ETA on AV Mana Turret fix?

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  1. AccelPrime

    The risk versus reward is nonexistant. They have vehicle destroying turrets with infinite ammo & total invinsibility, is this by any means balanced :eek:?
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  2. Paperlamp

    They don't have total invincibility although they need to work on turret hitboxes for both AV and AI turrets 'cause they've been funky since I can remember, especially noticeable when trying to snipe the engineer.

    They're also somewhat situational, you have to place them high up as well as in an area where air won't pick them off. They do shut down armor columns hard from the right places however and sometimes aren't bad for sniping infantry/MAXes either.

    It's been quite awhile since I've seen a nerf AV turret post though so I doubt a nerf is coming since they've been like this for a long time and the hate for them seems to've died down considerably.
  3. fuzzbuket

    when you see more engies setting up AV turrets for AI duty, than AI ones you know somethings a tad off.

    the main thing is to fix the AI damage. ive been sniped by snipers about twice in the past month, yet ive been picked off by av turrets more times than is funny.

    then fix the hitbox, make them show up on the map and possibly add a hard range counter. (ie rounds auto-detonate at 200m or so)
  4. nooblet91698

    did you guys even read the PU02 patch notes?
  5. AccelPrime

    Care to elaborate?
  6. Chipay

    Funny thing is that the changes aren't actually in the game
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  7. nooblet91698

    Mana Anti-Vehicle Turret Changes
    • Projectile lifespan was reduced from 15 to 10 seconds. This drops its max range to match the AV turret’s render distance.
    • Blast damage reduced against infantry to match its intended role as an anti-vehicle weapon
      • Max damage reduced from 1000 at 0.5 meters to 500 at 0.35 meters.
    • Gravity value of 2 added. This only applies if the rocket is no longer controlled.
  8. Kunavi

    These aren't in though, Nooblet. Right now it's still OP.
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  9. AccelPrime

    Yeah those changes are not in the game, I can still see AV rockets magically appearing from the mountains of Indar :rolleyes:.
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  10. Tommyp2006

    A 10 second flight time still gives the turret massive range. Whats the velocity on the rocket? Im willing to bet the current range is at least 800-1000m. It needs to be reduced to about half that.
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  11. Dis

    It's amusing that, in the middle of a massive vehicle battle, it's not the 20 tanks, 10 lightnings, 10 harassers, 5 AV maxes or 15 heavies with lock ons I worry about. It's the one engie on a hill somewhere I can't even see.
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  12. TomaHawk

    You forgot to add OHK infantry (yes, full shield on as HA), as an AV weapon, as well as a range that defies logic. I *sometimes* see turret icons in the distance, but their overuse (back to the early lock on days) doesn't make for an interesting engagement between sides anymore. The constant pendulum between whiners and a reasonable balance keeps swinging, so all you can do today is chase those rare(er) moments of actual fun. They're still there, but ya gotta be at the right place at the right time.
  13. TomaHawk

  14. Bortasz

    Point 1 - Speed of rocket is 100 m/s witch means that they have range of 1 000 meters. Decrease from 1 500
    Point 2 - You have to hit infantry to score a kill
    Point 3 - You cannot leave AV turret after shot.

    Yes big nerf...
  15. control-z

    Being able to produce them out of nowhere never made any sense to me. You should be encumbered with a backpack or something. If we are just spawning out of thin air and creating turrets out of thin air, does that mean the whole battle is virtual (in the confines of the game world)?
  16. Erendil

  17. HadesR

    In theory they do atm in some cases .. Seems to be a bug that can make them totally invisible even in ranges under 300m
  18. RageMasterUK

  19. WaaWaa

    Too good still? You decide!

    Against Infantry and Air:

    Against Infantry, Armor, and Air:
  20. axiom537

    Range is still too great, 500m would be about right in my opinion, and it needs to immediately render as a vehicle and I wouldn't mind if lock-ons could hit them either.