Engineer class needs serious rehauling.

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Fatboy, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Nak2

    1) Placing multiplied turrets around .. that only 1 man can use, sounds wired and might get abused as a "shield"

    2) Turrets ARE powerful in the right spots .. don't place it out on the open road "duh".
    I can confirm killing 2-3MAX's and 5-6 soldiers using the turret at the right spot. Until a sniper got me x.x

    3) Since the turret is powerful (Look at 1) ) it should have a weakness .. you. Remote it will just make you look like the Engineer from TF2 with the wrangler .. no thx.

    4) What else should the Engineer have as ability? Throwing socks? It makes perfect sense that only the engineer can use the MANA-Turret.

    Garish and broken voice: "OmG tHis Izn't TF2 gTf2 you NoOb!!1"
    TF2 is the perfect match for this problem and illustrating what WILL go wrong if they're adding auto/remote-turrets.

    Tl:dr: People will spam the turrets all wired places .. this isn't TF2 .. this is WAR!. Now grap' your riffle, take a crying biscuits and go get some kills :cool:

    PS: Lol at it censored No+Ob :p
  2. Cinc

    1 - I'm not sure what you mean by "wired" but i do agree that an engineer being able to put down multiple turrets would be OP. Although, i do find it amusing that your suggestion people would use them more for cover then actual shooting is how i ussually use my turret. Also, i dont believe the OP said anything about multiple turrets... and your not responding to anyone else...

    2 - Did you either A - kill them all in the 10 seconds before the sniper got you or B - were they all they same 1 or 2 peole 9 times over? Because if your going to claim you lived for a significant amount of time and killed so many people, we'll need video proof. Put simply, unless its A or B what you claim is impossible or atleast extremely unlikely, although it is possible no one thought to try and snipe you for quite a while. In which case, that was luck.

    3 - Remote control could be a bit OP, but it might be balancable. Like, make a special turret thats the only one that can be RC'ed and give it no shield and little armour. Although it might just be easier to scrap this idea altogether.

    4 - *cough cough* he can repair things *cough cough*

    But really, were you unaware the engineer can REPAIR tanks, turrets, generators, maxes, pretty much anything that can be broke? THAT is his unique ability, a support role. So, how about we work on that and let him give his allies some turrets to?
  3. Nak2

    1 weird* .. sorry my keyboards E-key is a bit dumb atm
    1.1 Read op "1) Why only one MANA turret?"
    1.2 I do agree I didn't respond to anyone else .. since I forgot to see how many pages there were ;)

    2 Yes .. *Ironic voice* I killed 2-3 MAXs in 10 seconds .. got help from batman.
    No .. ofc it was over a long period .. however what I meant was: I did in 1 life.

    3 I agree that it might be balance-able .. but personally the idea is OP, no-matter what you do. The fact is: You can shoot them, they can't shoot back at you .. well ofc until they found the shadow in the bush 300m away

    4 Ofc he can repair things .. lookup any new released FPS war-related games with a class "engineer" and tell me if the class can't repair any sort of machine.
    But I find the Engineer class more unbalanced if everyone is going to get a turret. Its nearly the same as giving every class invisibility. "Why?"
    If you look it up, each class got two unique abilities:

    Light Assault: Jetpack / C4
    Heavy Assault: Shield System / Anti-Vehicular-Aircraft-Infantry Weapon
    Infiltrator: Invisibility / Detect Device
    Medic: Heal-Reviving / Medical applicator - Rebirth Grenade
    Engineer: Repair / Turret

    Removing the turret form the Engineer unbalances him.

    If you still can't see it .. then I suggest try imagine a pack of Infiltrators standing somewhere in your base with their turrets pointing down.
  4. efx00

    I would suggest that the turret is placed but can't be used by the engineer himself. he stays support, lousy turret can be improved. also, why is there a 2 second lag before you can get in or jump out of it.. don't you just grab the handle? (it's not like getting into a sundy where there is an imaginary door and you have to imagine climbing in and all that)
  5. Ghostfox

    You know.. I used to think that Engineers should get assault rifles.. .However, after the thing's ive been doing lately with just the AA-X11 carbine and an ammo box... I can see why we don't get them.

    I'd still love to have them, though.
  6. Ghostfox

    Also, honestly, I would rather have certs expand the ACE tool instead of having to throw it into other slots.

    IMO things like tank mines and AI mines should be deployable via the ACE once certed into. I'm ok with leaving C4 as a seperate slot though since it is something you actively use(eg you throw it out and you choose when to make it go boom).

