Empire Specfic ESF abilites

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  1. Eclipson

    On the roadmap, coming fairly soon, ESFs will be revamped. Along with this, new abilities may be added. I am assuming that this includes empire specific abilities, based on how the title was worded. So what do you guys think each esf should get as their ability?

    And SOE, I swear, if you give the TR some sort of mid air lockdown ability . . . I . . . I don't even know what I would do . . . :mad:
  2. ih8Darian

    SOE plz add mid air lockdown :eek:
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  3. PieBringer

    I can only see one outcome for the ES abilities:

    TR: Bail with a skydive-like animation

    VS: Bail with a mid-air moonwalk animation

    NC: Bail and temporarily take on the form of a brick that just doesn't give a fornication.
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  4. N0008918

    Self destruction for the Reaver pls.
  5. ItsJustDash

    That is one thing I don't want to see if one ESF doing something the other can't. Bad enough most of the pilots who want to fly flock to TR.
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  6. IamDH

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  7. Dingus148

    That would actually be an awesome VS ability (stoopid fanatics), given it has a sufficiently large blast radius. They already have that ramming 'advantage' bug, might be worth playing on the "suicide run" side of the airgame. As long as it isn't mandatory, it could be a good way for poor pilots to rack up some kills in the air, and would add an element of danger to any Scythe encounter. "Is he actually a good pilot? Or is he trying to lure me in so he can crump me?"
  8. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Given this team's track record with balancing, I'd rather they not try anything fancy like ES abilities and just fix a few balance issues(the Reaver's gun convergence, the Mossie's engine noise, the Hailstorm's bullet velocity, etc.) then leave it at that.
  9. Hypest

    After getting lockdown (again) and the "nothing-new" lock-on ESRL, i would rather not have any more empire specific ability. I would want to have fun too. Thanks.
  10. Kapernum

    Rest assured, it will be stupid.
  11. Sharmanti


    Being able to stop mid-air is quite a good ability.

    But since the "esf" are actually more of helicopters than anything else... the results may vary. But still, a super-break is not a bad thing!

    On a sidenote: How many would like to see real fighters with top speeds of like 400-600 (or more) instead of some puny remake of these ****** fighters?
  12. Cougarbrit

    NC gets a frontal shield that disables their guns. They also turn into a literal brick.

    TR gets an anchor mode, to the landing pads. Which is actually a clamp for avoiding the taxman.

    VS get a 50% topspeed buff to all vectors, a damage buff, and leave a rainbow trail that causes Nyan cat to be broadcasted to all factions in the area.
  13. ComradeHavoc

    NC: limited 3-4 second shield, like the Vanguard

    TR: Over driver 5-6 ie: increased fire rate, reload speed

    VS: Give them a pink gay glow
  14. MBRicochet

    Empire Specific Dumb BOMBS.... Must reload at pads to help reduce "spam".

    TR= Cluster bombs.
    NC= Big 2000 pounder or something. Can lock on to vehicles. Less AOE then cluster bombs, but a lot more direct hit death
    VS= 4 500 pounders. Between the AOE of Cluster bombs and power of NC single bombs.

    ADD EFFECT FOR ALL ESFs EQUIPPED WITH BOMBS. Stuka dive bomber sound to let everything on the ground to bite the pillow. ITS COMING IN DRY!!!;););)
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  15. ItsJustDash

    I like this
  16. treeHamster

    HAHAHAHAHA, if my Scythe starts to leave a rainbow trail I'll first fall out of my chair laughing then I'll quit piloting for the rest of PS2.