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  1. ZwergenWind

    Yes I am sure about shadows as I can turn them on & off on the fly [ not having to restart the game ] without it effecting my ingame performance as shadows are a gpu created effect and my gpu usage never goes over 80%-85% on my 780 and 90% on my 770 , which is enough to run shadows on ultra aswell.

    I do buy SC aswell , I don´t run a membership however , simply because I dont play enough at the moment and yes I understand people being angry , that is still no reason to insult , post something totaly out of place , or just being rude to the devs and / or the community.



    Edit: Ps: I´m going to bed now , don´t expect a reply within the next 8-10 hours.
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    Shadows actually affect both CPU and GPU in PlanetSide 2.
    I cancelled my membership after OMFG patch but still ocassionaly buy SC.
  3. Clapeyron

    You've might have gotten the answer already but here goes:

    If you manually ping the server, you probably get 30-50 ms, but ingame it shows double that amount... I think it's latency, and not ping shown in game (~double the ping)
  4. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    This really is wearing thin. SOE screwing up the game after nearly every change or patch they make is a joke. I seriously don't understand how you don't have software testers, QA and a test environment to make sure that any changes that go live aren't screwed up. The lag that I have is so bad it's unplayable.
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  5. Korfax124

    I know that this is off-topic and that you devs might be busy right now, but when are you going to update the Roadmap and Changelog again? It's been static since early July and now that content has been released to Live it would be nice to get an update on the actual forums for the game. :(
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  6. drstrange2014

    Just a side note here but David is one of the very few from SOE, along with Alex and Margaret, who bothers to talk to players in the official forums. He does seem to go out of his way to do so and to keep us more or less up to date with what's happening. This does not of course let SOE off the hook for what is sometimes, at best, a shambolic operation but it's not helpful to appear to take out our (understandable) frustration on David and those who do communicate with us on here. If some do want to take SOE to task over their inability to implement fixes that are basic to the game and should have been done long ago, especially those in Europe who have suffered for a long time now with issues that should have been dealt with competently immediately as they arose, including the mess that was Pro Seiben, then Reddit and Twitch are where the likes of Higby and Smedley hang out and it might help to address them directly and let them know how some of us feel.
  7. LeafRunner

    Thanks for the update.
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  8. ZwergenWind

    The guide you linked is about 2 years old now and all the values shown there are pretty outdated. Shadows themselves do not have such a big effect on the cpu , fogshadows add far more load than normal shadows thats true. If I lose any fps to shadows , not to fogshadows [ which I have always on ] , I lose at max 5-10fps which is nothing if you get a min of 70 fps and a max of 150 or more.
    Edit: My brain won the derping contest - Fogshadows are GPU intensive and Shadows CPU & GPU intensive - That should be the right way. But then again I lose surprisingly few fps with shadows on ultra [ 5-10 ].

    They do have all that , however they cant have two servers of software testers to simulate the load that the server will have to handle.
    If every patch is a joke: stop playing. Nobody forces you to play. If you still feel there are too many bugs in new patches - use - the - PTS.
    Before I forget: "The lag that I have is so bad it´s unplayable" , helps nobody, if SOE should fix those issues for you , give them more information , tell them where , on cobalt for example most people only have ping issues on indar, while every other continent is fine or has a better ping than before and I believe this gets sorted out if they upgrade the servers. Give them a trace log - Maybe your ISP changed something - who knows.

    TL;DR :
    There´s more than enough you can do to help improve the game , just stop posting irrelevant information PLEASE - arrrgh

    Fogshadows [ I believe ] eat more CPU than normal shadows , I´ve been talking about normal shadows which take 5-10fps for me [ if not less. ]

    Edit: Fogshadows only GPU , Shadows a bit of both , still small effect on my side - if you have problems turn them off. You can´t run Metro Lastlight or ArmA 3 or DayZ or anything similar on max either.


  9. cassan0va

    Run a similar setup but i run my CPU at 4.2 instead of stock speed and you forgot to mention your GPU which is the only difference between our setups where im running 50-60 fps and you run 20...

