[Suggestion] ESF Reverse Maneuver. Make it easier for new pilots.

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  1. Gorganov

    So I'll start by saying that I am by no means a great pilot. I rarely win any one on one dogfight, mainly because my aim is terrible. But the reverse maneuver is fun to use and there are times where I can utilize it correctly and completely throw off my opponent(s). Nerfing it will make dogfights dull, and I do not believe it will make it any easier for new pilots. So, I have a possible compromise.

    Toggle Hover Mode Option.

    Allow pilots to engage/disengage hover mode with the click of a button. It should also display on the UI: Hover Mode On / Hover Mode Off. This will make it easier for new pilots to utilize the reverse maneuver, thus making it more appealing to these pilots. Then, when the patch goes live...

    Promote ESFs on the client with tutorials and details on these changes! Raising awareness of the mechanics of the ESF will make people more willing to try it, especially if they understand how flying works in this game.

    Make it look FUN, then people will want to do it. See what I'm saying? You want your players to ENJOY THE EPICNESS OF FLYING. That is all.
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  2. Gorganov

    Bump for feedback
  3. ent|ty

    Its already simple, how can they simplify it.. It takes like 5 mins to learn, another few minutes to get the feel for it, and maybe a few encounters to apply it.
    This is not difficult, never was.

    All they're doing is tweaking the speed of this maneuver, everyone will be fine.
    There are a couple forum posts teaching people how to do it, though its something that comes naturally out of need to do something in the game, I was doing it and not realizing it.

    I just got bored with dogfights like that, and took to flying 3m off the ground and attacking ground targets, because it was much more exciting. Not that I can do that anymore though, cause too much AA.