ESF controls - random non-responsiveness

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Yuki10, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Yuki10

    So after this "bright" change of controls.. when i'm in a dogfighting mode, the ESF will sometimes stop responding to pitch down assigned to a mouse button. Happens mostly while locking the thrusters and transitioning into hover mode while upside down.

    I've been trying to catch it on video, but it only happens about every hour or so while int he ESF. Anyone seeing similar or has it on video?
  2. Schizomatic

    You sure it's not a physics thing? You're not stalling, are you?
  3. Yuki10

    Yea, i'm stalling alright right after the patch....

    No - in the middle of a maneuver, the plane will freeze in upside down (slightly angled) position and will eventually start turning slowly... but won't respond to pitch down.
  4. ikillyou1990

    Had this happen last night with my liberator. My pitch up key wasn't responding at all sometimes. Flew into sooooo many buildings...
  5. IcEzEbRa

    I noticed this for just a couple minutes last nite, but was definitely the same thing.
  6. Yuki10

    yup.... weird freezes of controls while up-side down and trying to use pitch assigned to mouse buttons.
  7. Jawarisin

    same problem here...
  8. MorganM

    What I've noticed is that pitch up and pitch down on my mouse buttons are FUBAR. They start slow then ramp up instead of being at instant 100% like before. I've also noticed they are not consistent as I think you're noting here. Sometimes they just never.. ramp up.

    Most noticeable on the 180 flip move. I do it a lot and it's totally jacked now; takes 3x longer to do it and sometimes you get this unresponsiveness. To be clear... when you flip upside down, hit analog throttle, and click pitch up on the mouse to quickly come about. Used to work very effectively... now it's jacked up.

    Totally unacceptable.
  9. entrailsgalore

    That's because that is how a controller's analog stick works. Initial movement slowly moves your cross hair, then more movement towards the edge moves it even faster. Similar to mouse acceleration but it is the actual curve that is affected. We're playing a console FPS now.
  10. Czarinov

    It's not. It's a new "feature". Happens to me all the time. Keyboard gets disabled after mouse input.

    What helps is to push the opposite button. IE pitch up, then pitch down would work usually. Same goes for yawing.
  11. Dowlphin

    I keep reading this, but on my client, the go right to 100% movement speed. The problem is that first there's a fraction of a second of nothing happening at all. The button command is simply delayed. Normally not that big of a problem when mixed with mouse axis pitch, but I'm still wondering why the delay. And the same crap has just been introduced for tanks it seems. Right after I certed my Skyguard.
  12. Nitrobudyn

    Does it affect infantry too? My movement keys sometimes refuse to respond - it is often correlated to releasing ADS key (mouse right). I had no such problems before the 4/9 patch.
  13. Czarinov

    Haven't happened to me as infantry yet. But maybe it has to do with some sequence of keys.
  14. Gorganov

    I've noticed some strange 'stalls' while driving the harasser. I'll be driving straight just fine, then when I make a turn to the left or right, it seems to shut off forward acceleration. I have to let go of everything to let the controls 'reset' then I can start moving again.
  15. Dowlphin

    Are you sure this is related to the recent patch? Check whether when it happens you press more than two or three keys at the same time. Various computer keyboards allow different maximum numbers of simultaneous keypresses. For my ordinary Cherry keyboard it seems to be three.
    Sometimes it seems like it's not just the number of pressed keys, but what keys I press together. Could still be the keyboard, not sure.
    One example would be if I press W and D to move forward and to the right, then press Shift for running and then try to open the status screen with TAB. Then the controls would lock up due to input buffer overrun or what it's called.
  16. Nitrobudyn

    Right now i'm trying to catch this on video, but no good footage yet. Thanks for the info anyway.
    Standard keyboards allow up to 3 keys to be pressed at the same time (enough to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete). You may check what input signals come from Your keyboard with something like Hot Virtual Keyboard - it is free for trial. If You want to use it Planetside, make sure You are playing in windowed mode.