Esamir Flythrough (Hudless, Max Settings)

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Spadar, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Spadar

    Might be a bit stuttery at points, it might be something with my recording program (Dxtory) acting up since I was at ~90 FPS the entire time.

    Anyways, I think the difference is astounding, and can't wait to see how this plays out.
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  2. AnotherNoob

    I must say that the bases looks very promising, especially from an infantry perspective, vehicles will no longer have a place in the base capture. RIP AI harasser and HE tanks.
  3. Spadar

    There's so much more detail than what you can see from the air as well. I was finding little crevices and roundabout back entrances into bases all over the place.
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  4. Takoita

    Looks very promising, IMHO. I'm eager to see how it plays out.

    Now that you meantion it, I haven't seen sudden objects pop-ups in the middle of your screen either. It would be really nice if there is indeed some breakthrough on objects loading on time.
  5. notyourbuddy

    New walls and base designs look very interesting. And double tower bridge @ 1:33 looks lik fun. Didn't notice any dome shields. Wonder if they gave that idea up :cool:

    Personally, I hope they re-did that one Amp Station. The one where when you leave the Spawn Room the tower is blocked by a giant mound of snow denying the defenders access to the tower jump pads. That base always bothered me tremendously :confused:
  6. OldMaster80

    Why can't I see the famous domeshields?
  7. AnotherNoob

    I think they scrapped the domeshields, at least for this build. Which is a very good thing, since dome shields where iffy on their own, and introducing them together with new base design might be too much change at once to be able to really evaluate the impact from the base redesign.
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  8. Haruk

    Considering the map image isn't updated, maybe domes just aren't there yet either.
  9. Spadar

    Redid this with some new recording settings to hopefully fix most of the stutter.

  10. Lorginir

    Don't like it. Looks like R.I.P Esamir to me. Most probably will have to return to Indar.
  11. Rraymondo316

    Im starting to sense the only people moaning about the new ''fortress'' bases are the people who love spawn camping in there tanks :rolleyes:

    Sorry but the current setup on the live servers is a complete mess......vehicles have ''to much freedom''

    In most bases you can get a tank or harasser right on the capture point
  12. Regpuppy

    They probably don't have them working how they want and don't want to make the wrong impression, like the dome shields were doing before the patch. Should alleviate most of the "dome shields suck" feedback until they're sure of the base design.

    That being said, I quite like most of the base designs, domes or not. The variety is quite nice as well. Some bases are more open than others. Some cut off tanks but have fairly open sections for mid range infantry fights. Buildings feel more connected with more walkways and bridges.

    I also love how they added in what I'm calling guard towers to some of the walls. My only feedback on those is the wall feels a bit high. They need to add a step or two just in front of it so defenders can get some elevation to shoot and step back for cover. They also need more of them in some of the larger walled bases. The extra "spawn bunker" linked by a teleporter in some bases is excellent as well.
  13. McToast


    I have very mixed feelings about this. I really like the trees and more stuff on the plains, but to me Esamir now looks even more unfriendly to vehicles than Amerish. The infantry fights will be awesome, but I fear all this cover might hurt the combined arms aspect of the game.

    the Toast