[Suggestion] Engineer - Specialised launchers

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  1. oTec

    Suggestion: Giving engineers Lock-on launchers (Turret slot). (No dumb fire)
    Reason: Adding more AV-option to the game. It doesn't make sense that an engineer, who should be the AV specialist, would walk around without an option to directly fire at a vehicule of opportunity while keeping on the move. Currently, the only AV-options are C4/AT mines and the AV-Turret for the engineer. The first one's require placement beforehand or getting in close and the av-turret requires setup and leaves the engineer vulnerable to incoming fire. Being stationary in PS2 gets you killed.

    What do you think?
  2. IroncladBomber

    Honestly, I would prefer an Anti-infantry Grenade Launcher. It would fit there Demolitions theme, and give them good crowd control. Have it fill the turret slot, and don't allow it to resupply from ammo packs do it deters spamming and very low armor damage, decent damage to MAX. That way it doesn't step on or steal toys from the HA.
  3. Demigan

    First off: Doesn't the Engineer have enough already?

    Ammo pack,
    undisputed vehicle user with repair gun,
    turret slot,
    most available explosives, most explosives to carry at a time,
    most variable primary weapon loadout for the most types of situations.

    What you are describing is just the HA. The engineer is not the primary AV class, and it in fact already has the most variable options to engage different unit types.

    Also lock-ons should never have been introduced into the game. I still don't know why they are actually there besides take up people's time.

    Second: other classes need to get some updates too, just look at the poor LA who has basically gotten some jumpjet revamps and one additional superfluous extra jumpjet since launch.
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  4. Metrack12

    There was a grenade launcher,back in the beta of this game,it was only avaible for Maxes,but act just as normal grenades,instead of exploding in contact,they bounce everywhere

    or ya know the thing in my sig (thats not what the archer is)
  6. IroncladBomber

    What I had in mind was a select fire mode, impact detonation or fuse detonation. Good splash raidus with sharp drop off.

    I think this would be best for Engineer, since it would be over bearing on the others.

    Course the other classes could use some new toys too. Just not sure what.
  7. TheMightyGomora

    I agree, I rarely play LA because it does not vary itself alot in terms of weaponry to the Engie other than a jetpack. If the Light assault had a weapon class exclusive to it, I may play LA more often.
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  8. oTec

    Well i guess it's a no then. Guess i'll have to sink 1000certs into a placeable sniper practice target for my AV option then.
  9. OldMaster80

    That's the heavy assault ;)
    The Engineer is around versatility, it has plenty of options so you can configure your loadout in many ways. One of those is the AV Engineer, but that's only one of the options. That loadout is clearly around AV Mana turret, AV landmines, Archer. If you meet a vehicle and you lack the proper weapon then you're not playing a specific AV Engineer :)

    If there is one thing that should instead be moved to the turret slot that's the Archer, it's just awful for a primary weapon. It fills a microscopic niche so it's not worth giving up your carbine.
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  10. oTec

    Ugh heavy, haven't played it on my new account yet. Guess i'll have to cert it then. Don't really like the winshield and evrytime i've played it, i keep that annoying habit of trying to activate it when i'm not even a heavy.
  11. FateJH

    Do you mean "I'll throw down some amm--oh, yeah, I'm not an Engineer right now :oops: " or "Shield up and ru--oh, yeah, I'm an Engineer now :oops: "? Either way, I would suggest just accustoming yourself to not using it. You'd be pulling Heavy to fight vehicles and those shields don't stop explosive damage anyway.
  12. oTec

    Nanite mesh doesn't stop explosives? I'm sure it does.
  13. Taemien

    This right here.

    Engineer is in the best spot right now. The only issue it has is you need to be running a boost or be a member (I do both) to play it properly. You'll be spending up to 425 nanites per respawn or redeploy.. assuming you don't pull a vehicle. Other than that.. its the most flexible class in the game.
  14. FateJH

    I was talking about modifiers against Explosive Splash. Almost all tank shells to the body are going to outright kill you.
  15. thed1rt

    Engineer AV turret has guided munitions. Can deploy on the highest mountain top. Kills main battle tanks in 3 hits from behind. Can snipe air out of the sky with the guided rocket.

    Can have FIVE tank mines..

    I mean... They could give EVERY class a little tiny missle launcher that does half damage of heavy launcher but then they would have to buff tanks armor because EVERYONE would be spamming missles.
  16. thed1rt

    Archer needs to be retooled into a pistol seeing as it SOOOO crappy as a main gun.
  17. Taemien

    Engineer Can have 5 Tank Mines, 4 C4 Bricks, 3 AI mines, 2 Turrets (Spitfire and one other), and an Ammo Pack out.. all at the same time.. They're the freakin 12 days of Auraxmas by themselves.
  18. ColonelChingles

    Engineers should have been given all the AV options in the game. Instead of the Heavy being the AI/AV premier combat unit, this would have Engineers being weaker against infantry but stronger against vehicles while HAs would be the opposite.

    Ammunition should have been shifted to Medics, who would be relabelled as the "Support" class.
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