EU Servers Lagging.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Bvenged, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Nervermind

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  2. Songano

    Subscription canceled. Thx.
  3. Chubrokoli

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  4. Selerox

    Bump. I know it doesn't need it, but SOE need to be made aware that their EU playerbase isn't ****ing happy.

    Fix it. But give EU an extended double-XP. Especially for those who installed a booster.
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  5. Chubrokoli

    Booster user here! :mad:
  6. mihahelbl

    Yep, I just logged off from game, when I was around 15 minutes in suffering a 3 second lag on Woodman. Please, fix this, a ton of people in my outfit is having this lag problem in the evening as well.
  7. Bvenged

    Can an admin edit my OP with the following text please?

    - EDIT:


    If you are suffering from this lag, restart your game.
    It works for myself and some other people too. It may work first time, or it may only work on the 5th time, but if you keep restarting your game and client you'll eventually log in without the server lag.
  8. Alexi

    miller bad lag atm. uk player and still crashing!!!!
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  9. Sörre

  10. SlappyGoBig

    My god this is bad. Goodbye boost :(
  11. thederpi

    Woodman player here., I can confirm the lagging.

    Maybe we have something even worse than the NSA here in europe that nobody has heard of, just killing performane for all europaens :eek: :eek:
  12. reaven2

    EU - Miller imense lags for me which make it unplayable!
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  13. Aszrayel

    Yep. Getting this too one Woodman. Either taking forever to login. Each continent lags like hell, game crashes. Great double XP birthday deal. ATM the game has become unplayable!
  14. Covah

    Stuck at 96%
    Then stuck to Log in
    Then 2 sec lag IG

    well...i'll come back in a week.
  15. IamTheRyaN

    My boost will expire in 10 hours, I can't play **** with these 3-4 second latency :(
  16. Maniaboo

    For ***** Sake Sony
    3 days now the european servers are screwed.
    i getting 120 fps yet It takes 2 secs from hitting return at a console till the console selection pops up. Firing half a clip into the back of an nme only the last 4 shot register as hitting.
    What is going on ?
    Do you realise this is happening?
    Do you Care?

    The whole game is unplayable.

    It seems like the internet connection to the server is borked.

    My whole outfit have just logged off in disgust at the way the game is running on a weekend where everyone wants to play.
    This last week has seen loads of people come back to the game to test the update and loved it but now 3 or 4 days after its worse than ever to play and they are all leaving again.
  17. Redzy

    You better refund us our mostly wasted boosts, since we can't play for ****.

    Hyper Boost user here and it has gone wasted due to me being extremely annoyed at the 3+ seconds delay.

    I have already cancelled my subscription and now I cannot even utilize my boosts properly.

    Basically this just enforces the fact that EU PS2 players are second rate customers in the eyes of SOE.
  18. Doc Jim

    Has SOE or any representative actually acknowledged that this is an issue yet? Here, on facebook or on twitter?
  19. IamTheRyaN

    Yup, Luperza said something on twitter, it is in this thread ( maybe third page, dunno ).
  20. JackD

    Cobalt here, needed to try three ties to log in, and a disconnect quick after and horrible lag 90% of the time.

    Get your act together and fix the european servers, this is were most players are.