[EU] Merge servers = better game!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AccelPrime, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. AccelPrime

    I'll keep this short.

    Are you tired of fighting on Indar? Are you annoyed because the only time you get to visit Esamir & Amerish is when your outfit orders you to ghost cap a base there during alerts? Would you like to see Esamir as packed as Indar is now during prime time? Well look no further, it's a server merge motion!

    I still remember how it was when the game first launched... You weren't forced to fight on Indar because it was the only continent with consistent battles, no, you had a choice. Wanted to throw snowballs and wear that awesome tundra camo you bought? Longed for 2-3 hour fights on the Amp Stations with several metric tons of steel pounding outside? Esamir used to be like this. The continent was filled with 25v25 & 48v48 battles & it was absolutely glorious.

    Nowadays? Not so much. The only time you'll find something above a 12v12 battle is during alerts. And don't even get me started on Amerish...

    Planetside 2 has large maps. And if you have a large map, you need to have a large amount of players to fill that map. Because when you don't that becomes very evident in the form of ghost capping. Rolling through & capping several bases without as much as seeing an enemy pop up is not fun. That's not what a first-person shooter is about, and it's probably not something that anyone playing this game actually wants to do.

    Planetside 2 advertises itself as a game with large scale battles, but even during primetime there's usually just 2-348v48 battles, and those can quickly die out. If you have read this far, it should be obvious that even with the quick examples i've given increasing the population would bring so much more to each player's overall gaming experience and enjoyment.

    With a server merge the population on the remaining servers would drastically increase, and because of the continent player caps, people would now find themselves fighting on both Esamir & Amerish. We would have consistent, large scale battles on all three continents & everyone would be happy!
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  2. Santondouah

    as a player from Ceres : no thanks
  3. AccelPrime

    I'm also a Ceres player, and have been since the 23rd of November 2012, so i'd be delighted to hear why you would not say yes to this proposal.
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  4. vsae

    as woodman player: yes please
  5. IamDH

    As a Woodman & Ceres player. YES

    The main question is if the servers can handle it. Some people reported insane lag during that event
  6. MikeJackson

  7. IamDH

    I mean think about it.. Ceres are pretty low on VS pop and woodman VS (KoTV) will teach them how to ZOE MAX spam and will even out the pops more.
  8. vsae

    Thats the only reason servers are not merged yet :)
  9. ohmikkie

    Me too.

    Only in the last couple of weeks I have been able to find decent battles on Esamir. Can't remember the last time I was on Amerish.
  10. Eleo

    And when more continents get released what do you do? By merging servers you just temporary fix the symptoms.
  11. Pie Chasm

    I hate you and everything you stand for, but...

    you're so incredibly right.

    I am in complete and utter agreement. This game, without the number of people from double xp weekends, is not the same. It's not even massive. It's not good.... it's crap.

    Bring back the PS2 of old where you had queues for everything and there were fights EVERYWHERE at every time.
  12. Pootisman

    Good idea, but i dont think the EU servers can handle that many players. Just think of the massive lag during the double XP events. Playing a shooter with 1-3 seconds delay is no fun.

    Even a normal sunday evening is often laggy.
  13. sindz

    Its a good idea, but the chances of SOE giving a crap about their EU playerbase is zero. Bupkiss.
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  14. kadney

    Yet again?
  15. GamingForFun

    im a ceres player too and i was always screaming for another merge, but im also afraid of performance issues and if the server can handle that many players, but then again. we had much more players a year ago and even if we merge we wouldnt reach that many players for one server again ,only on special days like double xp maybe.

    im also asking myself if we already have an answer for the continent cap? i mean its a fact that we already have qeues on indar and esamir from time to time and thats not because of a higher activity , isnt it ?

    i think SOE still hopes that their game gets popular again and trying to avoid server merges , just because of the fact that it would be difficult if all servers were full and new players have to play on a entirely new server.

    but i would appreciate more players and bigger battles on my server on different continents.
  16. CHDT65

    Other option: change the uninteresting topography of Esamir and Amerish and players wil also get there.
    Me, not interested in fighting in the middle of nowhere.
  17. Mootar

    I'm sure I am in the minority but I think this game falls down when fights get past a certain size.

    In theory the bigger the fight, the better, but in my experience the farther you go beyond 48v48 the worse the gameplay experience, fights devolve into an instagibby, explosive spammed meatgrinder, with little scope for anything other than cheesing meaningless kills with your weapon of choice (noobtubes, tankcamping, rocket launcher spam, MAX hordes), add in the inevitable warping/rendering issues and it leads to frustration.

    Platoon vs platoon is the sweet spot, zerg vs zerg while sounding great in theory is a shambles and the bigger the zerg, the less fun it is to play.

    All a server merge would achieve is poor server performance, even bigger zergs on Indar and meaningless unbalanced skirmishes for those unlucky enough to be forced onto Esamir by pop lock, while waiting in the Indar Queue.

    Amerish would still be dead because it's terrible.
  18. AccelPrime

    I'm no server guy, but seeing as how there'd still be the same amount of players connecting to different ports, a merge would should not bring more technical issues than those that we already have. And if merging servers means lessening the amount of ports players connect to, SOE should obviously upgrade the remaining ones, and thus the hosting costs should remain about the same.

    ^But again, i'm no server guy :p.
  19. iRepair

    Brilliant idea! Now all other EU servers can have their fair share of the cheaters on the EU server I play on!

    I like your suggestion but you shouldn't use coloring in your post unless necessary. Most people don't like colored posts.
    Merge EU servers and the EU might actually have a chance of surviving and thriving in Planetside 2.
  20. TheGreatOne80

    I started playing on Mallory back in the days. After a few weeks it became a ghost server and we were merged into Ceres. Now Ceres has a very low pop. I know Indar is full in the afternoons but I think it's because SOE changed the pop limit. You can only find 2 big fights on Indar and some guys ghostcapping on the other two continents.

    Yesterday I logged in at 4 pm and the only fight was at Crossroads. I played there for 30-40 minutes and logged out. I went back 4 hours later and it was still the same. :D

    I would love a server merge too and don't think Europe needs four servers plus and I think there will be a Russian one too. The question is how would it change the performance because having lag hit registration problems would kill my game.
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