End of DBG and PS2 near?

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  1. TR5L4Y3R

    I´m not asking this question lightly, neither do i want to go all "IT`S DOOOOOMED!!!" ...
    but considering the recent layoffs and current at least rumor than truely confirmed information
    that the current working team for PS 2 has become pretty small at the very least gives off the impression that support for PS2 is diminishing, meaning we may see less updates .. less reason to stick around for longer ...

    oshur has been announced months ago .. and nothing realy came out from it,
    new turrets have been announced months ago .... nothing came to live ...

    i think at this point we might as well just lower our expectations ...
  2. Skraggz

    Oh, it's done as far as I can tell. We got wrel and 1 other. Dont expect much. Cant bring myself to play other fps so I'll be here till the end i guess, as i hate most twitch shooters.
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  3. Pikachu

    When where did all this layoff info come? :confused: Sorry I'm late to the table.
  4. Skraggz

    Check reddit, I know drew is one.
  5. Liewec123

    Behold, the result of the inevitable cataclysmic failure that is Planetside Arena,
    I honestly wonder how companies can be so massively stupid,
    We all knew with certainty that PSA was going to be a colossal waste of resources and damage the entire franchise,
    And now here we are, PSA failed and PS2 is on life support, with NO DEVS (except apparently an unsquashable cockroach.)

    The moment that they began to offer "lifetime" subscriptions was another clue that we were at the beginning of the end.
    Lifetime subs are never a good sign, they're an acknowledgement from the company that the game is dying.

    I don't even want to say "told you so" because I'm just too ashamed and disappointed in DBG for their constant failures.
    Both in their consistently bad decisions for PS2, and their decision to waste all of their cash on an inevitable flop new game.
    Rest in Pieces DBG.
  6. tigerchips


    This is sad news to hear. I hope the developers were properly informed, ect.
  7. Naskoni

    PS2 is basically done at this point. They will keep the servers plugged in for as long as there is enough income to keep the server hamsters fed, but don't expect any new content or meaningful updates. If anything with the idiot Wrel still on the helm you can expect increasingly desperate "features" such as the death-cam to try and keep his job for that little bit longer.

    DBG has no future of any kind - they have no new IPs, nothing is being developed, all that is left are some old games in maintenance mode with zero marketing and no prospects of any growth.

    The fact that they fired the Planetside 2 devs when Arena failed should tell you enough about all their lies about their actual intentions regarding the Planetside franchise in the first place. Planetside 2 was never to have any future anyway, thus these people being fired hardly changed that in any way.

    The only thing I regret is the money I poured into Planetside 2 during last year, given that ALL of it was wasted on the pile of **** that was Arena. Other than that I had several thousand hours of fun in Planetside 2 as a whole. Fun that I wouldn't have had anywhere else and I am happy to have played it. But DBG can still go **** themselves, whatever is left of them that is. I'll make sure to avoid whatever Wrel works on once he gets fired as well.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

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  10. OneShadowWarrior

    Wrel did what he could with what they had. I doubt he is getting rich off his efforts. The game is going on 7 years.
  11. AlcyoneSerene

    Coming from classic modded Tribes, to Legions:Overdrive, to Overwatch, Planetside2 has been and continues to be my most favorite game ever despite its major problems with netcode for a game of this scale.

    If it's achieved something, it's showing the world what epic gameplay can be made with technology and resources of many years ago.

    Another major game studio should take note of this, and come up with a clone - one that manages the Netcode properly this time - , or buy the IP and either remake it or continue it.

    I'm really happy to have been here to have enjoyed a ton of its content across all 3 F2P factions for thousands of hours of combined game time, along with many awesome people and random fellow planetmans.

    Not sure what the future holds. I doubt I'll continue gaming much overall anymore, and just go back to 'play real life' again, which is healthy, and occasional PS2 and whatever else.
  12. Cyropaedia

  13. tigerchips

    If you don't mind, i need to lie down and remember the good times in PS2...

