Engineer ONLY option for vehs

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  1. EViLMinD

    Gawd it would save me a crap ton of grief if I could regulate occupants in my harasser/vanguard/liberator to just engineers. I'm bloody....bloody tired of having to constantly kick people... and I'm insane with rage over the number of times I've had to deal with ahats who shoot/c4 my ride because they feel slighted. I didn't grind for days to max out my rides just to play tourguide to some BR11 Infiltrator. Survival is too important to me. I NEED that extra repair tool. I will not compromise. I can't nor should I have to.

    SOE needs to add 'Engineer Only' to the vehicle settings. People accept Squad Only. They will learn to accept this.

    And... no one give me that elitist crap. It's a lame argument. Certain vehicles demand engineer support to make it on the battlefield - especially the harasser (my bread and butter veh).
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  2. PWGuy93

    They had options in the old roadmap that were focused on allowing the driver to decide which seat was being used.
    At least that option you could have booted the players you didn't want without booting all players like we have today.
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  3. Taemien

    Have you tried squad only and then only inviting engineers to the squad? That's what I do when I require engineers, I tell my squadmates to switch.

    As I've said in other threads, not lonewolfing eliminates 90% of problems people have with PS2.
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  4. EViLMinD

    I practically never squad anymore. Don't have the patience for it. Always leads to conflicts. Best I avoid others. Trust me.

    Moreover, Squad Only has the annoying feature where whoever gets in first defaults to the pilot seat. This can become a huge problem in certain situations.
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  5. FateJH

    And yet you want a gunner.
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  6. EViLMinD

    I usually solo my harasser, but... ya... a decent gunner? I'd prefer that. Gunning n' divining is limiting, man. So, I'm always trying to find someone.

    Joining a squad doesn't make a difference. The gunner pool isn't any better in 'organized' NC teams. If anything, they just get more pissed at me for kicking them out. I hear more stupid qq, and I got no time for such noise.
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  7. ajma

    No, they don't. Me and other members of my outfit have been tked because we set our vehicles to Squad Only.
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  8. EViLMinD

    lol. They do still. Yup. But, in my experience, they don't tk/ff nearly as often.
  9. Taemien

    I use RL friends in my squad. One I've gamed with for over 25 years, and the others I served in the Army with. We get shtuff done to say the least.
  10. Jaquio

    So you don't want to work in a squad, but you don't want to accept randoms into your vehicle.

    Basically you want to lone wolf, but since you'll be more effective as a team, you want minions or servants to play the way you want and be at your beck and call. Good luck with that.
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  11. EViLMinD

    :rolleyes: You're not listening. I made it clear that I DO want gunners. I just don't want NON-ENGINEERS or PEOPLE WHO ARE CLUELESS (don't know how to rep in rumble etc).
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  12. St4tic

    you can boot individual seats instead of the whole vehicle
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  13. EViLMinD

    That frequently doesn't work. Plus, it's a hassle to do. ESPECIALLY, if the idiot keeps getting back in (this happens far too often).
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  14. CNR4806

    And when you finally say "**** it" and lock the damn thing, the first thing in that moron's mind will be to TK you.

    I really wonder why they shelved important QoL features like individual seat locking and pushed out a ton of useless crap, because right now it's either locking my whole Sundy up or accepting morons to AFK on my guns.
  15. Hoki

    usually when I jump in a 1/2 prowler I do more work with the basilisk than they do with the cannon
  16. NoctD

    Stop running by your lonesome and join a proper outfit if you want non-randoms that actually know what they're doing all the time.

    I'm a lone ranger player and I accept that randoms will be randoms. If you want to play that way, you have to be willing to accept that reality.
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  17. Liberty

    You currently have two good options for your problem.

    1. Drive a lightning / fly and ESF.

    2. Join an outfit that runs together and get gunners who know what they are doing.


    3rd super secret option : Invite them to a squad and use squad chat to communicate. If they aren't willing to accept a squad invite, chances are they are just there for the ride along and you shouldn't expect much.
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  18. DFDelta

    Sometimes I wish the guys jumping into my Sundy were afk :/
    I usually run stealth spawns, and the one of the first 5 randoms spawning there will jump into one of my Kobalts and start to shoot unimportant stuff at the edge of render distance. Every. Single. Time.
    (Or, as an alternative if NC, they will climb on top of it and start launching 'nixes at random infantry)

    Better control over vehicle seats is something that should have been in at least a year ago, as well as some spawn control options.
    I really wish there were one or two large patches focusing on such QoL annoyances...
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  19. KnightCole

    What do you play? Emerald NC? There is your problem....

    Skilled gunner? Emerald NC? Lol...there is a funny joke...
  20. DatVanuMan

    And as you can see, it would appear that I enjoy this game far more than the people who've stuck to squads in the past months.
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