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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Mutato, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Mutato SOE

    Thanks to those that have sent in logs and helped troubleshoot. We think we found the issue with those characters being affected, and are working on a fix.
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  2. Jash

    yer this is happening to me to, on Briggs, seems ALOT of aussies cant play!
  3. Smashbro

    Hurry I need to pwn some doo doo VS.
  4. Phantomebb

  5. CajunFox

    It only seems to happen to me when trying to join a server with a queue, low and medium pop servers work fine here.
  6. HowIChrgeLazer

    Thank you for the announcement Mutato. I'm being affected by this bug and hope you guys squash it. :cool: Side question: Any word on being reimbursed premium and alpha squad boost time because of this issue?

    EDIT: Hhrrrmmm... Looks like I just got back in. Nice. :D
  7. Olliekitty

  8. Yil

  9. Goats

    Yup, I'm not getting this anymore. At the very least, I just got into the game.
  10. boyettdh

    Here's some info. I'm an Alpha squad player and trying to play on Mattheson. Now I have a reserved name. If I try to use that character, I get the G22 error. I haven't gotten into game yet, so haven't purchased anything as yet. However I just created a new character with a different name, waited in the queue and was able to log in, no problem.

    I have also created characters on other servers with names other than my reservered, again, no problem. I can get in to play now, but would like the name reserved
  11. MeatballMobeus

    I think it has something to do with the queue. For what ever reason I stopped getting thrown into the queue, and was letting me into the game without the error.
  12. SgtSliver

    the reserved name is not the issue. as I am getting this issue trying to connect to the waterson server, with a NON reserved name. I can get into miller just fine on my reserved name. I believe this is an error connected to servers with a que.
  13. Mutato SOE

    This issue should be resolved if anyone encounters a persistent G22 issues please contact us.

    -Brad "Mutato" Wilcox
  14. Fetish

    Just encountered the error myself. Third time in a row.

  15. aintraba

    Yea im getting same thing. Alpha Squad and subscriber...

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