    I guess ingame settings impact alot as well.
    Got fog shadows and lighting turned down but everything else is maxed.
  10. Zhakathoom

    So it's more like 80% of hands on deck then, to be precise. ;)

    - Z
  11. Zhakathoom

    European peak hours I hope? Because so far that doesn't seem to be the case..

    - z
  12. Acceleratio

    I am so glad I made this one "just for fun" character on former waterson. I really am. Because the rest of my chars are ALL stuck on miller now -.-
  13. Zhakathoom

    Speak for yourself. I just want the game to work. Fix hit-detection that makes me feel like I'm instagibbed in a world of Rambos and I'll be happy..

    - Z
  14. aCId

    I dont understand how some people can compare MMOs and CS with a MMOFPS like PS2. Its completly different and a alot more complex. The servers dont have to handle 16 or 32 players like in CS, its about hundreds. Also the FPS part in PS2 takes alot more processing power comparing to a standard MMO where you more or less autoaim for the enemy and just press 1 and 2. Or why do think they made instances in most MMOs? To keep the big action seperated and save processing power in the mainworlds.

    Im playing MMOFPS for exactly 10 years now and it was always for every developer really hard to get the problems, coming with that kind of games, solved. The problems are even simular. I even know developers who restart the servers every day for 2 years now. Cause they didnt find a way to handle this.

    Also you cant expect servers are only going down when you are not playing. The mainproblems show up when many people are playing and that is european primetime. So try to see it a bit more relaxed. Sure, the last patches brought alot new bugs and problems. Btw. that brings me to the next point. Thats for all the people whining about the testing of the patch:
    - SOE asked for testers on the launcher, forums, twitter and everywhere
    - SOE gave everyone a free helmet for helping on the testserver
    So there is only one question: Where have you been? I dont think on the testserver^^ Yeah, yeah i know your excuses:"I have limited time, i cant play live and also test things on the PTS" But you have time to complain here :)

    I know all the problems are frustrating and you can be sure im also frustrated like you. But beeing annoying and complaining on the way some people do here is not the solution.
  15. Gotyoback

    @ZwergenWind Hello, I agree a lot of unnecessary hate is put out on threads like this. However, the mention of your set up running this game smoothly is possibly coincidental. I don't buy that this is primarily and abundantly a problem on players ends. I run an almost identical rig (3770k. 16GB 1866MHz ram, 770 SLI) and from update to update I get drastically different experiences in this game alone. From running great just like you mentioned, to very apparent stutter, frame drops and comical de-sync people across the server experience.

    The fact I could log into the PTS when the Valkyrie was available and maintain a smooth experience, use the same config on the live server and have an awful one in low population fights is frustratingly evident things need improving on SOE's end. They've acknowledged that, so it's important for everyone to remain civil and wait to judge the response.
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  16. Grizzly2

    Thanks for the News.
  17. SirJMD

    "When possible, we are doing this during off peak hours."

    And by this you of course mean "US off peak hours", right? Oh well, who cares.. this game is dead any way.
  18. Tyrant103

    Are you being serious? The server population was horrible, atleast with now there are plenty of battles to choose from and 2/3 continents.
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  19. Taki

    Must admit that I was pretty frustrated by all this, initially thinking that it was just over-poulation causing the long delays to logging in. In my frustration I asked for a refund of my membership payment. Now, even though I admit it may have been a bit premature, I feel I have every right to ask for a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service. I didn't expect a refund really, but what I got did surprise me!

    Basically I was informed very bluntly indeed that not only would there be no question of a refund under any circumstances, but that also my account had been cancelled, which I most certainly had not asked for or mentioned in any way. When I queried that I received another curt response which amounted to 'if you don't like it eff off'.

    So tell me now SOE - where is this customer care you speak of?! I have to say I've never experienced anything like it in any other 'customer care' situation. If I'd received just a polite response turning down my request for a refund I would have just accepted it. I don't see why I should accept having my account cancelled in such unceremonious fashion!

    If this is typical of SOE's attitude, no wonder so many people are so critical. Absolute disgrace.
  20. ARIES666

    Dear soe, please shut down planetside 2 forever and stop torture good people. By the way, i can't understand why ping became so high, i can't enjoy the game. Didn't play for month, decided to check it yesterday, 10 minutes of suffering and i just logged out with Alt+F4 to log out faster.
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