[Suggestion] Empire-Specific Shotguns

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sagabyte, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Sagabyte

    Why don't these exist yet? I have some ideas for some ES shotties.

    NC: A Quad-Barrelled shotgun that fires up to two barrels in a burst, and can also fire in single-shot mode. It does a lot of damage and has decent range, but constantly needs to reload and has a huge recoil after shots.
    Intended effect: Blasts the hell out of any one target. It's capable at range, but missing is punishing.

    VS: A semi-auto shotgun that has a .9x ADS modifier and a permanent built-in VS version of smart choke. It's not super strong but it's fairly accurate.
    Intended effect: Focuses on keeping enemies at arm's reach and allows the user to pace around extremely fast.

    TR: A 14-round drum-fed fully automatic shotgun. It's got a fire rate of 333 RPM, but it has heavy recoil, mediocre range, and a long reload time.
    Intended effect: Chews apart rooms and people like butter, but is restricted to cqc. Ranged combat is extremely tedious/near impossible.
  2. KaletheQuick

    I'd be happy with a VS shotgun-equivelant thing that fired in a cone, but then randomly applied its damage to someone in the cone. They need more sciency stuff.

    Call it the "Quantum Uncertainty Doom Infuser" and balance it vs the jackhammer.
  3. Sagabyte

    The devs interpret that as a charge shotgun with a heat mechanic.
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  4. Ballto21

    Id prefer the Improbability Polymorph Handcannon. It turns enemies into a random prop for a short amount of time, they cannot do anything that prop cant already do and cant take damage.
  5. RedArmy

    pretty sure empire specific shotguns already exist to a standpoint. TR typically have more access to the full auto shotguns, NC have the harder hitting more pellets, and VS have the tighter cone
  6. Sagabyte

    All of the current shotguns are carbon copy clones.
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  7. ronjahn

    Shotguns? Did someone say shotguns?!?!
    - NC player reporting in.
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  8. Dualice

    As someone with a TR profile icon, my ears pricked up at "drum-fed, fully automatic".
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  9. Sagabyte

    Throughout my entire brainstorming process all i could hear in the caverns of my brain were "live free in the nc"

    my facial expression would break the ceiling if any one of my creations hit the marlet, especially the quad barrel shotty for maximum slaughter
  10. fogartyfreaks

    I think that a shotgun like those could be very cool, but maybe not give them to light assaults and heavys. Imagine a tr light assault flashbanging a room and then rushing in and killing everybody then retreating to the roof to reload. Or a heavy assault with a adrenaline shield and having unlimited shield from all the kills hes getting. I would love to see this as tr (as my main is tr and i mostly play la and engie) but I could imagine the amount of forum grief.
  11. Sagabyte

    That could be balanced with a fast-gaining cone of fire and heavy recoil. I would assume an auto shotty (bar AA12) would be difficult to control
  12. fogartyfreaks

    I think that would be a good solution, it could really only be a burst weapon, or be a anti max weapon at point blank
  13. Sagabyte

    Cranks out damage, but bites you in the bum with poor handling otherwise.

    It's the fastest formula one car, but it sucks at cornering.
  14. fogartyfreaks

    Mabey these could be the directive guns, they are very difficult to use, only the best can use them but they are very good when used right
  15. AlterEgo

    NC: Shotgun with three barrels on top of each other, each having its own fire mode and magazine. One is a pump-action that fires slugs that OHK up to 5 meters with 4 rounds, the second is a fully-automatic one with eight rounds and fires at a moderate rate and deals okay damage, and the third is a semi-auto mode that has horrible spread at close range, but has incredible damage for a semi-auto and the buckshot gets tighter the farther they are in the air. Can also be equipped with ammunition that explodes into tinier pellets, increasing effective area and being able to triple the velocity, allowing it to penetrate enemy personnel. Costs 100 certs.

    TR: Fully-automatic shotgun with 32 rounds. Deals slightly less damage per shot, but has incredible RoF for a shotgun with minimal recoil and CoF. You can have the option to bring ammunition from the ammo pool into the magazine (a maximum of 15 additional rounds), but with every 3 rounds the reload is increased by 0.3 seconds. By the way, the reload is pretty mediocre at 4.8 seconds short, and 5.49 long. 1,000 certs.

    VS: A semi-auto shotgun with outstanding CoF, spread, and accuracy. Has five rounds in the magazine, has better-than-average reload, and it has the ability to charge itself for a single, powerful shot that is bullet-drop free and has good velocity. However, using it decreases both walking and running speeds by 20%. 1,000 certs.

    Yeah. Vote for this.
  16. Sagabyte

    A little too complex
  17. AlterEgo

    Complex, but NOT complicated;) That is the exact aim of my epic ideas, man!

    Edit: And I'm almost 90% positive it was the NC one that sounds complex. It DOES sound weird the more I think about it, but hey! No video game faction says shotguns more than the NC:p
  18. Mythologicus

    For the NC and TR options, I'm not entirely certain how these are going to be that much different to any other shotgun. There's only so much kill before you reach overkill. The difference between 2000 damage and 9001 damage is huge on paper, but when one guy only has 1000 health they may as well be the same weapon. Similar story for full-auto shotguns, how is the TR one going to be any more or less murderous than any other full-auto?

    Also, can I put slugs on these?