[Vehicle] ESF Ejection seat

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by patrykK1028, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. patrykK1028

    Why dont the ESFs come pre-equiped with Ejection Seat?
  2. BadAsElite

    Because every pilot would jump out and avoid death by doing so.
    Having LA's doing this feels bad enough, without everyone else doing the same would cause alot of QQ.

    The whole "redeploy while in the air" (let alone moving) is quite frankly a joke.
  3. patrykK1028

    But theres ejection seat in BF3 and no one cries tears about that.
  4. BadAsElite

    Thats because BF3 does not have more than a hand full of aircraft at any given time. PS2 on the other hand has up to 50+ at any given time (peak) .
  5. patrykK1028

    Emm so what?
    Thats even reason for more cries in BF3 than in PS2 - in PS2 when somebody gets out of da ESF and doesnt improve your K/D you can go for another one, in BF3 you cant.
  6. BadAsElite

    If you lose your aircraft in mid air you deserve to take the penalties / handicap. There are ways around it via load out and specialization if you wish to equip the "ejection seat" which removes one of your utility slots at the cost of flares / FS.

    This game is not trying to be BF3/4, giving ejection slot to everyone in this type of game is a bad idea. You don't see tanks geting an ejection seat, that springs the occupants 200 meters away from there burning wreck now do you?

    If you want to "bail out" so badly go LA. End off.