EU servers should merge (Miller + Cobalt)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. karlooo

    You know Europe is not a nation, small amount of people speak English, like most do understand it but they do not speak the language.
    EU servers are uncoordinated and most of the time boring because of this, which also is the cause of people leaving. Too many nationalities, languages which are also divided into 2 servers.
    It would be much more interesting if the 2 servers merged. This would bring the groups together.
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  2. JibbaJabba

    US servers should as well.
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  3. TR5L4Y3R

    i honestly do not see how a merge would in any way aleviate the issues you mentioned ...
    "more intresting" in this case means jackscrap ...
    the only propper reason to merge is to fuse whatever leftover playerbase there is of this game ..
    and considering the popimballances, the need to for ballanceques i rather think a merge at this point would be more harmfull than helpfull ..

    otherwise some miller players could speak about what the situation on that server is ..
    cobalt has repeated issues with a TR overpop ..
  4. InexoraVC

    I'm Miller player. I see no problems with population in prime time.
  5. Liewec123

    i think now would be a good time for the merge,
    1. it would make the game feel busy again.
    2. it would save DBG money because they are maintaining one less server.

    primetime on cobalt yesterday i had to double check that my clock was working correctly because it was very quiet.
    (granted it was Hossin...)

    a server merge can only be good.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    yea i entirely disagree on that kind of statemeant ..
    ... i mean unless you are sarcastic you do get what massage a servermerge gives, right?
  7. Liewec123

    we're at rockbottom, the message is already received.
    we've had "lifetime" subs (only offered when games are nearing the end of their life cycle.),
    they've just laid off pretty much the entire team,
    so i don't think a server merge is going to make anyone go "oh noes! maybe the game is in trouble!"
    we all already know it.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    yupp and instead of leaving at least A BIT of room for possible comeback we rather should give in to the rockbottomhit, right?
  9. Liewec123

    you don't call busy fights a comeback?

    is anyone going to spend money when the game is dead at primetime?

    i consider a server merge to be a huge step in the right direction, it'd make the game look alive again.
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  10. csvfr

    Although population is rather low at both servers, it is nice to have an alt on an alternate server for the times where your least preferred continent (Hossin in my case) is the only one open. A server merge should be combined with keeping two continents open.
  11. Villanuk

    People stop playing because of the lack of large fights away from prime time. The whole USP of this game is large continent battles, without them, it offers very little.

    I would welcome a merge and get the big fights back
  12. karlooo

    It's simple. Lets say on TR you got 20 Germans in Cobalt and 40 Germans on Miller. You add it together and you got 60 Germans.
    That's why I'm asking to merge. Because these small groups are divided into 2 servers and there is little cooperation.
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  13. TR5L4Y3R

    oh so you want to merge because of minorites .. yea no ..

    the thing you talk of IS EXACTLY the problem ... there is generaly little in the way to offer a player personal goals .. there is little motivations for archievemnts and directives, there is littel esle to do outside of meltdown and the occasional event of which players may be not intrested in in either ...

    big battles alone DOESN`T keep a player ... a servermerge in this regard is merely a temporal solution .. .. great you get big battles back .... for a short while .... the root of the problem still not been dealt with for years, and probably won´t be ever ..
  14. Trigga

    But we have max pop limits on the continents, id much rather have 1 server and 1 continent with 33/33/33 max pop, and 1 cont with an imbalance, than 1 cont with an imbalance x 2 servers.
  15. TR5L4Y3R

    yea guess what´s gonna happen the people who are on the imballanced continent-side get pissed off at how imballanced the pop on continents is and ultimately leave in frustration and stop playing ... cause it´s not like that didn´t happan before ... RIGHT? ... that´s some realy awesome selfless longtermthinking you´ve got there ..
  16. Trigga

    So right now you have a imbalance, but people are fine with it.
    After merge you have at least one continent thats not imbalanced, and people leave in droves.

    Sorry but i see no logic in this sentiment.
  17. TR5L4Y3R

    what is there not to get that people THAT WANT to get on the ballanced map will not get there or have to wait significant time to do so? what is exactly the difference between waiting to get on a ballanced map or to play on a map where the popimballance is so bad that either you are on the big side were you may have nothing much to do or be on the low side and be constantly killed without archiving anything .. oh but you get on a continent, right? .. ...

    in other words you are not solving the popimballance with or without a merger .. weither you have a popimballance on a single continent or on a second continent you still have a pop imballance ...
    at least at the momemt coming from a cobaltsession the pop was a bit fair (VS having been on the lowside a bit) ..

    so what´s the difference you may ask? consistency ... now both continents may be on a point were BIG battles may not happen as often ... the thing however is THERE ARE many battles still .. put cobalt and miller toghether for a second continent opening and whoever is poor enough to land on it may get foook all from it but the ability to ghostcamp, cause that´s fun .... .... .. it isn´t ..
  18. Trigga

    Im through conversing with sarcy narcos, find your redit info yourself aswel im not going to bother.
    Next time try being civil.
  19. Twerllewr

    Us servers have so much players it's not funny anymore.
  20. TR5L4Y3R

    oh you mean you have no answer to the topic .... alright ... bye then !
    lol at me being uncivil while you go and call me names ... poor you being unable to handle criticism of your thoughts ..