ES pistol?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Bape, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Bape

    Where are they :eek:?
  2. minhalexus

  3. Bankrotas

    I wish for new LMGs first :/
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  4. Foxirus

    The pistols were pulled from the PTS due to lashback from the community for their design. They are being reworked.
  5. Gemenai

    Hope it doesn´t take age to do so.
    Yeah good things need time, but it also annoys me if things have to get delayed over and over due to several reasons.
    Maybe i just need a new toy, if there are no new mechanics that would catch my interest.
  6. Kunavi

    Try the NS weapons if you haven't yet... Especially if you're TR or VS they feel quite different. I got that NS11P they gave for free and I find it hard going back even to the TAR or the T1. That's not only due to superior performance(Should I say, more predictable behavior and less RNG?) but also because I always viewed using NS weaponry as some sort of HERESY*Cough*I mean last resort sort of thing. In any case, if you've been using just Faction stuff give NS a try for a change. Their stuff grows on you.
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  7. Kunavi

    On topic, of all the things SOE should completely scrap and redo, those ES pistols were of the lowest priority. They did not scrap the Duster, they did not scrap Lock-Down/Anchor, there are plenty of things they could have done very right instead of confusingly wrong.
  8. TriumphantJelly

    Nor did they rid us of the useless ZOE... :(
  9. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Eh, it would have had so much potential...
    Ah well.
    There's plenty threads on the ES pistols here.
  10. Torok

    Uh really?

    So far I know the VS one is being reworked, but the TR AMP and NC Magscatter were pretty much done.
  11. Foxirus

    Yes. I do not know how you didn't see it, But NOONE was happy with their pistol. The TR were complaining theirs were too bland, the NC were complaining it took too many shots for theirs to kill (around 4-5 body shots, 2 point blank headshots) and the VS shot down the charge up idea before it even had a chance because they "assumed" it would immediately suck.

    The pistols were going to be released (According to the roadmap) some time in June. As you may or may not have noticed, It is now July and we don't even have them back up on the Player Test Server.

    I think it is safe to say the new pistols have been put on the shelf for now until they can think of redesigns for them that makes the players of each faction happy with their own ESP.
  12. KillSwitchWes

    The pistols are back up on PTS BTW.