Empire icons and Colours, this S#&% again?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheRunDown, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. TheRunDown

    Why can you just leave my Hud Settings alone? Huh?
    I want my Team objects and Icons Blue and I want my Enemies to be Red.. I don't care if its VS or NC.. their both dead when I see them.. But when I die the colours are reversed again.. The Dead screen map uses Empire Colours..

    I'd like to point out, that when the customisable colours came out last time, this same bug happened to.
    So why is a 2 year old bug back again?

    Worst thing is, I wouldn't mind changing my colours, but Mines still show up as Red... except on the minimap..
    If you want to force me to use proper empire colours (Red, Blue, Purple), Let me CHANGE the deployable Explosives colours too!

    But hey, I'm colour blind so who gives a flying F*%# if the only thing that allows me to tell the difference from explosives the the tiny tiny tiny hollow bit in the mine icon and a solid icon for a enemies.. I guess us Colour blind people are only a small majority right, so why bother accommodate them?

    Every time there's an update, they think they've taken a big step forward, but it always ends up with about 10 steps backwards.. Been ill in hospital for over a month and this is what I come back to..

    Sometimes I wish PlanetSide never died or PlanetSide 2 was really what it says on the label..
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  2. Liewec123

    agreed, on my PS2 nights i usually play across all 3 and it is really confusing having Blue=ally red=enemy on some things but faction colours on others.
    let us pick blue=ally red=enemy on everything, as it was before the patch.
    playing TR now i keep thinking "dam they're zerging us again!" but its just my allies on the map...
  3. FieldMarshall

    Would be nice if we could have a customizable hud in 2015.
  4. Beerbeerbeer

    Yeah I hate the colors.

    I always force blue on friendlies and red to the other two factions.

    Red it's dead. I don't care what faction, RED = DEAD. It's so much simpler this way.

    Just another monument to the overly-complex, overly-thought everything.

    The HUD colors should match.
  5. \m/SLAYER\m/

    +1 here. this purple sundy on the map looks like platoon member :confused: oh wait, its VS now :eek:
    and those "new" capture animation - sometimes i can't really understand, are we losing base or defending?!:confused:
  6. Tiedemann

    I thought I had missed some magical explanation about how that thing worked. I have to watch it for god knows how long to understand it sometimes.
  7. Rainproof

  8. jmdafk

    same here, red for enemy.
    Im old and the change on the map is confusing the hell out of me. Im spawning next to NC armoured columns and running over for a hug.

    Is this for console users? I often feel weird things like this come from consoles.
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  9. Tiedemann

    Pretty sure it's a bug, if it isn't...(saving that for later)..
  10. Taemien

    Its a bug, go back in and set it to custom colors and set up the empires how you want them to show. Even if it shows blue for friendlies and red for enemies, the default enemy/friendly color selection doesn't work, you need to manually set them.
  11. TheRunDown

    The dead screen map isn't linked to the customisation options.
    Changing the colours has no effect on the map when dead or redeployed.
  12. Rainproof

    They can be manually done yes....But if you change to a different faction they're wrong again! Every time you change factions you have to correct them! Put it back the way it was please.
  13. Taemien

    I said that.
  14. DeadlyPeanutt

    i agreed with OP and majority of posters, the new map colors suck and should be be changed back to match the mini map in the hud (which makes sense, bad guys are red dots, good guys are white dots).

    i play all three factions and one time red is good, the next red is bad, or there's no red at all, just purple and blue.

    what???? :(
  15. Line

    I think this has been fixed now but yes the dead screen map was unable to be changed even when changing faction colours. Colourblinders were unable to tell the difference between vs and nc.
  16. AxiomInsanity87

    I feel for you.

    I know this doesn't seem an issue to most but being left handed is a real btch and writing (although lefties adapt) will never get easy with our hanging over the eedge, raised hand sht.

    I failed carpentry at college (no negative consequences) due to there being no left handed tools. People act like it's nothing when it is.

    Luckily us lefties end up fairly ambidextrous but that's not the point. The worst are the lefties with major Stockholm syndrome and teachers who treat lefties like a problem when they're too thick to actually think in a manner that doesn't seem like some backwards mirrored sht. I've heard schools are not like that anymore though, which is fantastic.

    Rant in rant thread over lol.
  17. TheShrapnelKing

    I don't understand how people can stand the disconnect between empire colours and their custom HUD colours. I mean, if I'm playing TR, making friendlies blue is just gonna make me TK more cuz the NC are blue and my first instinct is to shoot.
  18. TheRunDown

    I'm finding it so hard to play this game right now, I'm colour blind so I can barely see the icon different from enemy mines and friendly mines and explosives.. Mines show up as the same colour Friendly or Foe.. and because the only difference in the two is the icon (One Solid and one with a Hollow bit) It's really had for me to see it being that small and being colour blind at the same time..

    The map is confusing the hell out of me, the alive map is Blue but the dead screen is red.. the capture system shows Red, Blue and Purple and I'm like is that counting up for us, or is that time remaining before we lose the base.. It's not very clear to be honest, I was quite happy with the old Tug of War bar that simple counted down before.. now it like has proper tug of war bar so both empire colours are on it at the same time, but they both count up or down winning or losing..

  19. Pelojian

    there's a disconnect between the simple display of red=foe and blue=ally on maps and equipment then looking at enemy assets where blue and purple are your enemies and red are your allies. plus red does stand out far more then blue or purple.

    unless you are commanding a squad/platoon it doesn't matter which enemy side you see on your map screens. enemies displayed by empire color are useful to know where 2 enemies will likely fight each other.

    It's less confusing when changing factions to always have the map readouts display enemy as red and ally as blue.
  20. TheRunDown

    Everyone is still Red, Blue and Purple by Cosmetics, it's only the Nodes and Icons that change colour.
    I think it's probably something I'm used to since that how it was on PlanetSide and every FPS game ever.
    Friendly are Blue on the Map, and enemies are Red when picked up on sensors or UAV.