Engineer class needs serious rehauling.

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Fatboy, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Fatboy

    1) Why only one MANA turret? Why can't you guys at Sony take ideas from other FPS games like Battlefield 3 or TF 2? You could of easily added rocket laucher/TOW missile type of turrets that have poor manevurability, but high damage to vehicles. Why is ther eno certification for extra turret options? There should be anti infantry and anti vehicle specific turrets. Why not add single shot rocket turret equivalent of heavy weapons rocket laucher, except with camera guided ability certification?

    2) Why is the turret currently is is only 180 degree horizontal and about 85 degrees of angle elevation? With pitifully bad shielding (which does nothing, but attracts snipers and grenade lobbers) I think this turret needs more rotation range. Furthermore, the shield should be larger since it is transparent. It exposes pretty much everything right in the middle of it and since you cannot really move or dodge like other classes, the is shield is just pointless. There should be cetification to increase the shield size.

    3) Why no (as someone mentioned) no certifications into remote controlled turret? This is 28th friggin century and you are still trying to do the human waves attack of WW1? This should been number one certification point. The offset oviously the enginer who is staring at his PDA while controlling it is oblivious to the world around him and still easy target when found.

    4) The most important, why only engineer should have availability to MANA turret? This is just a waste of space when someone else could of added extra firepower. Planetside 2 was designed for creative and versatile gameplay. I don't see MANA turret being anymore overpowered if lets say infiltrator or medic took over as gunner. It would be really nice change if you could add ceritification that the turret will be avaliable to be gunned by other classes.

    Why such shoddy work on potentialy one of the essential item in game that is fun for everyone to use?
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  2. Bubblewrap2

    I agree Engineer is nowhere near as much fun as it is in other games, e.g. Global Agenda epic AI deployables and Firefall's diversity, but it has its place in the PS2 class balance.

    Besides, SOE have said they are working on the deployables for Engie.

    No idea about other Engies or classes being able to use any already deployed turrets. Like you, I think it would be a very welcome change.

    Understandably, none of this is too much of a priority given the state of the game and just after release though.
  3. SirBurning

    I'd like to see a Sort of deployable shield, that allows small arms fire to pass. Or just completely blocks fire. Something like half a biodome. And that is just needs to be repairs after x amounts of hits.
    Something that would allow engineer to create temporary cover and make his role more than the repair guy.
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  4. KrystOutlander

    Sigh. All of this was brought up again and again and again during Beta. Sony was mum on the word though they expressed a desire to give engineers a deployable shield barrier. It's not in yet, and neither are there any plans they want to go ahead with to improve the engineer class and make it the iconic class that it should be. It is what it is. Enjoy.
  5. Marzipanzer

    1) The MANA turret is still being developed. I believe there's plans for variations or something.

    2) The thing to keep in mind about the shield is that, while it is skimpy, you're on a fairly powerful turret that has a high rate of fire and is extremely accurate. Shoot things before they can throw a grenade at you. The shield does a good enough job for the situations that the MANA is useful for. You should never hop on a MANA turret in the open unless you plan on getting sniped within the next 30 seconds.

    3) Interesting idea, but a remote controlled MANA would promote Campside 2 rather heavily, especially if you could simply throw down another whenever it gets destroyed. Base assaults would turn into destroying wave after wave of remote-controlled MANAs. Also, if you want to bring RL into this, there's nothing wrong with the MANA's role or performance. In the 28th century, the HMGs don't encumber the user and can be operated by one man (rather than a two man squad) with need no barrel swaps.

    4) It used to be like that. Personally, I'd like to see MANAs being usable by all players.
  6. Plunkies

    I'd be happy to see a face shield on the mana turret. That thing just begs people to headshot you.

    I think a AT turret was in the works but they never got around to it. I'm sure there will be more turrets in the future.
  7. NoClipMyst

    Agreed, and as for the shield on the MANA, it should be a bit more protective, but it helps if you are not looking directly at the target. For the 11 and 1 o'clock like enemies it is still a hard hit. Being on a turret in any game is grenade/sniper target so I don't see your complaints here.
  8. Strongback

    Need more sidegrades on the MANA turret slot.
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  9. NDroid

    If I remember correctly from listening to some dev interviews, both AV and AA turrets will eventually be available for the Engineer to deploy. The deployable shield idea has also been around for a while and was in the cert list at one point but I guess they haven't had the time to work it in yet. The game has just launched, give it time.
    As for the current MANA turret, I think it's pretty decent. Given that it's easily deployed and quite accurate, you have to balance it by being vulnerable to snipers, grenades, flanking etc. Otherwise, a few Engineers will be able to lock down whole areas with ease. I do agree that others should be able to use the turret, maybe limit it to squad members.
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  10. Ghostfox

    They are working on expanding and allow customization of the mana turret.. which includes things like an AV turret and shield varients.
  11. Zourin

    if this 'shield variant' is anything like the HA shields, as in, take two bullets and fail, then I'll keep my shotgun and restoration kit.

    AT turret? There's about three different ways it can suck dirty peanuts:
    1: Are you still a big, glowing bullseye for tanks?
    2: Can we expect it to be any better than the MAX AT.. as in, two seconds of fire, six seconds of reload, with an effective range of a cinderblock thrown by a leper.
    3: Turrets don't protect the user from explosions. Tanks use explosions. It's not 'anti-' anything if you're dead. Everyone knows the Anti-infantry turret is suicide because, guess what, you die to infantry fire. FAIL!

    Gimme my resto-kit and stop bugging me with fantasy.
  12. Skadi

    Why do all of our weapons suck compared to the rest of the classes >.>
    (atleast what ive notices as VS, ******* engi weapons are useless to the point where there only effective where the other factions are meant to beat you out... (aka engi should get assult rifles like medics))
  13. efx00

    HERESY! This thing logic is outlawed, and you just go ahead and USE it? Just throw it out there like that IN PUBLIC!?

    *Also, those crazy bird heads freak me out. always have since beta lol.
  14. Skadi

    You have no idea how many pm's i have gotten since day 1 of beta and forums comments on those birds.
    If they make the one with the helmet a icon for scythes, i will instantly buy it and slap it on there, even if its not animated.
  15. Hashi

    I've played as the VS and it was easy mode with the carbines. I don't know what's wrong with you though.
  16. Skadi

    Depends what your good at, i personaly dont prefer the point blank playstyle they all encourage, and the burst one sucks ***...
  17. Hashi

    the VS weapons are meant for long ranged, you should be getting most of your kills there if not all. When I play on Vanu I only go into CQ when I have the jump on the person. VS are meant for long ranged warfare... No bullet drop + fastest bullet velocity.
  18. Tenzek

    Point blank? You know the Vanu carbines we've been talking about in that other thread are still perfectly accurate at 100m.

    I have a reflex sight x1 on my VX6-7. If you put the red dot over the target's body, even if it totally covers his body at that range, a 4-round burst will all hit. This isn't because of any skill other than being able to put the red dot over my target.
  19. Jaloro

    The class is simply unfinished. Another example of the game not being ready for release.
  20. SandSpider

    Yea I tried engineer and found that the turrets just make you a sitting duck, protect you from nothing really and are only so-so useful against infantry, mostly because infantry just lob nades or strafe in and rush you at turret and blow you away.

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