Emerald's Rock Bottom

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  1. CorporalClegg

    I almost couldn't believe this happened today.

    There was an evening Esamir event and as is common on the Emerald server. TR and NC were duking it out and avoiding fighting vanu as much as possible. Me and an outfit mate were flying to fight TR fresh out of the warp gate in our liberator... and were promptly instagibbed by lancers.

    The VS having grown bored of not fighting had set up two or three platoons to spawn camp the warpgate with lancers and skyguards. Im guessing they were bored ghost capping and wanted to troll. They were not trying to cap territory, and were deep behind our lines, and they were shooting down aircraft flying to fight TR on the other side of the map.

    First off, Lancers are stupidly powerful. Never call them UP. Ever. It took forever to clear out that mess. And second, this is why vanu have zero sympathy amongst the community. You abuse broken weapons, massively outnumber, and then pretend to be the underpowered underdogs.

    Fact of the matter is that no one wants to fight against a rapidly redoploying force which always outnumbers you, can instamurder aircraft and tank alike from afar, and has a long range spammable AI cannon.

    This is a whiney rant and I apologize. That stunt annoyed me.
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  2. IrishPride

    Try and do the same with a phoenix at their WG oh wait .. :p
  3. EliteEskimo

    Let me guess, it was the outfit GOKU killing/instagibbing everything outside of render distance with Lancers while also doing /yell "Ginyu Force Rules!" right? :rolleyes:
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  4. Iridar51

    Yeah, that's a (problem?) thing in this game. Enemy may use organization against you, and to counter that you need an organization of your own. So to take out that platoon you need your own platoon. I guess it's fair.
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  5. CorporalClegg

    I'm not salty about that. We eventually did take them out with an organized rush of mostly infantry (they had a really advantageous highground position with lancers... Never underestimate those ******* things).

    It's just such a dick move to rain on everyone else's parade just because we're not letting you in the party. There is zero logistical reason to spawn camp warpgates when the reinforcements arent even headed in vanu's direction. Other than to be an *******
  6. Ronin Oni

    Except... like you said....

    NC and TR were just duking it out and not giving them any fights.

    So of course they get bored and look for a way to have some fun.

    Emerald VS would do well to not over zerg any fights they do get, so that they can maybe get more and everyone has fun, instead of just chasing off the people who would fight them, leading back to the beginning of my reply........

    It's their own fault in a very real way... but you can't be surprised as 1 thing leads to another.

    Think of it this way. At least you had a fight with VS where you didn't get over-zerged. It's not like it takes long to get the resources back from their ambush to piss you off and cause the fight anyways.
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  7. Shadowomega

    Did you play on Waterson before the merge, or was this just the first time you witnessed the full power of a fully armed and operational Lancer Platoon? Cause this was pretty common on Mattherson and goes back as far as the alpha test of this game. The worst was during the strikers release, and VS in the south east warp gate; three platoons of strikers and Bursters around the gate. Every faction has done it to one another and expect to see it to happen again.

    Anyway Lancer takes a min of 6 players to make alpha strike like this a possibility, everything else takes 2.

    *Edit Add Ronin to the NC and TR of Emerald a VS zerg is when the VS numbers at a base equal the enemies and kicks them out. Then the NC and TR skip on defending the connecting base cause their zerg force just got their butts handed to them by a force of equal size. This is mostly due to their lack of leadership do to poisoning their own wells. *
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  8. Ronin Oni

    True, but lets be honest, when you do get the players together (which, with 48 man platoons isn't that much of a stretch) it has more range and no warning which makes it harder to respond to (1st vehicle is just dead) or deal with.
  9. Arghy

    Entire outfit of GOKU helping TR win a prime time alert with equal cont pops with 45% of the territory. I don't know how TR stood up against the crazy OP VS with all their PPA's--oh wait i know.


