Escaping from a skyknight

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  1. WeRelic

    You should get 3 deaths and lose some certs every time you do that.
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  2. Sh4n4yn4y

    Oh Syllabear, you always know how to cheer me up. Pro tip, turns in an ESF aren't that close or sharp unless you're moving at a crawl. It makes you easy to shoot. Even if you do fairly sharp turns at full speed, we know how each ESF handles, so we can predict. We get pretty good at predicting and leading shots. Particularly if we're in a Reaver or Mozzie, because the bullet drop and velocity on them is somewhat ridiculous at times.

    I'm... I'm sorry. When did we start hating Skyknights over A2G farmers? As a multirole (primarily A2A) pilot, I would like to point out that most Skyknights don't bother with the ground unless AA is being really, really annoying. Tanker wancers and ground pounders should fall to their knees and praise their glorious flying brethren for chasing off the accursed LPPA, Lolpod and AH farmers.

    And to the OP, I personally run full stealth, racer and often EFTs. The whole point of such builds is to drop down from up high, completely obliterate my foe, and speed off. Particularly scythes, because I ****ing hate waltzing with scythes. Their bloody nose gun and profile is a nightmare.

    If you run in any ESF, you're dead. I miss maybe 1 in twenty rounds when they start running, no matter how much bobbing, weaving and rolling (Why do people do that? It does literally nothing to throw aim off). I hit 2 in twenty rounds when they start dancing with me. Unless they're not so great at dancing, at which point it's a 50% hit rate.

    A scythe is even more vulnerable when running. Have you seen that thing from the top? It's like shooting a prowler. You literally can't miss.
  3. LaughingDead

    We (or at least I) started hating skyknights at the point of wanting to learn how to fly and fight. Ironically more skyknights prevents the growth of more skyknights, in which case it is completely unfun to instantly lose because you don't know how to fly and fight at the same time, you literally learn nothing and lose 350 resources. At that point you might as well pay someone to punch you in the face, but even that is more informational than flying and dying.
  4. AirPilot

    So this isn't an inbalance issue, this is a learn to play issue.

    Ground farmers are supposed to be weak against air to air aircraft.
  5. Pfundi

    The moment the OP gave me thumbs up I thought people start to understand jokes. Well I guess I was wrong :p
  6. Jamuro

    Learning to fly is tough, true ... but that's not the skyknights fault.
    They just happen to be more experienced and better at it than you.

    Now i get that dieing is no fun and after a certain skill divide you won't learn much from those engagements.
    Noone learns much from getting oneclipped.

    All that said, you are doing it wrong.
    First of all start talking with the guys that shot you down.

    Worst case they tell you that they are busy or write someting stupid, best case they ll tell you what you did wrong (it's important to get information about your engagement from another perspective than your own, or you ll simply repeat the same mistakes).

    And if it was an at least somewhat close/amusing fight you will be very likley to get a chance at a duel, or at least can organise to meet again.

    Ideally you want to maximise the time you are fighting vs opponents that are just a bit better than you and for that you have to actually talk with them^^

    There aren't a lot of dedicated pilots out there and even fewer that primarly do the a2a role ... so keep at it and you will have a list of willing teachers and milestones to overtake soon.

    And if you realy are struggling that much to stay alive even a little bit during those fights, then well you probably should spend some more time in the vr room.

    We all did it and do it on occasion again and again.

    Also be willign to make 3 characters (one per faction) ... losing 2 half priced esfs will at least in the beginning still teach you more than losing a single fully certed one.