Enough with calling for nerfs

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  1. felfox

    People don't like feeling like they've been punished outside of their control. NC MAXs would insta-gib infantry so reliably that there was really nothing they could do about it. Infantry spots the max, max spots the infantry, the infantry freaks and tries to either shoot, go for cover, call a friend while the max would charge and unload and you were instantly killed. Just look at the state of affairs with snipers. People outright DEMAND that snipers shouldn't exist in this game because it's -unfair- to be killed from so far away. There's no thought process that maybe they shouldn't have been standing still out in the open for 20 minutes while the enemy lined up a shot, or that the enemy sniper has been waiting 20 minutes for something to shoot at that didn't either move or happen to have nanoweave and thus cancel all that time spent. They're just -angry- that someone should kill them without warning.

    At any rate I didn't post this to call you out or anything... I honestly think the nerf damage on the NC MAX is terrible and was knee jerked... Games like this one need to be even LESS symmetrical, it's a game about global conquest with so much random firepower that you -are going to be killed from somewhere, somehow, because- and the sooner people get over that fact the better... Obviously balance needs to be kept so that something doesn't completely dominates the field or is so good that the entire player base congregates to it but making everything super similar is the exact same thing!

    I'm still waiting on my Vanu laser cannons and plasma globs and arc projectors! I want more hovercrafts and purple and I want tanks that have flash cannons that liquify everything 30 feet in front of them just as much as I expect to duck and cover from NC railguns blowing holes through friendly ranks and MAXs with overshields and tactical mini nuke launchers and soldiers with guns that fire entire carbon rods and other insanities! I want to mow down TR with my lasher mk 2 gel launching doomsday device while prowlers with 100 foot flame throwers roast the battlefield and snipers take people down with explosive rounds and engineers set up 'real' Gatling guns that are so damn accurate and powerful the bullets actually pierce right through their targets and kill the guys behind them!

    Bring on more crazy and more asymmetry, because lord knows I get enough 'balance' from every over fps that plays it safe...
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  2. Chubrokoli

    These people, mainly young people want a game where every faction is the same, only with different colors because they want to have every bonus of every faction and no disadvantage at all.

    What about the ability to play the other factions, again to enjoy them aswell?


    Unnerf NC MAXes, Prowler, Magrider, Vanguard, Vehicle weapons splash, HE, Mines, AV MAX weapons, shotguns, Liberator, ZOE, ESFs...
    and make the faction weapon difference bigger like NO fast shooting weapons for NC, faster shooting weapons for TR (gatling with only 800 rpm wtf!!!)...

    Spit on them and let them play their Battlefield and COD where everything is the same. :p
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  3. IamDH

    This should apply to everything that is not an ability. Abilities should be closer together than weapons

    Thats why no1 cries about beamers
  4. Klondik3

    People just like whining in general. Even if all factions were the same the whining would just move from whining about other faction to whining about other style of play. Infantry would whine about Harassers or MAXes, tank drivers would whine how infantry is OP, pilots
    would whine how AA is too strong and has marginalized them etc...
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