Escalation Update Status - 2/27

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  1. Sites Executive Producer, Planetside 2

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to provide a quick update on the current state of the Escalation launch.

    The team has been working since last night to prepare a new build for PTS. At this point, we are targeting a publish to PTS tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. This should include several fixes of issues identified prior to and during the 2/26 playtest. The changes you can expect to see in the next build will range from major to minor bug fixes and general polish.

    Below is the primary list of (but not limited to) issues/improvements that we’re tracking right now and their current completion status internally (figured you might find that useful):

    • Bastion collision can get slightly shifted/offset when the Bastion gets moved. This can cause certain weak points to appear to not take damage; since the collision is blocking projectiles from reaching them.
    • Rarely, placing Bastion movement and bombardment waypoints can cause a client crash
    • [Fix in QA] Flak cannon rounds detonate on the Bastion but do not do any damage
    • [Fix in QA] Rare client crash that could occur when a Bastion is turning
    • [Fix confirmed on internal build] Deployables (Turrets, etc) can be places on Bastion weak points and will stay there (floating in mid-air) if the Bastion moves
    • [Fixed on PTS, but still tracking] Bastions disappearing or appearing in the wrong location for some players. We’ve applied fixes for several cases that could cause the Bastion to get into this state and have not seen the issue in the playtests that followed. Please let us know if you encounter this issue.

    • Minimap disappears on certain zoom levels
    • Framerate in Sanctuary isn’t at a level we’re happy with. Performance optimizations are in progress
    • Directive and Continent Victory sound effects cause Sanctuary music to stop playing

    • [Fix in QA] The last Orbital Strike in your Armory occasionally will be a dud
    • [Fix confirmed on internal build] Steel Rain pods do not play the intended Audio effects while dropping from the sky when observed by nearby players
    • Rarely, unlocking Polystellarite can cause a server crash
    • We are chasing a few client crashes not necessarily related to specific player behavior
    • Numerous recently added text strings are missing translation to non-English languages
    • [Fix confirmed on internal build] Numerous minor UI issues such as cut-off text, incorrectly sized icons, or overlapping elements

    Once we have a more precise PTS publish time for Friday, we will let you know. Thank you all again for your patience.

  2. IcyMidnight

    Thanks for the updates. Will the way this release had ended up going influence future release schedules?
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  3. D33UbNuB

    Can't wait

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