Empire Specific Assault Buggies

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  1. OneShadowWarrior

    The bell is tolling to bring back Empire Specific Assault Buggies. Boy I would love to see the old Vanu Thresher again. I felt like Luke Skywalker with his land speeder, the vehicle lacked function but was fun to drive.

    I think what kills me about Harrassers is they roll over way to easy and get stuck in ditches, give us the off roading kings we desire so much. Give us the 4x4 rush.

    The wad was already blown when Marauder and Enforcer guns and Proton guns were given to Harrassers, so you might have to get creative on the Buggies.
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  2. Lucidius134

    There were es buggies previewed back in 2013 at SOE live. The deliverer was also shown iirc?

    Vehicles take a bit of code time from what I understand. The entire period from early beta to Amerish launch was how long it took to fix galaxy wings, ending with a new in game model and physics entity in the end.

    Am on the only one who remembers getting the vtol engines stuck on its buildings ? They stuck lik3 magnets and would flip your aircraft. Landing was also a really big issue back then, as the code separation between crashing and landing took some time to finesse.

    Anywho, maybe someday...i think the deliverer for sure should come out with battle islands and or naval maneuvers
  3. CMDante

    Frankly at this point they could just reskin the harasser with ES and I'd call it a victory.

    ******* PlanetSide not NaniteSystemsSide
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  4. stalkish

    Deliverer in this image, bottom right.
    That harasser with the engine in the back instead of a rumble seat looks awesome.
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  5. OneShadowWarrior

  6. Lucidius134

    Pretty sure that's a winter version of the sunderer, as is the flash. These were shown after esamir came out and I think they were thinking of making making winter veraiona that have different handling suites for snow,but I'm unsure if this is nostalgic speculation misremebered as statement. Probably speculation.

    The deliverer was shown. I have it on my home pc. I made a thread about old content
  7. Lamat

    They would have to replace the harasser or there would be a clash of roles.

    But as NC, I don't want the slowest harasser with a bit more HP, harassers are all about speed and avoiding getting hit. So I'd prefer to leave things as they are.
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  8. Lucidius134

    In PS2 the harrasser was just....stock armed and the enforcer (NC variant) had the enforcer AT rocket launcher and it did some good damage iirc

    They kinda shot themselves in the foot by making harrassers have MBT secondaries, they shouda been for ES buggies only

    RE Deliverer:

    Unlike some of the stuff on that twitter account like the Anti-material rifle, I dont think this was repurposed into the ANT. Also, this is concept art and not a model I think so unlikely to be fleshed out
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  9. OneShadowWarrior

    The Harrassers can stay, but Empire Specific Buggies - ESB’s can come, Maybe new weapons? Daybreak you can do it!
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  10. Campagne

    Aye, just as well.

    Last thing the NC needs is a Mjolnir Mk. II :p
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  11. Kristan

    About Deliverer, something tells me that they have slapped that role onto the ANT, since it has a gunner and two passengers seats.
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  12. Lucidius134

    Good ooint, especially considering with the cotton shield you could use it as a light troop transport
  13. No0T

    All aircraft should instead of land have a hovering like vanu tanks mode to move close to the land.

    Also aircraft should be ridiculously tuffer than getting damage from infantry bullets... This is a future game the propulsion tech would permit heavier armor than actual planes.
  14. LegendarySalmonSnake

    The hover ability has the annoying downside of making your ESF slide in the slightest downhill though. What a change like this could go with nicely would be the ability to toggle the landing "mode" on and off. Currently lifting off in tight spaces is frustrating because you can't accelerate forward without blasting your aircraft into the ceiling and instead have to accelerate by "drifting."

    Also all R&D went to countering the elements instead of physical. All vehicles now have 100% resistance to wind majicks and therefore can flip the finger at laws of aerodynamics. Water and nature resistances are still work in process so for now we have to keep avoiding water and *shudders* trees...
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  15. OneShadowWarrior

    It sure would be great to see these Empire Specific Buggies and we can keep the Harrassers they have there place.