EU Network Update

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RyanGUK, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. RyanGUK

    Could anybody shed some light on what work they're doing on the network? Is it to update the software on the servers, install some new systems such as anti-cheat (hey you never know), or is it simply to make the EU systems bare a bigger brunt during prime time?

    Any information would be nice for such a long update (12 hours omgosh)!
  2. Midnightmare

    make it work hopfully :p
  3. BloodyPuma

    Im kinda curious what is the reason for the long maintance times tha they introduced lastly. At the begining - I remember that there were server problem, but that was the time we had quadruple more peope on servers. Now game performance is better, hit detection is better, lags are better and there are much less people.

    Am I asnwering my own question, or is there somehing else? ;)
  4. maxkeiser

    There can always be improvements - and they need to stay on it as the game will start to pick up HUGE numbers of players as more and more features come into play.
  5. RyanGUK

    All I can think of that needs doing is Anti-Cheat, but even then... Could be something to do with ProSieb?
  6. BloodyPuma

    I fairly certain that ProSieben takes care only for Account [financial part and banning] and have nothing to do with servers.
  7. RyanGUK

    Yeah I believe that's the case right now. Was just thinking if something has changed, doubt that'd incur a 12-hr maintenance period though.
  8. BloodyPuma

    Im hoping for that. Seeing devs motivation, new schedule and actual changes that are coming just now - I feel that our favourite game can make a great come back to the top.