    The one thing that I find lacking with the engineer class is a way to be easily adaptable to changing situations. Kind of a pain to load out for AT to get stuck in a situation with a lot of infantry or vice verse.
  7. Chemicalnurd

    The current issue with engineers is that their only ability that benefits them instead of others is the turret. The turret isn't very good, but can be deployed instantly if you get caught in the open and basically used as cover - this is extremely frustrating for Heavy Assault players such as myself.
    Engineers need to have SOMETHING cool to do, but I don't think anything to do with turrets beyond how they are now (perhaps even make the turret harder to use as instant cover). I really don't want the engineer class in this game to be just another "No skill required" class where you just place a turret and go hide while it does all the aiming and shooting for you. That's no fun, and it just annoys everybody else.
    Something like being able to carry a 5 or so AT mines would be awesome - mines would not be activated by infantry, and would be fairly easily visible if the people driving were observant. However, if a few engineers got together to make an expansive minefield, you could effectively deny an area for vehicle travel. If vehicles wanted to cross that particular route it would take much longer as they'd need to disable each individual mine they need to cross.
  8. Ghostfox

    Engineers can already carry up to 5 AT mines.

    The problem is that it requires a LOT of certs(bandoleers to full along with full mine certs) and a ton of Infantry resources.
  9. MagicHamsta

    As a noob hamster, me must admit most of you guys sound like noobs who don't know how the use the turret properly.

    Instead of parking the turret out in the open, try defending places like biodome.
    Also remember, your head & sides might be rather open but the turret shield is invulnerable to small arms fire.
    *hint Take the high ground hint*
    Me routinely mow down ~30 to 50 people per death per biodome defense.

    Also it be a good distraction.
    Spawn turret -> Shoot for a few seconds -> Bail out -> Watch as a few enemies take potshots as your empty turret.
    & also:
    Spawn turret in cap room -> Use turret as tactical shield by DUCKING behind it.
    Alternative variant: Spawn turret in cap room -> set C4 in entry way -> Duck behind turret -> Blow C4 when enemy arrives. -> Play Trololol music.
  10. Xae

    The Engineer class is fine.

    The mana turret does suck though. I normally use mine to block doors.

    Hopefully we get some unlocks to replace it.
  11. Chemicalnurd

    Didn't even know there were AT mines. I never see them used.
  12. Mafarett

    That would be due to the cert cost, 700 to unlock 3 and then you need 3 ranks in utility pouch to unlock the other 2.
  13. Eleniaki

    Nah, It's 100 certs for the first two and 200 for the third. 600 in Utility Pouch (2 levels) for a fourth and another 1500 for a fifth (another 2 levels).

    That would be 2400 certs for a full set... I see that I will be busy for a while.
  14. Goats

    Well yes, we all know it's good for camping biolab airpads and teleporters, and so does pretty much everyone who plays the game. However, pretty much anything is good for that, and it's really a pretty pathetic use anyway.
  15. knighthonor

    yeah I would like Engineer to get more uses. Such as building drones to spy on enemies from the air and track them to ally.
  16. MagicHamsta

    You mean a deployable stationary bullet proof tactical shield is pathetic? (Even if they don't shoot the shield portion, the gun portion is still solid & can take bullets.)

    Me don't has managed to prevent quite a few infantry from killing me by using the tactic.
  17. Binkus

    Have to say the turret does blow

    it is very situational - magichamsta had a good suggestion which i think i will use more often and actually use it as a shield more than shoot people

    but after about 3 hours of play i think i actually deployed it once per tower defence, had a good run with it maybe 10-12 kills but they are generally pretty poor

    an anti vehicle one is what i am holding out for then they would be pretty awesome

    as long as they dont barf it with some sort of grenade turret,

    anti infantry should probably be a grenade tower would be my opinion

    in short more turret options or atleast be able to get rid of it completely and put something else there or have a sticky B key to keep ammo packs open
  18. Sharook

    If you do it right, it won't be too much of a problem.
    1.) You could change the turret so that it could be undeployed again, and give it a cooldown (or just make it like ammunition) if it get's destroyed. Thus you can not spam them and are obliged to keep them alive and care for them.
    2.) Remote turrets could have drawbacks, that manable turrets do not have, e.g. they could be prone to EMP or just explosive damage.
    3.) You could limit the placement of remote turrets, so that you can't deploy it if there is already another one in a certain radius, similar to AMS. Thus you can prevent clogging them in chokepoints.

    I like the idea of TV-guided rocket turrets. Also some form of mortar would be cool.
    And yes, turrets should be manable by other players, at least for squad mates. Doing this would not make the engineer a potential OP class, as more MT options will become available, it also would enrich the game play for all other classes (except MAX). The engineer deploys the turret and get's back to hand out ammo and repair maxes, while a comrade would be able to use the turret (e.g. a LA or infiltrator who can not fulfill his role in the current battle situation). This would actually give incentives for better team play on a squad level. Which can't be a bad thing.
  19. NIL0S

    I agree on the turret, it's mostly useful as a door stopper now, and suicide device.
  20. SandSpider

    Turrets can net you kills but they're far from great. Sure if you get the drop on defenders and rushers you can hold them off.. but a fast moving HA or Infiltrator rushing you and strafing, tossing nades will get you. A tank can just bombard the area you're at and LuLz as he forces you from your turret.. you have to remember if you can see your enemy..they can see you.

    For everytime I get use out of a turret there are 5 times it fails. Smart/veteran players will avoid your turret or gun you down in it as it holds off some fire power but it doesn't protect against heavy damage type weapons or anyone fast.

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