Enjoy being in the fight? DBG will cure you of that.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OgreMarkX, May 27, 2019.

  1. OgreMarkX

    Spawn system:

    1. Don't advance to a fight, you won't be able to spawn into that fight, or into the nearby base to get back if you die.
    2. Don't be a team player and park a sundy, deployed or rep or ammo. Why? If you die, you won't be back anytime soon.
    3. Enjoyed that huge fight? Did you risk your life to do something? BAD MOVE. DBG will punish you for dying by making it very hard to get back into the fight.

    Planetside, the MMOFPS that tries its hardest to take the MMO and FPS out of the MMOFPS.


    Now, let's all go back to building hives in exploitable terrain and hoping no one gets in an actual firefight for the win.


    And remember kids, DBG will tell you where and when you can spawn. Why?

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  2. vonRichtschuetz

    If you die you can 99% of the time spawn back into the hex you died in. If the fight moves to the next hex, pull a flash, get there and you'll be able to spawn there as long as there are spawns.
    You sometimes have to wait for some seconds to see the spawn if it's not a "priority 1" spawn.
  3. OgreMarkX

    Never make it hard to get into the fight.
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  4. Uthael

    Not being able to spawn where I KNOW there's an available friendly spawnpoint is one of the confusing things in this game that was hard to swallow.

    In the end, I quit not because something the game did wrong, but because my buddies stopped playing because some dumb things like that bothered them.

    Remove ALL the dumb things!

    1) spawn restrictions
    2) ?
  5. Edenwolf

    It's not hard to get into the fights just a whine thread.
  6. Uthael

    True, it's not hard. And true, it's a whine thread. Consider "whining" a constructive negative feedback instead.

    The process of getting into fights is far from what this game is about. I think it's good to have every spawn point (including player-made bases and sunderers) visible and available every time you die.

    Any "loadings" can happen after a point is clicked on.
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  7. JudgeNu

    Well the spawn system was to prevent Redeployside2.
    They have actually seemed to have eased it back abit.
    Although i have had troubles getting back to where i wanted to be sometimes but many times have been able to go where i formerly was not able to.
    For me i like to be able to go from VS front TR front and vice versa.
    Sometimes there are silly farms that irritate me and i like to go somewhere else.
  8. Trebb

    I see that they're trying to prevent ReDeployside 2. Just pull a Valk/ESF and get there super quick.

    I don't mind fighting the respawn system too much. What gets me to log off is tank slogs between bases. I'm too impatient to wait for a good infantry farm.
  9. Whiteagle

    On Emerald it's more the Vanu sucking the fight out of everyone...
  10. Uthael

    I didn't know about the term "ReDeployside". What happened? Why was it bad?
    And I like piloting a MAX, vehicles cost :-/
  11. Zizoubaba

    they are so bad, I mean, they are so BAD !!

    How can they be so bad ????

    The only thing I can think of that explains is, when DBG bought the game from SOE, they fired everyone or almost everyone and then sent out a couple of internship invitations at a couple of tech and IT universities and recruited like, what, 5 of them? Yeah maybe 5 of them to work without pay in exchange for the experience.

    That's the current dev team. And I shouldn't call them a dev team really, what they are doing is modding the game in their garage.

    As much as I criticise them though, it's probably not their fault, they do what they can with what they have, but still.... although from a purely "I just want profit and don't give a **** about the game" point of view, that strategy probably worked !
  12. AlcyoneSerene

    After giving this new spawn system some time, I just hate it! A lot! I don't want to play my favorite game (PlanetSide2) anymore at this rate it's just so damn annoying!~!!$$

    Redeployside was somewhat annoying, sure, pointless loading screens to get somewhere, but you know what? I could play as a solo infantry player and support a platoon/outfit/randoms push or defense somewhere within a reasonable time frame, or support the faction that inevitably lacks squads or players who are capable of working as a team, or just play in the outfit or platoons just the same.

    Now, I'm forced to play armor, forced to endure zergs, forced to wait until balanced fights and base timers are already long lost, and forced to squad up or just lose. Also forced to use up nanites for nonsense that I'd rather save for when I'd want to (=fun) actually counter with armor.

    The inability to redeploy to friendly deployed sundies, or owned territories, or bases with active SCUs just adds so much idle nonsense time of 'fly to, drive flash to, park useless sundy or hover gal and sit' by which time I've had very few good infantry fights.

    This is supposed to be an open world game. Then make it open world, let us spawn wherever we own territory or have sundies.

    If a fight is surely lost, Let Me Make that call! Don't make it for me! How many times did a few spawn in to make incredible saves against the odds, or have fun trying at least.

    This isn't battle royale. I shouldn't have to redeploy after dying a single time to warp gate or to bases 3 hexes away to pull a flash to get back into the fight (Forcing me to play armor does not make me enjoy armor when I don't want to play armor, imagine that!).
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  13. AlcyoneSerene

    Here's a recent title paste from reddit/r/planetside:

    - Of course there's overpop here, there's no fight on this base! LET ME SPAWN ALREADY! Why is this even a spawn blocking condition when nothing's getting capped?

