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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by TokyoShoe, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. TokyoShoe

    Can another more experienced Engineer clarify some things for me real quick? The naming of our certification tracks has me rather... turned around. UTILITY SLOT is the slot with our.. ammo box in it by default? Or is that the ABILITY SLOT ?

    I ask because our certification track has our turret upgrades and ammo box upgrades both listed in ABILITY SLOT, which makes it sound like we can remove the turret and stick the ammo box in that suit slot. (Which I would prefer because I never use the turret as a turret, only a 2nd ammo box. Would love to be able to just put the ammo box in that slot and not have to hit ALT-Fire whenever I want to put out that ammo box. Make sense?)

    All of our explosives are listed as UTILITY SLOT under certification.. so those .. replace our primary ammo box? Or do they replace the turret?
  2. KestrelM1

    The engineer is a little wonky at the moment in terms of organization.

    The dirty little secret is that the MANA turret slot is actually also an Ammo Box slot - pull out the turret, press B, and you can deploy an ammo crate. Makes sense considering the ability tree is both. The wonky part is that the ammo box you deploy through Turret slot is NOT affected by the cert upgrades, but it seems upgraded already, in that it lasts 3 minutes instead of the default 1 minute.

    The ammo box that occupies your Utility slot is the one that takes all the upgrades in the cert tree. If you have the ammo box equipped, you can actually deploy two - one from the Ability (Turret) slot and one from the Utility slot.

    As far as "replacing" the turret, I'm not aware of anything you can actually take in the Ability slot other than the MANA Turret. Any mines/C4 you equip will replace the utility slot - aka the "upgradable" ammo box. However, you'll still be able to deploy an ammo box through the Ability (Turret) slot.

    Hope that helps.
  3. InducedApathy

    You can use the default "b" key to switch between ammo/turret.
  4. TokyoShoe

    Yes but wouldn't it be nice if you could set which mode you wanted it to come up as? What if I never want to USE the turret and just want to deploy that ammo package all the time? Hitting secondary fire constantly gets rather old.
  5. InducedApathy

    I'd like more customization of course. Client is garbage though as have most of the sony games. PS1/SWG were horrible as well.

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