Error G99

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by IzumoKousa, May 6, 2020.

  1. IzumoKousa

    Updated client, game launches and crashes during loading. Probably what the big red text is for in the Forum section but login isn't what I'd describe this as, as I am logged in to the Client.
  2. strateUPjanky

    same here. i tried deleting cache, updating files, and adding everything to firewall
  3. Mojo_man

    I have the same error. Tried all the same things as strateUPjanky but didn't get anywhere with it.
  4. Mercyceleste

    Same here. Maybe at 3.19am here in the UK I should go to bed? What'd'you think?
  5. Voozilla

    Game Error G99

    received just like those above. Any work around known yet? Western USA
  6. OneShadowWarrior

    A unexciting patch in general and they botched it, I have to laugh.
  7. Meabben

    same here. cant log in G99. Did the easy stuff. Now i have to wait until you fix it. The hard part.
  8. paleohayduke

    Damn. I had my bank card out and was ready to get some daybreak to take advantage of cinco de mayo sale but cant log in now :(
  9. nadir

    Odd. Was able to get in earlier after the patch but just tried again and G99.

    Edit: Just tried again and logged in just fine, though Connery looks dead....
  10. ycluk

    I just logged in, & on Connery now.
  11. strateUPjanky

  12. strateUPjanky

    oh error is gone for me now, great!
  13. erra123

    today im getting Game Error G99
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  14. Kanrethad

    Yup same here. :( Was about to spend some irl cash to. Oh well, on to crossout I guess.
  15. Esticaz

    the servers are down for maintenance, that's why this error
  16. SupremeDelight

    Ugh... :(
  17. Nikushimi

    Read the red text on the main forum page. "The game is currently down for scheduled maintenance." G99 is a connection error.
  18. Lampara

    they should do an official post for this thinks :S
  19. Nikushimi