ESSRs not going live this week

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by ISKNausicaa, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. ISKNausicaa

    Personally I'm glad the rifles are coming on well but aren't quite there yet

    Shade - baffling reload needs removing, as it overrides the heat bar.

    Rail jack - a dull, direct upgrade from T3, reduce ammo down from 4, increase rechamber and reload times, give it some interesting functionality like the health eating rad field on hit etc.

    Trap - I like where this rifle is at right now
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  2. Torok

    I like the railgun altough I would‘ve gone a different way as of animation and functionality in the form of:
    longer time between each shot, cooling down animation, no straight pull attachment, only one bolt action animation for first round per empty magazine being chambered, in the end the result would be same stats but semi auto gun mechanism, slightly lower than current rate of fire and built inside the optic cooling down level bar that shows the cooldown between each shot and no twitch optic movement other than the gun's recoil.

    Same magazine, Same damage & projectile speed
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  3. DrTeeth

    I don't see any issue with the Shade reload. If you overheat the rifle you can either sit there and watch the heat bar reduce to zero, or sit there and watch the reload animation. Either way the game-play is the same, but the reload animation is more entertaining.

    As for the TRAP, I think they have a lot of work to do. This weapon has the lowest damage per mag and damage per loadout of any primary in the game, as well as savage recoil between bursts. We're giving up too much for a weapon that is outclassed beyond 50m by the semi-auto snipers / scouts and below 20m by SMGs. It's SOAS side-grade, at best, and even more punishing.
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  4. Gadamlu

    Thank Gods.

    hopefully they completely scrap the TRAP rifle, oh, you think its fine? sure, you can have the worst rifle in the game, just give me the hitscan-at-render-rifle that is the Overpowered Railjack. personally i dont want a rifle version of the repeater.
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  5. ISKNausicaa

    Don't you think you are exaggerating a little, the Trap handles really well as far as I'm concerned, if you disagree why don't you suggest how you would improve it and what nerfs you would give to the railjack
  6. doombro

    Have you seen the recoil on the TRAP? It's ridiculous.
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  7. Pikachu

    They could to rename the TR rifle. No one can take it seriously for all the trap jokes. :L
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  8. ISKNausicaa

    Yes I've seen the recoil, and it's manageable, both burstfire modes recoil is up and to the right, so pull down to the left when firing the thing.
    X2 burst is good up to about 40 meters, X3 to about 25ish, then you have semi auto mode for the longer ranges.

    If you believe its bad what would you do to change it?
  9. doombro

    Lower it a lot on all fronts and increase the magazine size.
  10. ISKNausicaa

    Then It would be a direct upgrade to the SOAS, HSR and KSR it would end up being the go to rifle for close to medium range semis, much like the Railjack is right now for NC BASRs.

    Some folks like the idea of having OP weapons, personally I like choices and interesting side grades.
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  11. Kwyjibo

    The TRAP should be an SMG gun model that's actually a sniper. Dude looks like a lady...
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  12. DrTeeth

    Well the Railjack is the best BASR ever, and the Shade is the best SASR ever (seriously, I'd have killed for that thing while getting auraxium on the 99SV, KSR-35 and HSR-1). If that's SOE's game plan then I think the TR are well within their rights asking for the best Scout Rifle ever.
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  13. ISKNausicaa

    Best SASR the shade is not, for a start it fires slower and has less projectile speed than the spectre, but it has its own upsides, many folks myself included consider this weapon a side grade, much like the trap.

    Me? I don't want one weapon to rule them all, I like having choices when it comes to sniping, the trap and shade gives us new options without removing choice of the weapons we currently have, unlike the Railjack.
  14. DrTeeth

    570 vs 550 is nothing to be concerned about in fairness.. I have a huge amount of time on the 99SV with the same velocity. Rate of fire isn't an issue either, you can't fire any semi-auto sniper at its full rate and expect to hit anything beyond 10 meters. The Shade does everything the Spectre can while also doing most of what the Ghost can, in addition to having infinite ammo so you never have to worry about what suit slot to go for. It is the optimal all-round sniper weapon imo.