    We even all pulled armor and did an external resecure of a base from VS, you know what we did next? WE REDEPLOYED OUT OF OUR PERFECTLY GOOD TANKS TO SAVE ANOTHER BASE. I know this is hard for you to take, please take your time reading this as all these concepts are so foreign to TR. AOD even split its goddamn platoons and was communicating on command chat.
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  10. CorporalClegg

    I played waterson. The VS never really rolled out with too many lancers in my experience on that server. And before today, I've never seen more than 10 operating at once.

    These guys had at least 20-30 (three squads it looked like) lancers. It was literally raining NC debris

    And i remember the striker days but at least they offered fair warning.
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  11. ElSuerte Diego

    Those kind of warp gate camps have been going on all the time and on different servers. I remember doing it on Mattherson with the VS when it was still a server. I've done it a few times with the TR on Connery. You don't even have to do it to their warp gate. ********* Mountain, anyone?

    Give it a try with your own units. It's fun!
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  12. sL360

    I had a fun fight today on Emerald where some of GOKU went out to help AOD and our guys win an alert on Indar.

    By fun, I mean we got held up at NS labs with a 96/96 fight, tried three separate times to flank them and all three times, the VS outfits redeployed, zerged the fight 2:1 and ended it in less than two minutes all wrapped up with a pleasant "GET REKT SCRUBS, HAJRHARAHRJARKAKRJAKJ **** TR" in yell chat. We ended up having to go back to fight at NS labs while NC and half of TR went to fight the never-ending quartz/indar ex battles and a completely surrounded by blue Dahaka station fight.

    I really don't know why I try to fight VS anymore. But, I better not sound too cynical, lest I attract some bleeding heart VS who'll just say we're all whiners and should learn how to play the game.
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  13. Movoza

    Why are you surprised? Everyone is on PS2 to fight. You expect that if "everyone is avoiding VS", that they are content with just ghostcapping everything? Of course a lot of people search for the fight, especially organised outfits!
    So they have lancers. What are lancers bad against? Infantry. Get a ******** to attack that position, and you have a fun fight. A little backup from the air at the warpgate now that they are distracted, and they are done. I'm oversimplifying, but you get the idea.
    You try to attack something that is (insanely) powerful in large groups with coordination vs any tank or air. Your reaction is to pull more air. That is not the best way to go.
    I agree that the lancer might be a bit OP in large groups, but I would only suggest to lower it's bullet speed, so that they need some more leading for a target.
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  14. Ronin Oni

    A little bit.

    Don't forget you gotta charge too, which is an extra delay.

    I could go for no increase to velocity for charging... though I think I might want faster charging, or a minor (very minor) Damage boost to charging to compensate that. I think I'd prefer faster charging xD
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  15. CorporalClegg

    Whoa back up. I never said it was OP, its extremely powerful though and it really got on my nerves when vs complained about it
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  16. Ronin Oni

    Oh, well that's not me. I recognised it for it's potential from launch (though it WAS bugged at launch... and in a bad way, not in an OP way like Striker :p But I rrecognizedit's utility for range quickly and couldn't wait for people to start making teams of them as VS... and dreading it as other factions :D)
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  17. Sir.Rip Yo Fezz Off

    The more i hear about GOKU, the more they start to sound like miller TR. If they are anything like that, then you have my sympathy
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  18. Popper100

    Man, Emerald must be some VS paradise. Over on Connery we have to deal with a round robin of who has the best overall players online. Then they win. It really is stressful having to fight all the time, wish I had it as easy as the big east does.

    This is seasoned with occasional NC mega-overpop and some late night VS overpop.
  19. sL360

    I don't know what Miller TR is like, but if they slander their opponents when they have the crushingly large advantage and generally don't have any respect for other players, then yes. You know, their higher ups may not even be that way, but there's no way in hell I'd ever know.
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  20. Sir.Rip Yo Fezz Off

    Yeah that's pretty much miller TR, and then they whine when they meet proper resistance
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