EU servers locked (external players)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Deathappens, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Deathappens

    Can anyone give na estimation on how long the servers will be locked. Why only the EU servers are locked?? And this must be a silly question but what is na external player???
  2. Brainwayne

    mebbe someone logging in from anotter region - like mars, or the third moon of jupiter, or essex, or the himalayas... duh :rolleyes:
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  3. Lazaruz

    - External player = You, me and a few thousand others.
    - EU servers are locked because they are high pop right now, makes sense since all the major updates are done on EU prime time.
    - The servers will probably become unlocked at 4-6am CET , so they have all the big bugs resolved before the US servers hit their prime time and high pop.
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  4. HellasVagabond

    Locked servers AND i lost one of my characters....Nice....
  5. ThereIsNoTry

    EU players = lab rats for US prime time
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  6. Torbalan

    They will have to put them online to test if the patch of the patch works ;) So, most probably it wont be till 4-6am
  7. SebaRaven

    Are the servers also locked for PSG users?
    I am from EU, installed the game via Steam, and I am forced to use the US launchpad. Is there any way to transfer my account to PSG?
  8. MichaelS

    i hope this is just a visibility bug. one of my chars is gone too.

    €: yes the char is back.

    schnauze voll, gn8
  9. MichaelS

    if psg means pro sieben, then they are locked too on eu servers.
  10. ENGTX

    high population and they do this . you really hate eu .
  11. pizo1

    Im not getting how you still didnt got anything.
    We are not n position to ask one m8 said we are lab rats and we will always be that.
    Funny how never similar happens to US servers.
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  12. Mondain

    My main character also seems to have vanished
  13. rinsa

    So cool to experiment this at a period of high traffic. Why didn't they wait a few hours ?
  14. Eisler

    I'm starting to believe your right!
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  15. Omega92

    So let me get this right, they ask you to pay premium for priority logins, yet servers are locked, and me a premium player, can't get in, but those who are there can still stay there? Dont make sense...
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  16. pizo1

    Because we live in EU........they can step on us when ever they seems like that in every game iv played.
  17. SomeRandomNewbie

    Long story short, an external player is anyone who doesn't work at or for SOE. Anyone who does is an 'internal player'.

    I think they've locked the servers so they can throw the CPU power saved at sorting out the player database - if I read into codeforges comments right, this update added some extra fields to the database and it needs to be rebuilt. Trying to do it as people were logging in was killing the servers (see all the posts from people stuck at 98%). This way, they can run the rebuild and get the servers running normally faster.

    Yeah, it's a pain to be locked out, but it's less frustrating that thinking the servers are up when they're effectively not. And if this gets us playing sooner, then it's the right course of action.
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  18. SebaRaven

    yeah... several weeks ago they merged servers because of low population. Now they are excluding an entire continent due to overpopulation... I do not want do get a ban from the forums, so please try to imagine what kind thoughts I have for the ones responsible.
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  19. ironeddie

    'Or Essex' lmao
  20. SomeRandomNewbie

    'Locked' means the servers are empty, normally. Read 'locked' as 'offline', it's a truer picture of what's going on.