    - Went outside of 200m min OS range to OS and now I can't [redacted] spawn at my own [redacted] base.

    - There is absolutely no reason I shouldn't be allowed to spawn at this base. I hate this spawn system. It's bad.

    - "New spawn system working perfectly." Nick Silva @ Twitter 05/16/19 - 2 Weeks later we have this

    - The new spawn system creates zergs

    - Spawn system post:57?

    - Spawn system still sucks.

    - I still cant spawn at the next base

    - Are you kidding me with this spawn system?

    - How to fix the new spawn system
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  14. ninetytwotil

    Before you had to redeploy multiple times to get to a fight across the continent.

    It was so much better than the current trash system we have now.

    How wonderful that you can spawn to all the rear bases but not ANY fights even if your faction has spawn options.

    Pure garbage.

    Guess i'll fly ESFs for the most part til they fix this ****.
  15. OgreMarkX

    When I first heard that "someone" was redoing the spawn system I knew it would go poorly. A central planner attitude NEVER leads to a good solution.

    Trying to force battle flow or game play via central planning is bad. (same is true of anything central planners do)

    Designers should provide TOOLS and PLACES. Let the players decide how they are used.

    Instead, we have one person who says, "I WILL DETERMINE WHERE AND WHEN PEOPLE GO".

    The hardest part of creation is letting go of your creation and letting the customers own it from there.

    Some people can't let go.

    Here is a possible path that could have been followed:

    1. Problem: Too many players in a fight. Bad Solution: Prevent them fighting there.

    2. Problem: Too many players in a fight. Good Solution: Provide incentives to fight elsewhere.

    ....rework lattice
    ....make bases impact other bases via nanites or support options, etc
    ....impassable terrain (LIMIT IT, impassable terrain is the worst tool in a map designer's arsenal)
    ....rethink capture points (why aren't there capture points of some sort in the open field? A point that opens up a spawn, a veh terminal, an artillery option, a UAV option...
  16. Atarax

    I don't post a lot on forum but today I come to complain about this "No respawn" system.
    My situation, I play solo, because I'm colorblind, and team colors, UI invasion of playernames etc ruin my experience. So I only have Instant figth, redeploy and that all.

    I played like... 30 minutes and it was horrible, I was on INDAR. and the figth begun at Ti alloy of course, and ... nothing to do except to die. We was farmed by NC and VS, the battle was stuck etc...

    I found a ZERG. Yes! I say yes because it was better than underpop attack to Ti alloy. And the zerg go quicly to THE CROWN from the east. And here!! oh my god! a good battle!! finnally.

    What battle? THE CROWN was keep by the NC and we was like 42% TR vs 42%VS from both side! (poor NC) A lot of sundy! and... and... I die.
    Can't spawn I quit...

    I am tottaly disagree to daybreak force us to choose the way we figth. They have like what? 100 line of code to make an "IA" who imposed us how and where we have to go. We choose to figth on INDAR, Super IA propose us to drop on HOSSIN, we want to take a vehicule from a base but Ultra IA decide this is a bad choice. Etc...

    What is the next step? imposing us to choose a ligthning because Mega IA think it's better than harrasser?

    Let us figth quickly, immediatly, please daybreak. Please. It's like fortnite/paladin/Overwacth menu: "WAITING FOR FITGH, PLEASE TAKE A COFFE BECAUSE IT WILL BE LONG" every day know. We want to fitgh, not going where your IA want we have to go.

    You have so many things to do on the game Daybreak.. but helping new player like this it's not a good choice. It's my opinion.
  17. ninetytwotil

    Spawn system is still garbage.

    Getting backcapped? No spawns.

    "hurr durr just spawn a vehicle to get to a fight"
    no, not when your faction has spawn options there
  18. Twin Suns

    Just stop playing the game in mass. They might listen then. LMAO
  19. OgreMarkX

    Funny enough, I had just logged in--- I went to respawn and **poof** the respawn option went away at the only fight I was interested in. I just logged out.


    What do we do a lot of in game? RESPAWN!

    What does the DBG's designer do? MAKES RESPAWNING ANNOYING.


    Player: Nah
    DBG: <surprised pikachu face>
  20. Ikarius77

    Today's changes have been very much worse than before...

    just logged on in Emerald as NC, playing on Esamir, was the two typical fights on both Biolabs, but also the VS was attacking two bases with 60-70 ovepop 24-48 ... but.... no respawn, reinforcements buttons appears but didn't work...

    20 minutes looking, nothing but overpops attacks, and maybe some turning into overpops defenses with massive airdrops or vehicle zergs ...

    impossible to find a 45-55 fight that last more than one minute.


    logged out.