EMP Grenades & vehicles effects

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Locke, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Locke

    I purchased EMP grenades today thinking that they would have some sort of effect on vehicles however I'm not sure if this is the case having done some initial trials. Has anyone done any extensive testing on this? I haven't played PS1 for ages but I seem to remember the grenade in that version locked up the vehicle completely for about 10 seconds. Being an EMP that seems like it would be an appropriate effect. As it is I don't think the current infantry focused effects are really good enough to replace a standard grenade.
  2. jackrandom

    I've heard from others on the forums that the only effect those have is removing someones HUD.
  3. Kanzy

    I read a guide in the HA forums before that talked about the different grenades and gadgets and it mentioned that EMP nades only remove the shields and it only effects infantry, the one that removes the HUD is the concussion grenade.
  4. Ipecac

    Concussion grenades severely slow infantry movement and turning speed. I know EMP used to kill shield and disable HUD (disabled gun in beta for a while), but I haven't used it since release.
  5. Echra

    EMP Removes huds, disables shields, explodes enemy explosives(mines etc) and drains the class ability meter. I'm not sure if it affects all classes abilities but I know it drains infiltrator cloak energy to 0. If they're close to the explosion radius it will distort their screen.
  6. Locke

    Thanks for your answers guys. What an opportunity missed by SOE to make Infiltrators more useful to squads!!! Disabling the tank that's gunning down your squad for a few seconds to allow the heavies time to kill it or hitting a hovering fighter would of been highly useful and great fun. Maybe a future update...

    I can confirm what Echra said with regards to infantry effects but also add it makes the screen go quite fuzzy if you are near the center of the explosion. This actually is a pretty useful effect as the grenades explode faster than normal so if you caught a group out in support of a squad it would be a good tool. Debate able whether its better than a regular grenade though.
  7. Ipecac

    Have you noticed it going through walls or around corners, anything that would make it easier to friendly fire self/allies than a frag?