes, holding base or zone can be a better way to avoid some game breaking mechanics.

    For the huge map... Just toggle off the warpgate stabilisation and add damage when you go out of stabilized zone.

    I always wanted a gamemode like this on ps2. With this feeling "Higby.. all my mate are dead, they cant respawn...and my medic bro was shot in the head.. Guess i need to continue as lonewolf ..carefully"
    Feeling like the Noble squad from halo reach dying one after one..
  5. Demigan

    I actually had a similar thought. If we designate a few bases as alternative warpgates and redistribute the starting borders on the map you can define where the frontline will usually be. This means you can make bases we now rarely see be the focal point of large-scale battles.
    Current warpgates could lose their shield in this scenario and become a 4-point base whenever it doesnt act as warpgate, while the designated new warpgate bases get a shield.

    Example for Indar: fieldspar Canyon, Vanu Archives and the Impact site become the new warpgates, these have access to air and vehicles so form good options. The borders could be distributed across Onatha, Saurva, Crown, Zurvan, Rashnu and Regent Rock.

    As an second and perhaps easier new warpgate structure you could pick the current frontlines. So lets say we convert excavation, skydock and Howling pass to warpgates and make the current warpgates the new frontline bases radiating their borders to the crown.

    One of the biggest advantages is that it makes the continents more fresh and varied without having to create entirely new continents. Just one of these options would double the amount of "continents" to fight on. I did not look at the lattice distribution to see how balanced this would be though so dont pin me on that.
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  6. TRspy007

    Why not even make it a 5 point base? The warpgates have all these teleporters and jumppads we never get to use. I like the idea of giving us a chance to fight at these bases, and maybe the faction that manages to capture the warpgates can decide which one they want to keep at the end of the alert. Maybe the outfit that contributed to the most captures can decide what wg they want to keep as their reward.
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  7. Leidz

    We need to keep in mind : the continent is locked so no spawning allowed.

    Maybe just allow to redeploy, but if you are killed by someone, you are not allowed to spawn anymore on the continent. Must be interesting to use warpgate at base or other rarely used base.

    Add some specific objectives.
    A directives list for this.
    Dont allow vehicule spawn(player need to use his current vehicule spawned before the lock carefully)

    And we are done! "How to refresh ps2 gameplay"!

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