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  1. Timetrooper

    The Last Ravens [RvnX] / [RvsX]

    Faction: Terran Republic (TR) / Vanu Sovereignty (VS)

    Server: SolTech

    Size: We typically run a platoon during game nights twice a week and various casual squads during off-peak hours.

    Leaders: Groinfaced, TrooperTime

    Language: English

    Outfit Colors/Camo: Dark Digital and Snakeskin (Examples below!)

    Contact: Apply ingame via the outfit browser, message an outfit member, or join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/SA3bXYf

    Gameplay: Both casual and competitive. We have multiple squad leaders who cater to both types of players and run large-scale organized game nights or ‘Operations’ on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

    Who are we? Originally a Briggs outfit, RVNX has played Planetside since its release and has grown over the years. However, our outfit has now established itself on the Asia-Pacific SolTech server. We are known for our welcoming attitude to players both old and new, as well as our competitive game nights that we run twice weekly. We are eagerly looking for new recruits, both veteran and noob, who are interested in playing Planetside with a team of like-minded players in both competitive and casual settings!

    What are your requirements for joining? Communication and maturity are key points for our Outfit. Communicating during gameplay in a respectful manner to both our team-mates and opponents is what we look for. With outfit members operating on both Discord and TeamSpeak, we highly encourage all prospective members to join us on at least one of these platforms!

    We do not care how skilled you are or what battle rank you are, everyone starts somewhere, but be aware that while we can help teach you about Planetside we do require that you listen and follow orders and try and improve. An unskilled player who listens to orders, seeks to improve, and captures a point or guards a flank is more valuable than a lone wolf killing people on the other side of the continent.

    Feel free to contact us about any queries you may have!
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  2. Timetrooper

    With the Briggs merge to SolTech The Last Ravens have now gone back to their original name and the 'Boat People' outfit is being dissolved.
  3. Greeno

    Can confirm, great Outfit, would sign up again. Fast shipping! * * * * * Customer Rating.
  4. Timetrooper

    Cheers dude!