Engineer issues that need to be looked at

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Raidin, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Raidin

    • Dropping an ammo pack automatically swaps you back to your main weapon. This happens a second time when the ammo pack actually deploys on the ground. The second time this happens should be removed.
    • Dropping an ammo pack or a turret has a cooldown. This cooldown should not come into play if the pack or turret didn't deploy due to something/someone getting in the way as you drop it.
    • Repair gun should not build up heat when it is not repairing anything (such as when a MAX walks just out of range and you have to walk back into range as you hold down the repair gun trigger (had habit to break)).
    • The turret's firing point still moves away from the crosshair vertically from time to time, either upon deployment of the turret or after you've been firing for a while.
    If the repair gun heat overload was introduced to prevent multiple engineers repairing at the same time indefinitely, please consider implementing diminishing returns on repairs instead. The head overload is quite obnoxious.
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  2. Phaeleh

    I agree with it all!
  3. Furbag

    I've accidentally killed so many MAXes by throwing down ammo before pulling out my repair tool. I really hope that first one gets fixed soon.
  4. Xebov

    I agree. I would like to add something to the list.

    The way ammo packs are placed should be changed. I understand that a turret needs space, but ammobacks should be a simple click to drop it under your feet. In some places its a pain to place the ammo packs without getting interrupted by other infantry all the time.

    Theres also an issue with ammo packs placed on stairs, rocks etc, sometimes the packs fall through the object and get created below, sometimes to deep to actuylly get used.

    The repair gun has a problem if targets are to close, also some targets can only be repaired if you target certain points, like the base for turrets. For repairing MAX you the to close Problem if the MAX is right infront of you or partial inside you.
  5. SmileyBomb

    +1 for all the above. Especially the auto-switch to main weapon as ammo spawns. It's annoying and uncalled for. Reported that as a bug a while ago, but glad it is on the forums too.

    The turret aim bug is usually at the most inconvenient of times, and would love to see it fixed. Bad enough we have a bright shield that says "shoot me" but when we can't even shoot back we are screwed.

    Actually.. you know... Just fix everything Raidin stated. K, thx, bai.
  6. Raidin

    I really hate the way these SOE forums work. You can't stay logged in for too long before you're forced to log in again, and you can't edit your post after a certain amount of time has passed.

    If I could, I would have added the issues you guys are bringing up. Let's hope these are all on the table at SOE. I wish they'd start talking to their players on the forums instead of spamming twitter and facebook, or at least a blog about what they are doing in relation to player feedback.

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