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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by FRAUF, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. FRAUF

    Not sure if there is a topic on this already, but I figured I'd post about it.

    Before the update, I was often plagued by a long wait for the deployment menu after death/redeploy, preventing me from being even revived. My map and other menus would simply not load for a long period of time. Strangely enough, the only menu I COULD access at these times of great error was the Depot... *pokes fun*

    There was also an error where the terrain would take an abnormally long time to load. When playing infantry, I would be clipped to the ground, unable to move, or if I jumped out of a galaxy I would be frozen in mid-air, unable to fall for a few minutes until the terrain loaded (or until I get killed). While in a vehicle, I would be fine, however. This failure to load extended to other parts of gameplay, including ENEMY SPAWN ROOMS, which I happened to not be able to see any telltale signs of the presence of one, being without a fully-loaded minimap, and ran straight into one, and was promptly beat to death by an invisible MAX, and most likely teabagged by an invisible regiment of the TR's finest.

    Now, after this patch, everything loads faster, my FPS is far less erratic, now topping out at a whopping 60 frames, and both of the above issues were generally resolved. However, in the larger engagements my computer now locks up. It has happened twice, the first time it just locked it up for about five minutes, and I resumed play. The second time, it locked up my computer completely, and I could still hear my squad leader talking. I had to do a hard shutdown.

    By no means is my computer some 'epic rig'. I can play Skyrim on higher settings with around 60+ large mods loaded, the usual. I understand PS2 is a demanding game, and still very much a work in progress. So I decided I'd let these issues be known for the sake of refining this game I enjoy so much.
  2. codeForge

    Glad things are better. If I were to guess, you have a dual core computer and a reasonably old hard drive? Just a guess, but that's the kind of issues that I often see on my systems with those kinds of settings.

    We did some optimizations to make low-end systems load faster in most cases, but you may be hitting a wall where we just can't simulate the next thing to happen because we don't have enough to go on. We're still working on optimizations for some lower-end systems, so stay tuned.

    If you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you kept trying and could tell me what sorts of things get your client 'locked up". We don't have a repro case for something like that at the moment as far as I know.
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  3. nallar

    When it locked up, was it just planetside that was frozen or did your computer completely freeze? Did you try alt-tabbing or ctrl-alt-del?

    If your computer completely froze, make sure your drivers are up to date + also check for windows updates, otherwise nevermind. Not sure whether you meant that PS2 froze or everything froze, and from teh description of audio still working maybe your graphics drivers locked up?

    I've had that happen before while overclocking my graphics card.