    ...I don't think anyone can truly feel the way i feel now.
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  14. LineTrap

    Why must PS2 die?

  15. OneShadowWarrior

    I did try Arena, I truly wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I never uninstalled a game so fast!

    They could have done more with Planetside 2 and saw better returns. A few new maps, a assault buggy and some more old Planetside nostalgia.

    The new player experience is all they got left, hoping to attract new players, but it’s the Veteran fanbase that has kept the game alive.
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  16. TRspy007

    Hard to lower my expectations after all the failures I experienced lol. Planetside 2 has been through layoffs before, we'll survive, though idk whether I should be sad or glad the devs that have been molesting the game in every sense for years are gone. I do appreciate their work, and I understand they don't call the big shots, but they are in part responsible for the state of the game. Still, let's hope they find themselves new jobs quickly, hopefull screw over fortnite or something.

    I'm not surprised about the planetside arena layoffs, the game is DOA. I'm surprised they removed most of the planetside 2 team, but not as much as I should be. It's obvious the game is dying, and it's too hard to fix it at this point. They could've tried a Planetside 3 or a relaunch, but decided to go with planetside arena instead. I know many of the assets were taken from ps2, but it still was probably a pretty big investment. Not enough to end DBG, but enough to make a few heads turn when they realize there's no revenue being generated, and probably never will. They gave the game many chances, but they can't keep on funding nothing, that's the reality. Idk who decided to pursue the planetside arena launch, but now the company is trying to rectify their mistake. A little late though.

    As for the updates announced, don't worry too much. If they fired that much of the team now but not before, it's probably because many of the patches like Oshur, the NS sanctuaries and all are near finished. However, I doubt we'll see any major updates after those, they might hire a dev or two, but Oshur will definitely be the last continent. We'll never have the 30 + planetside 1 had, then again, we don't have enough players for that anyways. They told us not to expect Oshur until end 2019-beginning 2020, even the summer 2020 maybe. They never told us a specific date for the patch, they mentioned it was a really early sneak peak. So they're not behind schedule, since they don't have one lol. But the fact they got rid of so much of the team indicates the continent is finished, or near it.

    The game still has a dedicated playerbase, and it does generate some revenue, now is holiday season, they'll probably get some money and hire a dev or something, but it's clear that DBG is leaving planetside 2 on autopilot now. We're on our own until the game dies, which could be another few years, you never know. I'm hoping that they sell the game to a proper company, so that we can have a PS3 or something. But that's just wishful thinking.

    Really, DBG has never put enough attention to the Planetside franchise, which has so much potential. They try to rush updates and titles, but the potential playerbase of br games have so much to choose from, they can't go with a rushed game that has bugs and all. Planetside arena or Apex?

    Planetside 2 has not generated hype, it's unique but no one knows it. The people that do try the game face an old game with veterans that shred them in a sec and have to deal with bugs. The current playerbase can tolerate it since it's the only game of it's genre, it's something we've enjoyed for so long, everyday we log on hoping we'll experience one of those massive fights we used to have so long ago. With coordinated squadplay and minimal bugs. But not everyone is that desperate, most people aren't hardcore gamers, they have access to many other games that are hyped, have little/no bugs and little/no skillcap.

    Planetside doesn't have a chance, through arena or 2.

    So no, the game is not dead, the company is fine for now, it's a short term solution to save money in areas they don't need to spend it. Long term DBG might not last long unless they come out with a miracle title, but they still have life left in them for now. Planetside 2 will stay what it is, it's dying, but like the company, it's not over yet. Don't mind less updates, I'd rather polished ones than things that create a mess for nothing. And although we won't get large updates after Oshur probably, the dev team is more than 2 people, you'll still get updates like now. Planetside arena is the one most affected by the layoffs, and probably will not survive for long.
  17. DIGGSAN0

    not the same way, but different ;)
  18. TR5L4Y3R

    pfff ps:3 won´t be even born
  19. Scroffel5

    Dude, you can't make PS3 without funding. If you aren't getting funding from any of your other games, how are you gonna make a new one?