Endgames vs Metagames

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    What is the difference between them?

    Lets have a discussion about them.
  2. KoRneY

    metagame is the evolution of nuances and trends that players are currently doing. example, Bisu in MSL finals vs. Savior (2007). No balance changes to brood war in six years at that point, new strategy to defeat old strategy.

    endgame is the second the last player logs off.
  3. Scr1nRusher

    Thats incorrect.

    "Endgames" are player resulted victory conditions.

    Such as capturing a Continent, or(if only.....) Capturing a enemy WG which then pushes that enemy empire off the continent.

    Metagames are Strategy/tactics/play styles/trends

    Endgames are "wins" or how things can be won.
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  4. PKSpark

    I miss alot the time when the game didn't forced the player to warp to another continent after a continent-locking victory.
  5. Shiaari

    Endgame in World of Warcraft:

    "You just finished this uber hard ugly badonkadonk dungeon! Have some lewtz! WOOT!"

    Endgame in PlanetSide 2:

    "You just killed NCdude3, but NCdude4 was behind him and killed you too. Try again."

    Proposed Endgame for PlanetSide 2:

    "You just killed VSdude9 and did a sexy dance over his corpse until TRdude1 killed you. Try again."
  6. Taemien

    Endgame is causing the prominent VS and TR outfits to ally against you and fail to stop you from 3 capping the server for a few months and then causing the server to be merged twice. Genudine/Helios shenanigans FTW.

    Endgame typically in a MMO is something accessible by high/capped level players. Not much of that here since a BR1 isn't much different than a BR100. Sometimes even use the same weapons. In typical MMO terms, everyone starts at endgame.

    Metagame could be two things. Could be player driven strategies and counter-strategies. Or it could be a ingame subgoal such as capping bases or alerts.
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  7. CorporationUSA

    There is no endgame in PS2. An endgame is gameplay that is inaccessible until a level is reached. Sometimes people call the PVP the endgame in some MMOs because the PVE is so limited and there isn't much else to do after a certain point, but since PS2 doesn't have any equivalent to that, I don't think it is applicable.

    The meta is just a deeper understanding of how the game works and victory is achieved. It's usually tactics that are not obvious to newer players.
  8. Shiaari

  9. Ximaster

  10. Crator

    Meta game = The mechanics/controls that dictate how to play.
    End game = When you've done everything that can be done and obtained all the items and awards you can obtain.
  11. BlueSkies

    You're bad at this...
  12. Scr1nRusher

    So is DBG ;)
  13. AlterEgo

    Endgames: What you are striving for.
    Metagames: What is strived for to strive for the endgame.

    For example, say we could finally destroy warpgate shields and DECISIVELY conquer a continent. The endgame is taking all the warpgates. The metagame is finding ways to do so. For example, you could take all the techplants on your continent. The longer you have one, then the longer your techplants' rail guns are assembled at some random base. Then you can have other things. The more AMP stations you have, then the faster the guns charge once they arrive at their destination. Meta is basically what is being accomplished, and the endgame is what needs to be accomplished. That's my definition, any way.
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  14. Demigan

    So you want a discussion but there's only one actual answer? :S

    And what are the consequences for the game? You didn't mention but I guess that is still important.

    The "endgame" in PS2 is a very dangerous thing. Imagine if the endgame is "capture the enemy warpgates". Normally all 3 factions should be balanced against each other and you'll reach a standstill somewhere. If one team starts winning everything, they are Zerging hard and probably outpop the other teams, which would mean that the endgame consists out of "outpop your enemy to win".
    So other solutions need to be brought up, and here is where the meta-game fits in. Rather than rewarding overpopping, reward strategy, support, knowledge of the game and combined arms gameplay with multiple classes and vehicles. But exactly how that can be done is tough to say as well, as in PS2 almost anything can be done by simply outpopping your enemy. And this is why, at least in PS2, the meta and endgame are almost inseparable.
    I think the metagame needs to have anti-Zerg weapons in them. Control certain bases in the area to get access to orbital bombardments, with the added requirement of being outpopped at least two to one for X minutes on one lane. Other bases can offer other advantages that are aimed either at completing an endgoal or at keeping Zergs down.

    How about this for an example:
    Controlling bases gains you certain resources for each base. With the coming ANT's you can harvest most of these resources yourself. With these resources a device, a weapon or a victory condition, is build. So the more area you control, the easier and faster you can build your weapon. This would still favor Zergs... Except that small teams would be able to be devastating. You can infiltrate the Warpgate and destroy the device and slow down or even completely reset your enemies progress. For this you need to break through the shield somehow, by attacking a generator for instance at each of the shield-supports that you can either overload or shoot until it's destroyed.
    As a counter, some bases provide radar coverage to warn your team of enemy attacks at your warpgate. This radar coverage can be shut down, which causes a warning as well.
    This already provides a small meta. Territory control helps gain you resources and get the best resources, radar coverage helps you react and send people to defend your progress. Players can choose to shut down radar coverage to be able to get teams passed without them being found instantly and try to infiltrate the enemy warpgate to sabotage their progress. Zerging would still work, but wouldn't be the go-to tactic.
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  15. KoRneY

    "let's have a discussion."

    "Thats incorrect."

    yeah, thanks for the discussion.
  16. CorporationUSA

    I like how Scr1nRusher says someone else's definition is wrong, and then proceeds to insert his own incorrect definition.
  17. Ballto21

    oh hush hes just roleplaying <insert group here>

    An endgame is the final part of the game where you have gone more or less as far as you can go. in most single player games, say far cry 3 or fallout 3, the endgame is when you finish the story are max level and the vast majority of sidequests available to you for that run through. In Civ its when you are an asshairs away from winning, this is around the time you unlock giant death robots mechanized infantry SS parts and xcom squads, and in RTS games its when youre making your final push or defense to win the match.
    In planetside, there really is no endgame since there is no firm story, big upgrades, advancements, or finalizing goal.

    All weapon upgrades are actually sidegrades to fit to different playstyles. I know im going to be castrated for this but an Inquisitor in the right hands is just as if not more powerful than an Orion at times. It's similar to suit and class upgrades, an Icarus/grenade bandoleers LA played right is just as effective a a standard/nanoweave LA if played right and so on, so there is no real progression aside from maxing out your personal playstyle. I mean sure you could say that the progression is maxxing out your character so youre as effective as you can be at everything if you tried for it, but i highly doubt youll stray far from your preferred playstyles, loadouts, and classes/vehicles.

    Even with continent locking, there isnt, for lack of a better term, a final goal. The TR may lock down Amerish, but youll have more or less the same experience on Esamir or Hossin with a few quirks here and there.
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,
    shoot the other dude, get shot by third dude, shoot the dude,

    since there is no consequence for losing other than you move your farm (or act of being farmed)from the Bastion to Mani Bio Lab. There are no further goals other than farm, flip point, camp, continue A veteran with ten gorbillion hours will have the same experience as a nooblit with ten minutes of game time, only difference being hes better at it. Saying that thats an endgame is like me saying that The Immortal isnt a Suppressed beamer thats just better at being a suppressed beamer, its still a lasersightless beamer without the damage and velocity penalty of suppressing it.