Escalation Update Status - 2/25

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  1. Sites Executive Producer, Planetside 2

    Hey everyone,

    First, I’d like to thank you all for participating in today’s playtest – especially given the short notice. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your willingness to login at a moments notice and help us.

    During the first playtest session, we encountered a server crash that resulted from a newly introduced code change. Fortunately, it was very easy to identify and we were able to get a fix implemented and published to PTS within 1.5 hours.

    The second session confirmed the server crash was fixed. However, we were still seeing some issues related to the Bastion de-syncing. The good news is that we’ve got a handle on potential causes and our programmers are actively working on fixes. Even though we had server stability, the Bastion issues are enough of a concern that we want to conduct at least a few additional scheduled public tests, with higher server populations, before we have confidence to green-light the update. This means providing you all with more than a few hours notice.

    As a result of today’s playtests, we’re not going to launch Escalation on Wednesday the 26th.

    Instead, we are going to schedule another PTS playtest tomorrow (Wednesday the 26th) at 4pm (Pacific). We may run an impromptu playtest earlier in the day if we can manage to prepare a new build with the necessary fixes, but that is TBD.

    Our primary focus during the playtests will continue to be client/server stability, as well as confirming the Bastion de-sync bugs has been addressed. If any new critical issues surface, we will obviously address those as well.

    At this point, the Escalation publish to Live is a day to day decision. Once we are able to conduct multiple playtests at scale, and confirming the issues above have been resolved, we will make the call to launch.

    In the meantime, please join us for the playtest tomorrow and keep the feedback coming.

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  2. Riekopo

    *sad noises*
  3. Twerllewr

    I do not understand why construction has not come to ps4 yet please reply
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  4. PeanutSaurusRex

    Thank you for keeping us updated this frequently! It's sad to hear it keeps being pushed back, but on the bright side it's not by much and these updates help us know you guys are prominent on giving the future of Planetside it's best!
  5. Elrondir

    I honestly don't get why Play Station players can't seem understand how games are being implemented into a fixed environment.
    If you are playing play station then expect every single thing to take multiple years to integrate. When it comes to construction you are not missing out on a lot. In general it's only orbital strike bases or bases to pull aircrafts and routers, so not that much you are losing out on. The rest of the bases are built to look good but in general takes way longer to build and dosen't survive a fraction of the time that it took to build them.

    Also you should't care about the construction update at all! There currently so much hype around the new content that is being created, look up Command Cyrious videos that is play station focused!
  6. WCRjv27NC

    This is the wrong section. I was triple ASP on console before i switched to PC. Id be happy to explain it to you if you send me a PM. No need to rehash this in the PTS section.

  7. xxIMadHwKIxx

    @Sites & Team

    Take your time with the Update for as long as you need, surprise us with the first Major Update in Years that goes live without paralyzing the Servers for weeks and you will have some very Thankfull Communities behind you!

    May the Patchgods be with you!
  8. MidiPWNZ


    Its totaly fine if you guys give this update the time it needs. Il be happy to wait some more to know that the stuff il be spending my time on has gotten its attention when it was made.
  9. Gamingjob

    I would rather have a good update without bugs then a buggy update which will scare away the new players.
  10. Shadowdev

    Wrel and the rest of the devs have been taking tips from a one sided player pop in PS2 and seem to always completely focus on outfit fighting and dump on building, which is sad because I feel there are plenty of players that like the build fight mechanics. There is however a really cool MMO coming out on Steam, "Starbase", that combines building and fighting that I'm waiting on, looks awesome:
  11. Twerllewr

    Yes. But ps4 needs love
  12. MiniReaper

    Should really get this info on the Launcher, under announcements on the forums (not the test server section) or maybe have the Official PS2 twitter account have their tweets under the "twitter" section of the home page. I get there are delays but trying to communicate effectively is one of the keys to successful relationships :/
  13. IzumoKousa

    I'd rather have a properly functioning update be delayed than a incomplete, possibly game breaking update early. Take the time and make PlanetSide great again.