[BUG] [Emerald] Vehicles Randomly Exploding

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Daigons, May 16, 2017.

  1. Daigons

    As the title suggests, it looks like vehicles on all factions on Emerald are just randomly exploding. I saw someone post a similar bug yesterday on Miller. Anyone else observing this issue tonight?
  2. Samriel

    Yep had it happen with my lightning. About 20 mins later I was using my mana anti-infantry turret on my engi, and it randomly exploded. both times death was listed as suicide. May not just be limited to vehicles.
  3. The Rogue Wolf

    Just a gentle reminder from the game that infantry gameplay is a viable option. ;)
  4. toast2250

  5. HisokaTheRed

    Apparently its due to show new hack. It started Sunday and today there was videos of a dude flying around a lib before the exploding happen.

    Link Here:
  6. Wafflepancake

    This was happening tonight, here's an extremely quick example without calling out any names. But you can see the mess it causes from this "unnamed assailant"

  7. lothbrook

    This is completely destroying the game, even early in the morning some ***** was doing this, theres barely 100 people on the entire continent and game ruined cause all you can do is run from one base to the next.
  8. lothbrook

    Oh **** off, you can't play infantry if sundies can't get to a base to deploy.
  9. LaughingDead


    Hackers finally realized that they couldn't counter vehicles, so now they hack vehicles, grand.
  10. stalkish

  11. stalkish

    Wheres all the ******* fanbois who say theres no hacks on this game???
    Where they at?

    I mean this is clearly just lag right?
    They were clearly just outplayed yes?

    ******* fanbois.
  12. FLHuk

    Oh goody, this type of hack makes yet another return to PS2 :(
  13. Daigons

    I never thought I would see a rant that would top Clint Eastwoods.
  14. Towie

    This does seem like a new and recent hack. Just last week people were questioning why they were suffering more headshots than usual, I reported someone shooting from within a wall (who is still playing by the way). Well now we are seeing more of it.

    Looking at the videos and evidence so far:
    1. If you were in a vehicle that exploded (accusing you of 'suicide') - that's the hack
    2. 'Flying', 'teleporting' or otherwise warping around - seems to be a thing again
    3. Accuracy and the usual unbelievable shenanigans - plenty of examples as well as those above eg. https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428602376675478321/killboard
    ...and they are being stupidly blatant about it.

    Until it is recognised and BE has the sig, afraid it will be just like the old days. Well - like the old days but without voice chat :mad:
  15. Diilicious

    hackers should be killed IRL :)
  16. stalkish

    You must lead a very sheltered life if you think my rant was bad.

    Gotta admit it was warranted, threads like this are normally filled with idiotic responses about never ever seeing a hacker, or there being 1 hacker in the whole of planetside 2s history.
    Id quite like to see their responses to this tbh.....
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  17. Wafflepancake

    Its not so much about being a fanboy. Its understanding the difference between lag/hitching and a really good player vs these hacks/scripts. See person running and kind of clipping through the floor? The guy has bad connection but wants to enjoy the game. Run around the corner the same time a hostile does the same and they kill you first? Guy has a better connection than you and saw you on his screen a few feet back before you turned the corner.
    Yes it's a terrible system this clientside, but it is obvious.

    Knowing what to look for when calling out hacks/scripts is what us "fan boys" have come accustomed to over the years. Sadly a lot of people cry wolf. But here are wolves on the server for sure.
    Al in all, I'll continue to play till they shut down the server, simply because there is no game like Planetside.
  18. SinNyc

    So the "unnamed assailant" was online this morning when my squadmates' and my vehicle were randomly blowing up. Here is the kill board of "unnamed assailant."


    This "unnamed assailant" is also getting one kill for every 1.15 to 1.47 bullets fired from his Trac 5, T9 Carv, and TX1 Repeater.


    A fellow squadmate also saw a TR character inside of a wall single shotting people after our vehicles spontaneously blew up. This fellow squadmate was unable to determine who the TR character was. The fight was NC/VS near the VS warpgate.

    I personally know several people who have stopped supporting Daybreak Games due to the game changing over time, and not being able to control hackers. This boycott has taken the form of uninstalling Daybreak games, telling other people to boycott, no more store purchases, and ending their subscription. This amounts to Daybreak losing several hundreds of dollars and several hundreds of hours of their games played per month. Maybe Daybreak's revenue is growing, and their games have more hours logged than before, but they are not getting it from the people I know. Maybe we are not Daybreak's target audience anymore.

    Taste my salt,

  19. xBARONx

    I'm getting sick of this hack. First time I saw it was last night on Emerald (Esamir). But it happened again on Emerald (Indar). At this rate I'll be cancelling my subscription and finding a new game to play.
  20. Towie

    ...yes the shooting from inside a wall is definitely back with a vengeance, I reported someone last week for doing exactly that yet he too is still playing.

    The question is, why is it taking DBG so long to ban these players even when there is overwhelming evidence ? My hope is that BE is busily ****** their h/d to identify the hack. If they just banned, he will be back with a new IP, new HWID etc. etc. - one of the downfalls of a F2P game I guess :(