    That's all very noble, but I'm not going to accept an under-tuned weapon in exchange for lofty game-design philosophies. :) At any rate, there's no way the TRAP will ever be "one weapon to rule them all". There's plenty of room for it be a better scout rifle option though.
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  15. Tentakewls

    TRAP - awful, it needs to be given the SABR treatment before launch or there's no reason to get it at all. If it's turned into a SABR as Higby said, it'll be a great weapon.
    Railjack - T4 BASR
    Shade - Currently it's terrible, it can only OHK up to 200m, and using the semi auto with sway is as useless as the Specter ( which is a useless weapon ). Needs to be given 300m OHK or access to low magnification sights.
  16. Ravenorth

    How can any TR dislike TRAP? I tried that weapon yesterday and I was pretty damn impressed, with 3 round burst its incredibly deadly from close to medium range, 2x 3 round burst will kill any infantry target.

    True, you wont be using it for sniping, but currently I think its the most effective medium range weapon in the game, maybe a bit too effective at the moment... I dont know, we´ll see how it works out after the release.
  17. ISKNausicaa

    When I'm talking about the difference in rate of fire I'm talking about how fast you can line up that second killing shot, in this case the spectre is significantly faster as the shades recoil on uncharged shot is far higher.

    It's ghost portion is two charged shots back to back, while dealing with charge and breath at the same time, it doesn't touch the ghost in terms of ease of use.
    So we end up with a rifle who's two modes aren't as good as the other rifles single modes, but I'm fine with that, as it's the combination of modes and other new features that bring this rifle up to to the level of the others.

    At the end of the day I feel the trap is a fantastic weapon certainly not underpowered by any means, you feel otherwise, what is it you feel is the underpowered aspect of the rifle that it putting you off?
  18. Ash87

    I disagree with your statements about the Shade. The shade is the most original gun I've seen in a while, it needs to go live Exactly as it is now, except the reload time for a new cartridge needs to go up some (Maybe), to reinforce people needing to keep the heat low on the gun.

    Your rail jack statements, I agree it needs something -different- than what it has now. There are a ton of opportunities here, that I hope SOE will take advantage of. I'd like to see it have Ramping up damage over range, so that at low ranges it's useless, but at 300m it'll OHK

    With the Trap... Eh... I just don't see the point in the 2 shot burst. As long as the three shot is there, the 2 shot burst is totally useless. I would say the automatic mode needs to be brought back and added as the other firing mode.
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  19. salembeats

    While testing this in VR, I was undecided, but...

    I tested this yesterday in real fights while everyone was on the Test Server (thanks, extended downtime!).

    I agree that I don't see the point of either the single-shot or 2-shot bursts.

    It's either:
    A) You're close enough that the triple-shot is the hands-down winner between the modes, or,
    B) You're so far away that the gun itself is entirely ineffective, and you need to re-position yourself.

    There's just too much horizontal recoil on this gun right now.
    It's not the "Super-SABR" it was envisioned as at all.

    That's very far off-base. The HSR has the same effective range as the TRAP, and by switching from the TRAP to the HSR, I lowered my TTKs drastically.
    According to Dasanfall, I'm only moderately good with the HSR, so it's not because I'm some "1337 HSR PRO" that I was able to kill much more effectively with it.
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  20. DrTeeth

    *Far* higher? I hasn't been my experience in testing. The weapon seems perfectly competitive recoil-wise with the other semi-auto snipers.

    Come now I think you're overstating this. A "BASR" that can fire two shots back to back and get one-shot out to 200m with NO DROP and you can suppress it, and put high-power scopes on it? That is freaking sweet. Breath is not a problem, plenty of us auraxiumed the close-range BASRs when they had sway.

    My posts on the subject are all over this forum. :)