[Suggestion] EMP grenades, we need two types.

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  1. Mathgeekjoe

    The EMP grenades are capable of messing up infantry shield, hubs and equipment.
    The problem is that it is not as good against ether they way you want them to be. Suggestion make two types.

    Example of issue.
    Lets say you are on first floor, enemies have a motion spotter on the second floor, and you have enemies on the second floor. If you try to sneak to shoot it then the enemies will see your blur. So you throw an EMP grenade at the ceiling, if you were to close then you just successfully EMP your self, if you wasted time to move a way and throw it then you could get shot while you are trying to make sure you aren't in EMP range. Now after you just did that, the enemy infiltrator just out down another spotter.

    Now lets consider the anti infantry part of it, you take down shields but not the heavy over shields, medic heal ability or tool, engineer repair tool, light assaults jet pack, and you only drain the infiltrator cloak that instantly starts recharging.

    Simple solution, anti infantry EMP and anti equipment EMP.

    If there is an infiltrator spraying darts or motion spotters, you can throw an anti equipment EMP, and it will destroy all equipment with in the range and would continue to destroy equipment thrown into its range of effect. This would allow you to deny the enemy darts/spotters along with mines and other things where you throw the grenade and it would continue destroying.

    New anti infantry EMP grenade disables abilities until enemy shields get back on line, this would make it useful for finding that stalker cloak, causing a light assault to fall to it death, take away the heavies over shield, denying a medic heals or revives, and preventing an engineer from repairing what ever.
  2. CuteBeaver

    -_o Really?

    Okay lets see where your logic flaw is.

    (Okay good for a moment there I thought you were actually going to try and go into the building. )

    (Logic Error: Throw it through windows to avoid this issue, stay out of the building if at all possible. Also why would you stand directly under or near your EMP's location, learn to aim it better EMPs don't even bounce. You don't even have to venture far from the doorways to hit the ceiling...)

    (So what? They have a few of them, and if your running bandolier you have 4 EMP to use. Why would it even matter? The EMP destroyed the first spotter. Why are you even complaining? Your mad the enemies can counter you? Really?

    So let me get this straight... You want to nerf the infiltrators ONLY GOOD and UNIQUE grenade to be HALF as effective as a support tool because... enemies can carry multiple spotters... and you EMP all over yourself.


    Oh i see... So you want to have the "NEW EMP" completely strip away other classes abilities.... So their Jetpacks fail, heals/revives do nothing, and repair tools get drained because you think it would be "fair" to stop other people from using their abilities instead of just stripping their away shields?


    Maybe you should just learn to use EMP's better instead of asking everyone else to bend over. Enemies will try and find ways to counter you. They have every right to beat you into the dirt if they have the chance. EMP's are perfectly fine just take a moment and try and figure out a solution to your problems. I'm seriously getting sick of these "lets overstep on other classes and players core mechanics and BUFF infiltrators posts. (Although lets be honest this is actually a misguided call for a nerf)." EMP's are fantastic ambush grenades and can be used through walls, tossed inside rooms from doors, or into windows. The EMP is powerful because it has DRAWBACKS, just like how people can accidentally FLASH and CONC themselves.

    This is another terrible idea. Please stop trying to dumb down this game.
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