EU servers locked (external players)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Deathappens, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Deathappens

    " We are currently resolving an issue affecting high population servers (currently the EU). In order to help resolve issues, these servers are being locked. We'll update you as more information becomes available. Thanks for your patience! "

    At least they should give us a better explanation...
  2. Torok

    we all would like to play...
  3. DeeX

    let me do that for you

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  4. shadouac

    As of right now it's entering peak time in the US as well. What with that and with EU refugees there killing time while this *********** is rectified, will we see US servers being taken down wholesale for... whatever the reason is? Taking bets!

    My bet is NO.
  5. ShotMeTender

    I've already say "Bye bye" to my purple medal for tonight.... Missing something like 42 kills to get it!! Wtf SoE why you don't like me at all T_T i know you do this just cuz of me. Every time, on the last few kills i miss for purple medal you get issues! This is all a plot i am sure of it! XD
  6. R.Bootneck

    What makes the current status of the EU servers harder to swallow is this ..

    GU05 is released, with the account wide unlocks, which created more database entries for the player/ID servers to process, the system stalled due to the increased workload propagating the data. (or so we were told at the time)
    So they pulled all the servers, and staggered the re-launch of them so as to reduce the work load on the database servers. Launching the less busier servers first (those in non-primetime timezones when the start button was pushed)

    Fast forward a week or so, GU06 is released, with additional character slots for all premium members, and purchasable slots for everyone else, creating a lot more database entries per account to be tabulated.... All the servers are brought online at once, causing the login servers to melt under the workload .... (or so codeforges post implies).....
    So why wasn't the lesson of the GU05 release learnt? Would staggering the relaunch of the servers, AU > US > EU as before have avoided the current situation .... probably if the information we've been given on this forum so far is actually correct.

    Or was the fix last time really down to an error in the released code that had to be hot fixed, and not due to databse loadings ? but database load was the excuse we were sold?

    The odd thing is, as an EU player who logs in on an SOE account (not Pro7) why can't I launch the game and play my alt that resides on a running US server ?
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  7. Fotosynthese

    The only positive thing i can say is that they fixed the animation of the lancer in the GU.

    But seriously. GET A ******* PUBLIC TEST SERVER SONY...
  8. Shadowabl

    I must already say this is a strong piece from SOE. I am stink crossly!!!
    When may we play then from 4-6 in the CET or what?? Where we lie normally in the bed because we the next morning work must go. surely many thanks SOE you build only ****!!!
    I am curious really sometimes whether it in 1-1000 years there will well run your great Planetside 2
    :rolleyes: o_O:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. JTKirk

    Played the last hour on US server, perfectly fine. I dont understand why EU is offline, considering 90% prly already gave up for tonight, so no overload or whatever. Been a full platoon zerging Indar.
  10. Vargas78

    What annoys me is that before everything got locked (i was actually logged out anyway when the servers actually went down) i took part in Woodmans* first emergency objective event which finished around 5pm i think. The TR won it which sucked (the turning point was when our forces didnt try hold the west of amerish but nearly everyone charged onward toward the centre while a TR army came down the west and only me and a few others tried to stop them - seriously generals, you need to practice your strategy) but it was still a cool event with some good fighting.

    Still, everything was running fine! Theres no need for this.
  11. Gnorfen

    I love this guy. It's like an angry Borat.
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  12. Wazzy

    Yeashimish..... I cant wait to to make love explosion on planetside stom-ache
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  13. DaNDeStRoYeR

    I wish they would be up front with what the actual problem is then we might understand, but there forum announcements are like 10 words long explaining nothing.
  14. kompanietgibb

    Get with the times SOE, test server and some foresight please.
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  15. Wazzy

    I love the snape picture!! Tell me something, do you actually know what bullet drop and overpowered weapons actually mean??
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  16. c0r3

    "I am stink crossly!!!"

    Comedy gold.
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  17. Hyperz

    They don't know.
  18. DaNDeStRoYeR

    Wouldn't it be easier for them to Roll Back to GU5 until they can resolve the issues? Or is that just being a bit too logical for SOE?
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  19. ENGTX

    EU EU . wtf you mean by eu ? what you mean by high pop ? yesterday i saw your beast planetsdie engine . THE FORGE LIGHT .. or whatever . can run 7000 players . now you sabotage eu . thx . this is your ''thank you'' of keeping up 4 server . same situation with gu5 . closed in 13.00 rome time . open 22.00 . after a quick open 19.00 but went down 15 min . always sabotage europe . AMERICANS ALWAYS THINK EUROPE is WW2 conditions .
    i wonder what will happen if china get in planetside ?
  20. MisFitsLightBulB

    In all honesty how can a multinational corporation expect people to invest in a Free to Play model when it feels a lot like every single day there is some sort of logging in issue that lasts for hours, I am a free player in my own right and until they can provide me with a satisfactory service why would anybody invest..At all?

    Way to go Sony Online Enterf*ckuptainment
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