Empire Specific Holidays [Lore Included]

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    With the release of Hossin and lore that went with it I decided to make some lore/holidays.
    Just like The TR have that holiday with their silly caps.

    New Conglomerate, June 26th - Rememberence Day
    Rememberence Day is to mourn the deaths of the 3 fellow soldiers who died while trying activate Hossin's Rebirth Matrix, and to acknowledge the price we all be for victory in war.

    It is also a day of celebration of exploration and discovery, a great achievement in opening up new frontiers and exploring new ideas.

    Many NC Troops have been seen rallying to the cry and sacrificing themselves for the greater good of their Empire on this day. Entire front line's have collapsed because their kamikaze charges broke through a vital defense point.
    You'll never see a NC soldier fight harder than ever on this day.

    And for the VS
    Vanu Sovereignty, Last December of every decade - The Melding
    For those in the VS, The Melding is a very ritualistic and sacred day, occurring only once every decade.
    On this date it is said The Vanu themselves contacted Henry Briggs through a small figurine, exactly 10 years later, for unknown reasons, Briggs committed suicide.

    The Melding can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 7 days, During this time period Vanu Sovereignty soldiers have new Metallic Neural & Nervous System Enhancers fused to their spines. They also deploy new technologies onto the battlefield.

    The Melding also encourages people of the Sovereignty to take the pilgrimage to their Sanctuary and touch the very figurine that Briggs was contacted with in hopes of reestablishing contact with The Vanu.
    The pilgrimage of the figurine is required for any one who wishes joins the Sovereignty, those who have touched it are considered "Enlightened."
    It is said that those who touch the figurine will receive a vision of the past, present and future, and be cured of all mental and social disorders they may have had.

    Vanu Sovereignty soldiers have been observed sitting down in the middle of a battle to meditate and become truly enlightened.
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    And then TR have Silly Hat Day. . . I love it!
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    I am still sad panda TR got a "holiday" and its been a year without a NC or VS one :(