EU servers locked (external players)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Deathappens, Apr 3, 2013.

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    You can have Fish & Chips.
  3. Aircrafter991

    i'm brand new to this game and i'm already pissed off. i started to play this game 1 week ago, had plenty of time to learn the basics - but only via youtube - because ps2 won't let me in. it's such a great game so far but really frustrating when there are daily technical issues. not to mention the ridiculous need of hardware to run this game only on stable fps! i know my opinion won't count for SoE but if this will continue untill next week, i'm done with this game and won't promote it in any ways.

    just my 2 cents
  4. Delain81

    Aight, deal.
  5. TintaBux

    There you go sir, that will be £5.50.

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  6. Sebastaroth

    I understand technical issues. What I find a little bit annoying is that quite regularly due to this seemingly random maintenance and downtime, there are days in the week where I simply cannot play the game which I pay a monthly subscription for. I pay for 30-31 days, yet what I get is (lately: substantially) less.

    Since there are already separate servers per geographic region, is it so much to ask for separate maintenance windows, preferably ones that are regularly planned (ie. 1 day/2 weeks)? I understand having to do hotfixes, but I think that sometimes the priorities (of what should be fixed ASAP and what can be rolled out during the next planned maintenance window) are a little bit off as well. Still, having separate maintenance windows would already alleviate a lot of these prime-time downtime issues.

    P.S. for anyone raising the argument "but then the engineers would never have rest", that is quite a non-argument. SOE can hire multiple people and there is such a thing as working in shifts. And to do maintenance from 2am-8am CET, would actually require working from 5pm-11pm PST, so it's not that big of a deal (if you look at the rest of the IT industry). And 2am-8am AU time is something like 8am-2pm PST, so it's even better.
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  7. Delain81

    I'm gonna pay you with sc as soon as servers go up..oh wait...
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  8. Gribbstar

    I wont normally complain about downtime but today I'm going to make an exception.

    I've spent the better part of my child/wife free evening staring at server statuses and hoping for some kind of communication as to whether we might be able to play the game any time soon.

    Now it's nearly midnight and I'm off to bed feeling really quite annoyed with how SOE have handled this.

    I'm willing to bet that I won't get that whole day of wasted boost and premium membership back either? :mad:
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  9. TintaBux

    The problem is most of the maintenance and patches are done when it's day time and close to Prime time in EU (Like 4pm start of it UK)

    So if there's any delays it goes into prime time and like now through prime time and past 12 am. Surely they need to do these patches at a better time for us in Europe as this keeps happening again and again, it looks bad on SOE and it makes for many angry customers in Europe.
  10. ergie

    Same here. Some piece of information would be nice

    En fin, Esto es lo que hay. Gn all
  11. Sworaven

    You really want SOE messing around with your boost/membership? They can't even do an update without ******* up.
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  12. Gribbstar

    Fair comment.

    I'll shut the hell up while I still can.
  13. Delain81

    Wow dude..i allmost spit out my whole coffee while i was sittin here, bored, readin all those posts and then...seeing your signature.
    Well done..i really like that piece of art you've done there.
  14. Spyrius


    We need compesation for stolen hours of Premium Memberships/Boosts.
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  16. Angelina Assassini

    At least i had a lot of fun reading this thread. Some of you are artists guys.:rolleyes:

    I confirm that it happens a lot of strange things this afternoon when the patch deployed like huge beams illuminating bases like if our new experimental ion canon was finally hitting the crown, but it wasn't. Just another epic joke of SOE.
    I also confirm that you can now teleport you 2 times with the same teleporter in biolabs without crashing (unbelievably cool), that the lancer still sometime stuck at 1 charge (but that's experimental weapon, you need to feel you are a vanu...), and i finally confirm that 2 hours is a bit short to take all Indar at midday... goddamn TR...:mad:

    I almost forgot to thanks all SOE developpers, like the entire europe, for all the work you did today... oh wait, nevermind...:D
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  18. Deathappens

    Or even later, he's not very specific again. My bet is that we're only be able to play the game (in EU servers) around 12PM. Still hoping i'm wrong. Meanwhile i'm spending my frustation on the US players.
  19. Scarador

    mhhh ... what about a backup plan and a recover strategie?

    well, in general IT-companys would have this in any form ... so waiting to the rising sun i guess ...
  20. Angelina Assassini

    If they begin to redeploy, it will probably take 3 hours like this afternoon...