EMP Grenades: Gamebreaking, OP, and cheap.

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  1. Cimm0

    I'd almost pay to see a sector-specific vote-based text-only system that would display a simple combat related vote/plan result when there were at least X amount of friendlies entered the sector and at least X percent of people voted (hopefully, the annoyed ones with strategic mindset). You could even make this platoon/squad based, initiatable by leaders.

    For example, you could vote on blue stuff for 30 sec. with keyboard 1-3 every 5-15 minutes and then the vote would renew if there was enough friendlies or disappear if the sector was a quiet one.

    Enemy has 7 tanks, 3 aircraft, 64+ infantry.
    (spotted vehicle info + sector pop. displayed, updated every 15 sec.)
    Attack / defend / counter attack.
    Spawn from current sector / adjanced sector.
    Attack enemy assembly area front / flank / rear.
    ...with armor / air / heavy infantry weapons.

    No consequences if you did not follow this - it would just be a organizational / situational awareness thing so people would know there are other options instead "move to frontal contact and fight with rifles until a vehicle kills you".
  2. Moridin6

    i you have an issue with emps, go use them for a few days.
    your issue will change to THAT THEY ARE UNDER WHELMING
  3. Eternaloptimist

    Any kind of spam is a pain in the butt. However, other players are not there to make the game fun for you, it is just a question of finding the counter. Speaking as someone who has never yet been killed while under the influence of an EMP strike I think you just got unlucky or had the wrong response. EMP is not OP any more than any other kind of barrage that stops you surviving a rush from the spawn room. If you are unable to break out of the spawn room for any reason you've lost. I've been in that situation for all sorts of other reasons, like continual explosive bombardment from tanks, grenades or C4.......even just too many infantry pouring fire on as you leave the spawn shield. It just happens sometimes. Don't be sad, throw something back - I got spawn camped at the weekend and got four grenade kills before logging out and coming back at the neighbouring base for some coutnerattack.
  4. Vaphell

    nade spam generally and the emp spam in particular is a direct consequence of a huge density of bodies per m^2 in PS2. No **** that AoE rules supreme when the 100v100 action is still reduced to a single not so big building with a single cap point in it. That's a flaw of the base design more than it is the problem of the toy design.

    Also given that emps give xp and medals for emps are doable, completionists spam them for that random emp assist or two.
  5. Zombo

    Nah, that would make way to much sense, getting spawncamped is way easier on "teh brain"
  6. Devilllike

    And you can simply refil it but i guess its too hard for u lol