Engineer Hardlight Barrier

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  1. IzumoKousa

    Thoughts? Opinions?

    I personally think it's complete **** compared to how it was in Test Server before it was released on Live. The AI Turret takes more fire than the Barrier. I set it up at a point where it would draw a lot of enemy fire, but it dies before any EXP is earned from it.
  2. DarkStarII

    I like it. It's a much more effective cover in smaller fights that the AI turret but it's only really worth it if you have the certs to spare.
  3. OldMaster80

    It's not bad but like the mana it requires a decent combat awareness. Many players simply lack the skill to go consistently for headshots so the barriers absorbs large parts of the bullets.
    It survives 3 rockets, which is more than a turret.

    And maybe you didn't notice: you get additional xp any time a friend kills someone fro behind the barricade.
  4. IzumoKousa

    I've already purchased it and placed it in various places, and in fights of different sizes. But in my case, most of the time it was getting killed faster than any EXP was being awarded to me. At some points it would insta-die too. I've been playing Engi for as long as I've been playing this game (which will be 4 yrs in a few days, yay me). But either way, I'm just not enjoying the shield at all compared to how it was in test before.

    Unlike the AI Turret, you have to place it somewhere where it will take fire, instead of at an angle where you can shoot from. I also think the deploy time could be a tad shorter, in 48+ vs 48+ I often die before the shield even deploys.
  5. tommyrocket

    I'd use it if they made it so you can rotate the angle it can be placed at, much like buildings out of the construction system. That way you can angle it facing outward, and place it from behind cover. It'll be out it the open facing the direction you want to defend from, increasing its tactical use. It can be risky to place one in some situations, at the moment.
  6. Demigan

    I haven't used it, but so far it seems more a hurdle with very limited protection abilities. I always encounter them around players... But no one ever really stands behind it, no one uses it.

    Seems to me it could use a little change. Make it a bit higher so that if you duck you are actually protected, and maybe allow vehicles/infantry to simply move through. That would solve the problems with the "funny" people who place them in front of vehicle spawns or behind players so they can't retreat as easily, and make it a more effective tool to use as cover.
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  7. TRspy007

    The barrier should be default and have its own suit slot, no one would choose it over a turret, I was worried the devs would do something like this, I really hope they change it, it's such a fun and useful doorway troll, not worth a turret though.
  8. tommyrocket

    I really like that idea, which I put in bold on the quote. No harm in that, and they could make it higher since it wouldn't needlessly block anyone. Instead of being a solid barrier, it could be more of an 'energy' barrier much like spawn room doors.
  9. Zagareth

    Anyone tried to place the barrier and went back to terminal for turrets and place it BOTH (barrier and turret)? Its a little effort, but it could be usefull for bottleneck defenses if this works