enough with the heavy asaault shields...

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by DeAltos, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Scorponok

    hehe you can argue it until your face turns blue...people arent going to let it go before the HA has the shield removed from the game. PPA is getting nerfed now...and Banshee is probly going to get hit..and then Vanguard...and canister...then SAW...and so on.You can never please people enough :p
  2. LynoocsNC

    how about enough with the heavy assault shields whine and l2p?
    if you're an infiltrator, you're supposed to use the cloak to flank the enemy. not ideal for frontlines
    if you're a light assault, use the jetpacks to flank the enemy. above frontlines ok, with hit and run tactics
    medics are support class, should stay behind meatshields. when alone you have to take them out in the first try, else they run and regen. can manage frontlines, still as squishy as the others
    engineers, again support class, very high defensive capabilities with mines and ai turrets. not ideal for frontlines
    and then, the heavy. can't cloak, can't jumpjet, can't regen (indefinitely, at least), can't spawn an obstacle; that's why it has a shield, that consumes energy even when not hit, almost glues him to the ground and lights up like a christmas tree.
    you get killed by a heavy in 1v1? this is not a 1v1 game, get a friend and kick his clegg.
    no friend? get a heavy yourself; you have the same shield capacity as him from lvl 1. you still die? he outplayed you, use a new tactic. running 7 consecutive times through the same door isn't going to end well
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  3. CMDante

    Or let's nerf the shield and see if there is any talent among these heavies.
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  4. CARunner

    I think the shields are fine and perfectly balanced. But you are right in a way, these shields when upgraded real well can be a bit OP at Close ranges especially.
  5. MrForz

    Well. I don't really support any side of this argument but I'm going to say this: I'm a (Scat)MAX player by heart and therefore I more or less share the same slaughter-vision of a Heavy Assault player. It is good to mention that Light Assaults and Infiltrators can use their abilities to outplay the Heavy Assaults, but you say this in such a natural way, as if they'll never expect it and that they've never experienced it before.
    Any HA player with a bit of experience will know to look everywhere for all types of targets and therefore they'll be ready for anything. There is enough action in most of large battles for a LA to be spotted while sneaking around, and for Infiltrators to just be seen and killed because they're borderline glowing like christmas trees. With the general playerbase being more and more competent, true flanking becomes a feat these days.
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  6. Cest7

    I really like how some people play STRICTLY Heavy assault. In Battlefield3 the best weapons were ARs, everyone and their mother played assault, because it was the most OP.

    Planetside 2, Heavy crutch shield, why play any other class? I gag when I see people with 50%+ HA usage.
  7. NC supporter

    Please no elitism.
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  8. Keldred

    Every class has its place just like you don't try to out sniper a infiltrator why would you go toe to toe with a fresh heavy. When i play other classes i disengage HA letting them waste their shield the killing them with cqc or flanking them.
  9. Dieter Perras

    no I just have a problem with puny clip sizes that demand you land every shot, compared with the heavy who can spray you down and not worry about it.
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  10. Scorponok

    why not just remove the shields and see how that goes? HA still has their LMGs and Rocketlaunchers...Vehicle grenades..and concussion grenades...they should be just fine ^^
  11. Dieter Perras

    Because when I play heavy I like flipping on the shield to mitigate fall damage, which is just one of the many things I'd miss without the shield.
  12. Drag0

    I wish Sony wouldn't listen to whiners - the numbers of the game state differently. If anything Air and Infil should get nerfed.
  13. Warlord8gunner

    HA is easy to play. its shields are fine they are meant to give it the assaulting advantage it needs to take bases. just get a shot gun and fly on some buildings and jump HA's they die from most shot guns before it shows so on there screen. if they turn on there shield jump behind cover fast. btw what faction are you playing and what faction are you fighting against? if its TR with HA and a T6 Carv thats understandable but if its with NC/VS your doing something wrong.
  14. Morguemeat

    Okay, so, I complained about this a lot, and then it dawned on me. You're not meant to toe-to-toe Heavy Assault as any class other than Heavy Assault. Flank them, catch them by surprise, take shots at them from safe locations. Heavy Assault exists as a tank class. If you could take them on as anything, it would just be a guy with a Rocket Launcher.
  15. EIMR

    I hate HA shields. When I go behind a HA's back and knife him, he turns on the shield and kills me, but when I use HA, I just survive two bullets more. That's ******* stupid. Now, while I would like it to be removed and given another ability, now it's too late to change it, so I want a revamp.

    You get 1500 extra health and you lose only 10HP/s instead of the current 50HP/s, but it doesn't protect from headshots(at least not BASR) and it takes time to activate it. So now it helps assaulting, but you have a counter(BASR or ninjas attacking from the back). Now HAs instead of popping the shield when they are hit, they pop it when they are going to enter a heavily contested room. Any thoughts about this?
  16. NCstandsforNukaCola

    We already have that kind of shield which is called Resist Shield.
  17. EIMR

    It's not the same. As far as I know, it protects from headshots, only gives 450HP more, and it's instant. That's pretty different.
  18. NCstandsforNukaCola

    You need to learn about HA shield specifically RS
  19. EIMR

    Probably so, but I think it appears really weak on paper, and when I use it I almost don't notice it.
  20. Aidy

    I tried to kill an LA as a HA once, but he used his jetpack to jump away and my cone of fire was too large for me to kill him in time. Nerf the jetpack.

    An infiltrator killed me in 1 shot with a sniper that's beyond my weapon's range, nerf snipers

    See how petty it is when someone cries about an ability of a class? The HA's job is to TANK damage, they're HEAVY assaults. Get it? They're meant to suppress infantry and kill vehicles and any enemy MAX that threatens themself and their team, and in order to do that properly they need a bit more protection than thin armour, hence why they have the overshield. Forcing the HA to save up for a flak jacket and Resist Shield and whatever other implants will help the HA's defence is stupid and makes the class utterly pointless, because you may as well just remove it completely and let LA deal with vehicles with their C4.

    If you run up to a HA and expect to actually win versus an LMG then you're really quite thick. Besides, it's not like the overshield has an instantaneous recharge, make the HA activate it once, hide whilst it's active, once it goes down then blast them. It's an easy tactic and doesn't take a herd of rocket scientists to figure it out.

    The only way you're going to win against a HA with his overshield on is if you're also a HA, or if you have a bigger gun than him. Such as a tank. Or a MAX. Y'know, the anti-infantry things.