EMP Grenades? What kind of things should we be able to do?

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  1. Meeka

    Why do EMP grenades affect infantry and MAXes, but not vehicles or turrets?

    Do you think EMP grenades should be able to do some of any of the following?
    .... Disable the Deploy Shield on Sunderers.
    .... Delay a Sunderer redeploy for 3-5 seconds.
    .... Disable the Shield on a Vanguards.
    .... Disable the maglift on a Magrider briefly, so it falls flat on the ground.
    .... Disable MAX weapons for 0.2 seconds.
    .... Blind/Static screen and remove aiming reticle on vehicles as it does infantry.
    .... Prevent a turret/vehicle for firing for 1 second.
    .... Prevent a turret from moving for 1 second.

    In most of these cases someone would have to work in concert with a Infiltrator to really make them effective or even useful. It just feels like the EMP grenade has so much potential to do so much more and give Infiltrators a little more of a side role in heavier combat areas aside from running and gunning; and as a counter, vehicles could easily have a hard counter defence item (or even an implant) which needs to be certed: EMP Hardened

    A wider field of EMP applications would certainly add some new dynamic strategies to the gameplay.

    And really, Infiltrators need something else to bring to a fight as a supporting role.
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  2. Hatesphere

    Yes to all. Except the mag rider, instead of slowing like the other tanks it should get , "drunk" and kind of spin in a random direction while floating left right for word or back.
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  3. PWGuy93

    No to all.
    Sorry, the resource cost is too low and would get abused.
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  4. cykael

    I think what's more sad is your EMP indirect kills don't count towards your actual EMP kills. :(
  5. Meeka

    How do you think they would be abused?

    Concussion grenades could be abused; but are rarely used.
    Flash bangs could be abused; but are rarely used.
    Current EMP grenades could be abused; but are rarely used.

    There's no indication in gameplay that EMPs would be any different. Most people don't play Infil (the weakest class), most people would not play Infil just to toss an EMP grenade that has a very short lived effect.

    Of course, the resource cost for EMP grenades could be higher.
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  6. FateJH

    Someone in a platoon I was running with says that EMP grenades do affect the deployment shield on S-AMSes. I have not tested myself and question it.

    The minimal (I hesitating say "only") thing EMP grenades should do to Vehicles is disable firing of the primary and all secondary weapons for a specific duration. This also applies to base turrets, MANA turrets, and MAXes.
  7. PWGuy93

    C4 is being abused at absurd levels now. Cheap on resources, extreme damage to everything.
    EMP disables Infantry stealth, stops any MAX from working, messes up vision for all infantry, reduces movement for all infantry.
    Making them as effective against vehicles or turrets as they are infantry would push the game -again - towards an infantry superiority only game.

    Vehicle play is getting stale with all the various changes to help infantry. EMP against vehicles plus C4 against vehicles, plus the recent buff to strikers, plus the guided heavy assault weapons, et. There are already ample counters to vehicles. For base turrets there are already ample counters called infiltrators, heavy assault with launchers, light assault with C4, any Max unit with any weapon loadout.

    EMP - in my view, taking into consideration all the other weapons and playstyles - does not need a buff.
  8. pnkdth

    Grenade spam is already ridiculous in this game.

    Winning fights these days are done in 3 ways;
    1. Massive redeploy.
    2. MAX spam.
    3. Grenade spam.

    Kinda funny the only viable way for a sustainable point defence is staying off the points, and pouncing on those who try and take it back. Otherwise the tacticool zergfits will employ all of the MLG approved tactics above.
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  9. Ronin Oni

    Because they'd be easy counters to tanks.

    Seriously, your suggestions would make them more powerful than Rockets

    I like how it basically makes a Mag a free kill, ruins the NC's main survivability ability, and does NOTHING to the Prowler too BTW....
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  10. PWGuy93

    Am so tired of this. Players don't even want to see the enemy any more, they just lob grenades down or up stairways. Now they want to increase what type of grenade to lob and stay out of harms way entirely.
  11. Mrasap

    Disable and drain class abilities such as cloak, charge, overshield and heal aura.
  12. Ixidron

    You can't add a biased feature like that to an "all faction" weapon, to preserve balance EMP grenades should affect all tanks equally instead of specifically.
  13. Meeka

    You're assuming there are Infiltrators everywhere with EMP grenades.

    There are not.

    Also, EMP grenades would blind/disable tank firing temporarily, it would be the end of the Prowler to start with. It's the most vulnerable of all MBTs as is.
  14. Meeka

    The number of times I've been hit or killed by an infantry grenade of *any* kind is probably less than 100. And for someone who is BR100, BR81, and BR45... with 1000s upon 1000s of kills and deaths; that's saying something.
  15. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Uh, given that EMP grenades don't deal any damage I don't see how they could be spammed for zero-risk kills. Your shields may be down, but the infiltrator still has to put himself in the line of fire to finish you off. As to regular grenades, those players you mentioned are using them as they were intended.
  16. Ixidron

    Nonsense, the prowler is exactly like the magrider but smaller, with your change the prowler would stop shooting but still moving, meanwhile the magrider would stop shooting and moving at all, which one is the easier target?

    You can make asymmetrical balance with different stuff against the same thing, but not with the same stuff against different things.
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  17. \m/SLAYER\m/

    you know what, i saw once bugged Magrider, it was spin in a random direction, and destroying Vanguards in single touch :eek:
  18. Hatesphere

    I just want to make mags drunk for 1 second but still able to fire as they drift on one transition and rotate slowly. I think it would be almost poetic.
  19. pnkdth

    Its usage is rampant through the Server Smashes and among most organised outfits on Miller.

    The main problem though, is how cheap the explosives are, and how of you see people running back and forth resupplying with nearly no downtime.
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  20. Hatesphere

    isn't that more "down time" then just getting shot in most instances?