EU servers locked (external players)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Deathappens, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Gypsycream

    The sounds and effects of large base captures would randomly start, at any base, for no real reason, stacking on top of each other and creating a ridiculously loud booming sound that would play over and over and over, while a ray of light shines down into the center of the base, illuminating everybody as they run about in an insane panic.
    Still, I suppose that's about as "fine" as patch day gets on PS2.
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  2. namd3

    Why oh Why are the EU servers completley unable to handle high loads, the american servers are fine, can we at least move PS2 of the the old un-used DCU servers please, give us the same experience as our american counterparts enjoy....
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  3. nella


    Best comment I've read on this forum.
  4. gualty

    dunno why, but on forum "server satus" window i see all servers locked, not only EU ones, is that fine?
  5. ENGTX

    before you do it . your Will to soe for research and development department .
  6. Shadowabl

    Fine i have the Fun on my Site :D
  7. Maarvy

    You know what happens when so many tears and anger are in one thread .

    Thats right !

    Double Ragebow
  8. TintaBux

    Seems so, we get high populated servers and then they close them? How about let us play, what's the problem????
  9. Free Man

    I think we should grumble in our native languages.
    Otherwise there could be strange constructions of sentences.....

    Also... so eine verfluchte Scheiße!:D
  10. SebaRaven

    I do not hate SOE team work/efforts. I like the game, I dislike incompetent decisions and crappy services. I have no clue how services are in US, but in EU we usually have higher standards for such services.
    As I replied earlier, when you have a global approach on gaming, it is unprofessional disregarding your clients from an entire continent, in prime time. I was playing for 2 hours to participate in the challenge and they stopped the servers a) approx. 7 minutes before the challenge was over; b) in prime time. WTF?

    I also experienced several problems (like spawning inside the mountain opposite to the Crown on Indar, together with other players, everyone was cramped together and shooting, i got 3-4 ;), flying tanks or players running in the sky) and I understand the need for fixing this issues, but not without taking into consideration the entire European continent. SOE will have to get professional with this game, in my opinion it is a hit, and it is a shame to ruin it by taking stupid decisions, over and over again and by offering really bad services. By the way, we are in the customer support section of the forum, page 5 of the discussion, and no one from the customer support offered any type of support or answer. This is how you should not treat your paying clients, at least not in EU.
    The standards most EU players are asking for are not absurd, we just ask for the respect a service provider must offer to its client. SOE sells us something, gets money from us, and they have to answer for the mistakes they are doing. The difference between crappy services and good services is just a little more attention towards their clients.

    I recommended the game and will continue to recommend it, I just feel it should not be the case to recommend it with negative comments related to services.
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  11. TintaBux


    Not to be fascist or anything but it does seem our gaming companies offer better customer support than over the ocean.
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  12. Shadowabl

    Ist vielleicht ein bischen zu gebrochendes Englisch aber du hast recht, hab es mal schnell im translator geschrieben deshalb hört es sich so lustig an .:D
    Ist doch war man man was machen die immer so eine verfluchte Scheiße!!
  13. Delain81

    Sooo, i had a really good gaming day playing DayZ, Warframe and a little bit of Arma 3, how are you guys doin' ? Oh wait..yeaaa..patchday.. :eek:^^
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  14. Garnok Atres

    pues mirar francamente, me da igual que me baneen o lo que les de la gana por que yo esto lo escribo en español, yo estoy harto de lo que hacen con los servidores europeos, somos las cobayas de esta gente para que los americanitos jueguen genial.

    luego pides el rembolso de todo lo que te has gastado en un montón de armas supernerfeadas que te las compras por 1000 sc y a la vuelta de un par de semanas ya no valen "ni pa toma por'culo", encima es lo de siempre meten un parche medianamente gordo añaden 6 o 7 cosas y joden otras 10 ¿Coño tanto les cuesta poner un entorno de certificación de aplicación medio decente donde ver las cosas que revientan el juego antes de que les exploten en la cara a los jugadores??

    y lo mas delirante del tema es hace nada unifican un pegote de servidores por que no tienen poblacion suficiente y esperan que la gente sigua jugando a un juego donde en cuanto los servidores tienen un mínimo de población pegan un reventones de espanto, tsss, te gastas un dinero en un juego para luego que te traten como al ultimo mono.
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  15. Delain81

    I'd like some chili con carne dude, for sure!
  16. SebaRaven

  17. Scaine

    Inept. Staff would be looking a at a sacking in my company for a stunt like that. But to then baton the hatches with zero communication for... hours? Fired, simple as that.
  18. Scaine

    Oho! I spoke too soon. There has been communication!

    "We are currently still looking into this issues and apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. Thanks for hanging in there!"

    Except, it was a useless communication, made in a locked thread, and ignoring the fact that, since it's now coming up midnight in most parts of the EU, we are not, in fact "hanging in there".

    So, yeah. Still inept then.
  19. Garnok Atres

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  20. TintaBux

    To true.
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