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  1. vimpare

    A while back I used to play an MMO called Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (WAR).

    It was filled with terrible bugs, laggy, the gameplay felt unfocused and underdeveloped in many areas. But it had an interesting setting, character, and I enjoyed playing it with a group of people I found myself a part of. Eventually you could see those problems piling up, and the dev's comments sounded a bit hollow as the population dwindled. Finally the company got bought out and it seemed apparent things were not going too well.

    Never lost sleep over it, but a mild regret I have is I left early instead of enjoying the game for what it was, while it was still there. Not saying PS2 is in the same boat, but there has been a good bit of negativity regarding its long term prospects, and I hope everyone who has fun playing this game continues to do so.

    Even the most successful games will sunset eventually, and whether PS2 is around for another year or another ten I just wish everyone who has had great times here makes the most of it.

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  2. JonboyX

    WAR was fun, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately it suffered horribly from mid-game objectives such as a poor keep-taking mechanics. Remember 100 people hammering on the door with swords while enduring prolonged ranged-AOE attacks? That banal war of attrition because there were no decent siege alternatives?

    Hmmm. Come to think of it, that sounds a bit like Planetside... ;)
  3. Ianneman

    PS2 was viable for at least a few years until DBG took over, now it's viable for a few months instead.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    But PS2 has infiltration, hacking, spawn beacon placement and jump/drop assaults from LA and Gals. These are all siege breaking tactics if the players have the wit and initiative to use them. If anything I find that I am spammed by AoE (grenades and tank bombardment) more often as a defender than an attacker.

    I do agree that the slug fests around certain base assaults (Subterrainena Nanite Analysis, any Biolab and at the top spawn room exit in Towers) can be a bit repetitive and tiresome but other base attacks can be quite varied and rapid. I hope that the introduction of the ANT will introduce a new dynamic though - open field warfare.
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  5. FieldMarshall

    The difference is that this is negativity/hostility that has been built up for 10-15 years of being screwed over by the same company making the same mistakes/decisions every time, with no end in sight.
    Sure, its technically not SoE anymore, but actions speak for themselves. Its still SoE.

    I would gladly give gaming companies some leeway and just let whatever happens happen.
    But when it comes to SoE, im personally a bit tired of seeing the same excuses, lazy development, bait and switch, horrible communication, not fixing broken gameplay, trying to milk people as much as possible, random weird/confusing game changes that nobody wanted needed or asked for, trying to hide shady stuff, abandoning games, and slow balancing,
    over and over and over.

    I think thats part of why you see so many hostile people in the PS2 community.
  6. Crator

    Wow, I played WAR for a while but didn't sustain me. I was a big Dark Age of Camelot player back in the days before WAR. Can't wait for Camelot Unchained!
  7. JojoTheSlayer

    While I agree with allot of what you say. I also think its clear PS2 didnt become the success they were hoping for despite the early rush of income. Which was basically PS1 fans buying everything to stay competitive. I think I have unlocked like 1 or 2 weapons with certs rather than DBC.

    DBC has always seemed very "random", regardless of topic.
    I remember the first weapon I actually unlocked with certs was the NS7, which gives an indication how long I only used DBC to get them... Anyway, I thought cert unlocks worked just like DBC and I only unlocked it because I came back and lots of changes meant I had about 2k cert "refunds" on that character. Later, I found out my other alts / main didnt have the weapon, I put two and two together and asked support. "Hay, did this mistake, can I get 1k certs refunded and I will buy the weapons instead." What was the response? Nope, used the weapon for an hour too long or gotten a few kills too many or some BS. That despite 1k certs is like one long gaming session and has zero impact on anything. You would think making a sale would be a bigger incentive, but...
    Again, DBC, known for being "random".

    That said though, I actually also think its "this randomness" that also meant we got a AAA true MMOFPS.
    (Fyi, others reading this. No wwII Online was/is not AAA)
  8. FateJH

    I don't think "random" is the word you are looking for but, rather, "arbitrary." When one rule applies, and when that rule does not. That "arbitrary-ness" also has a certain consistency to it; not refunding your cert purchase is them being consistent, for example, even if you can build an argument that it doesn't make sense in that specific situation.

    The developers have extremely rarely refunded anything that could have been purchased with station cash (under whatever name it possesses) and only refund things purchased with certs only when a major dynamic changes. That was why Nanowave was refunded when it changed to a percentage of damage incurred and not stacking with Resist Shield rather or being a flat health fortification. Tank mines, however, despite being purchased with certs only, were not refunded when they lost their ability to detonate on stationary Vehicles because that was not considered a major dynamic change (and it really wasn't; the mines work exactly the same in every other way). Weapons also were not refunded due to cosmetic changes (when they got bigger and then when they returned to normal scale). For contrast, and as far as I am aware, people were grandfathered through the revision hell of the Striker, cone of fire and ramp-up changes for the MCG, and the two versions of the Lasher, without refund, because they are available for both DBC and certs.
  9. JojoTheSlayer

    ... or maybe the word I am looking for is simplistically and un-diplomatically, the word "stupid"?
    Having a track record of consistency in regards to unintended negative consequences, which my anecdotal story was an example of, is not a positive, its a negative.
  10. FateJH

    You can call names all you want. That does not change the fact that you made an assumption and did not bother to check whether or not that assumption was correct and are shifting the negative feelings of the mistaken assumption onto SOE/DBG.

    You indicate that you knew in advance that there was a way to unlock the NS7 on all of your characters but never bothered to actually discover how. You never bothered to check on the conditions of your refunded certs (the Nanoweave refund?) where SOE had very little prior record of doing refunds. That could have been a window into understanding the eccentricities of the refund policy, which could have prompted you to ask us before purchasing. A lot of people do that. You suggest that the NS7 was one of your first weapons purchased through certs rather than "station cash" and yet you did not hesitate, even though you were not familiar with the specifics. Did you ever check how they handled their refund policy in PlanetSide 2 prior to that point? if you did, you still went to customer service to ask? If you had asked anyone in advance, you would have been told exactly what would have happened.

    Whether or not DBG is stingy with their refunding policy is one thing. What happened to you is another, and it was completely avoidable. Please use that distaste to spurn the resolve to make more informed decisions.
  11. JojoTheSlayer

    Its not "name calling" when the word is use literary. A smart person doing something stupid doesnt change the aspect of what he did was stupid just because he has an "IQ over 150" or whatever. Name calling is when a word is used as a direct insult.

    Well, good for you that you think so, but its totally irrelevant towards what the thread is about.
    My anecdotal EXAMPLE is besides the point of what this thread is talking about and my CONCLUSION was.
    When you seemingly focus more on the analogy or examples. It seems that you dont get what the topic really is.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    SOE = DBG